Sunday, April 17, 2011

Will Hevesi Lock-Up Change Anything?; Sunday Update

Inmate number 11-r-1334

When a person in that situation violates that trust, the damage . . . is quite profound," State Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus

Dozens of Wall Street pension crooks, lobbyists escaped with fines, others very involved were not even charged at all.  The permanent government who run Albany who got away will just lay low for a while they develop their next scam to rip off  government.

Prison sentence for former Controller Alan Hevesi must mark the beginning of Albany ethics reform(DN Ed) *Alan Hevesi, jailbird (NYP Ed) * From Pay-to-Play to Jail Former New York Comptroller Alan Hevesi is the highest-ranking elected official in New York’s modern history to go to prison for corruption.(NYT Ed) *  Hevesi gets one year in jail for $1M in pension graft (NYP) * Hevesi's Fall From Grace Ends In Prison Sentence Of 1-4 Years (NY1)Judge Orders Hevesi to Jail(WSJ * The TU sees Hevesi’s sentencing as a perfect time to call for reform. (Again).* Ditto, say Alan Chartock, the Times, and the DN


Breaking News New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal

Hevesi starts his long stint in prison in infirmary(DN) 

Inmate Hevesi in infirmary (NYP)

Hevesi ’06: ‘If you play by the rules … you can make it’ (TU)



DiNapoli Who Won't Change His Sole Control of the Pension Funds, Claims A Tax Deduction for Cookies

Cuomo Has Asked the Comptroller to End His Sole Trustee Control of the Pension Funds That Led to the Hevesi Corruption

NY Controller claimed $14 Girl Scout cookie tax deduction (DN)

400 cops could be charged for getting rid of tickets

Two NYPD lawyers were recently transferred from the department's legal bureau to its advocate's office, which handles departmental trials against officers, and told to expect hundreds of cases, according to a source in the unit.

Big Inquiry Into Ticket-Fixing in New York (NYT)

What About the Mayor's Mismanagement Of Outside Contractors Like CityTime?

Mayor Bloomberg's business mentality only goes so far with city's unionized workforce

"Your company is one of your families and the office is that family's home" Bloomberg A culture clash when he deals with city workers - because few of New York's 300,000 employees are as maniacally focused on work as their mayor. 

Bloomberg's junk data

Clinton cheered a city Health Department study trumpeting the “fact” that closing down Broadway at Times Square in favor of a pedestrian plaza had cut emissions and improved air quality.(NYP Ed)



Who is to Blame for the Census That Missed Building in Manhattan?

Census proves be nothing but towers of babble as officials seemed to miss Manhattan hi-rises (DN) Doormen at some buildings in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan admit they didn't allow census takers in to count people or units.   Residents in immigrant neighborhoods say many new arrivals - legal or not - ducked census takers and weren't counted.   The Census Bureau also claims all four neighborhoods experienced a big jump in vacant units, spiking 57% on the upper West Side and 28% on the upper East Side. That's also puzzling since the city granted 75 new construction permits on the upper East and West Sides between 2005 and 2010, records show.

Walcott Real Test Will Be To Get the Public To Accept Eduction Cuts

Mayor Bloomberg eyeing drastic child care cuts (DN)

Local governments, colleges still spending money on Albany lobbyists * Local governments spent $7M on lobbying in 2010 (Lo


The court system is cutting back on hours and contemplating layoffs, but isn’t touching the judges’ $10,000 expense allowance.

NYC Taxi Industry Lobbyist Are Busy Working the Council To Stop Livery Pickups in Outer Boroughts

Yesterday Grasso Said He Would Run For Mayor To Block Spitzer the Former Sheriff of Wall Street

Bronx Bus Speeding Before Crash, Not Clipped By Truck

Fire In A Homeless Shelter Has More in Common With the Deutsche Bank Fire Than the Triangle Fire

 Fire Safety Equipment Did Not Work

Homeless-shelter hellfire(NYP)





Plans to Boost 2-Year Colleges Fall Victim to Budget Cuts

Facts: "If Bloomberg News was as 'accurate' as the Bloomberg administration, the company would have gone bankrupt long ago." [New York Post]

Two years ago, Mayor Bloomberg promised to boost community colleges as a door to the middle class.

 During his bid for a third term, Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised to make community colleges a top priority if he were re-elected. That campaign promise to help the City University of New York, which runs the two-year public schools, has now been abandoned in the face of proposed cuts of over $50 million in city funding for the next fiscal year. (Gotham Gazette) 


 Daily News Make the Extension of Rent Regulations Class Warfare

Gov. Cuomo must not let Sheldon Silver succeed in expanding rent regulation to well-off tenants

Developers Want More Handouts

High-rising tensions over developers' levies Request from the Real Estate Board of New York, which represents the city's largest landlords, to add a tax cap when the city asks Albany to renew the 421a program for rental buildings.(NYP)

Rangel's Caribbean junket guy is guilty (NYP)






Not Another Government Plumbers Operation

New York Gets No Respect: First Fake Space Shuttle Lands in the City Now the Post Office Uses A Fake Los Vegas Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty Holds Its Own Against Las Vegas Facsimiles(NYT) * Postal Service must cancel its Statue of Liberty stamps that bear a picture of the Las Vegas copy (DN Ed) Sticking with 'lady' 'Vegas' stamp to stay Post Office won't scrap Vegas stamp (NYP) * Schumer beats back bid to strip NY of NASA shuttle (DN)



The Last of New York's Record-Stores Hang In 

One-Day Record-Store Revival Long gone are most of the neighborhood retailers as well as the behemoths like Tower Records and the Virgin Megastore. But a handful of hardy brick-and-mortar merchants are hanging on, and Saturday marks a sort of celebration for these against-the-odds businesses. (WSJ)



It's highway 'snobbery' Longtime leader of city's National Arts Club in $$-fraud probe

 Mob Pizzeria Hit?

Mob Link Is Pursued in Fight Involving Owner of Pizzeria (NYT) * Mob goon may have been collecting 'loan' (DN) * It's a made man vs. a making man (DN)

Saturday ***  Famed pizzamaker stabbed while walking on a Brooklyn street (NYP) * Man Stabs Restaurateur in Brooklyn, Police Say(NYT) * Stabbing Injures Owner of a Brooklyn Pizzeria(WSJ) * Mark Iacono, owner of renowned Brooklyn pizzeria Lucali, stabbed in brazen street attack(DN) * Man Arrested In Stabbing Of Mark Iacono, Owner Of Lucali Pizzeria (WCBS) * Pizza guy 'stab' may have been attempted mob shakedown (NYP) * Pizzeria Owner Stabbed (Fox 5) *'Mob thug' in pizza man slice says he's the victim (NYP * Pizzeria owner sliced up by mobster buddy also faces charges(DN)

Defense, Treading Carefully, Questions Accuser in Trial of 2 Officers(NYT) * Secret Tape of Officer and Accuser Is Crucial to Rape Case (NYT) * 'Rape cops' accuser testifies: I was drunk, but I remember rape (DN) * Accuser Cross Examined In Trial Of Two NYPD Officers (NY1) * 'I could not believe it was the cops' (NYP)

Law and Order   WISH SHE WAS DEAD: Sex seekers had it in for Long Island escort(DN)Off-Duty Officer Injured in Brooklyn Shooting(NYT) * Cop drills 2 thugs Officer wounded in Bed-Stuy shootout(NYP) * Cops find body in car trunk (NYP)Off-duty cop shot foiling robbery attempt at Brooklyn car repair shop, hero shoots two robbers(DN) * Bodega owners plead for beefed up safety from Bloomberg (DN)* New York wrongfully convicted 5 young men of raping the Central Park jogger -- and now won't settle(DN OpEd) *  Jailhou$e mitzvah chutzpah (NYP) * Judge in 'double' trouble (NYP)
Off-Duty TBTA Officer Shot During Botched Robbery In Bed-Stuy (WCBS) * Police Look for Suspect in Assault (Fox 5) * Off-duty officer shot during botched robbery (WABC) * Sexual predator lurks on Lower East Side (WABC)Police Search for LES Sexual Assault Suspect (WNBC) * Man gunned down in Fordham Heights (NYP)

*** Saturday  *** At Mob Murder Trial, Judge Criticizes Defense Lawyers’ Actions(NYT) * 'Humiliated' wiseguys in courtroom cuff huff (NYP) * Mob's been de-Commissioned since '85, former boss says (DN)Suspect Allegedly Hired Two Hit Men(WSJ)  * Ugly 30-minute confrontation preceded fatal Hudson River minivan plunge (DN) * Rikers Island correction officer files harass suit vs. supervisor (DN)  * Serial killer confessed to murders in taunting calls (DN) * L.I. Bodies Prompt Many Theories (Fox 5) * Romeo who killed L.E.S. beauty indicted (NY1) * Beastly B'klyn beau busted in kitty killing (NYP) * Girlfriend-burner guilty(NYP) * Blasts robber, is shot in wild gun battle (NYP)

Closing Indian Point Would Not End the Danger

Official: Consequences Would Remain Even If Indian Point Nuclear Plant Closed(WCBS)




As Mets Continue to Lose Pressure Will Build for the Wilpons to Sell It All 

Desperate Mets need fans, 'closer'(NYP)

Mets lose doubleheader ... AGAIN (NYP)

Justice Breyer Explains His Use Of Twitter: ‘I Actually Have A Tweeting Thing’



The Real Housewives of Wall Street

Why is the Federal Reserve forking over $220 million in bailout money to the wives of two Morgan Stanley bigwigs? (Taibbi, Rolling Stone)


'Spider-Man' put into cobwebs for month of rehab



Bill Maher, Ed Schultz & Michael Steele Have Shoutfest Debate On The Budget



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