Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cuomo Does Budget and Press His Way, True News Sunday Update

Unlike Most Pols Today Cuomo Does Not Fear the Press 

Cuomo turned down invites from WH, "Meet the Press," "This Week"


3 Months in Office, and Cuomo Stands Out Among Peers for Low Profile Since taking office in January, the governor has not taken a single trip out of New York or appeared on any TV talk shows. (NYT)  So far Cuomo has gotten his message out with self produced videos, upstate speeches and ignoring the press's attempts to micro-manage his actions.

Azi Paybarah
bartender tipped me off. MT @: Cuomo leaves thru side door. Reporters chase. Credit to @ 4 finding escape route (Twitter)






 Cuomo Takes On the Albany Mob

Cuomo targeting slimy pols with budget behind him A top Cuomo official said passage of a tough ethics reform bill is now the "first, second and third priorities."

Bi-partisan: "You are my hero…You are amazing…a superstar" Democrat Dov Hikind says to Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos. " [Youtube]

 Member Items: Previously promised commitments get funded.









Has the Lack of Investigative Stories By the NYT Led to the Epidemic of Political Corruption?

Today's NYT claims that the media’s coverage of the Triangle Waist Factory fire helped to embed the blaze, and its aftermath, in the public’s conscience.  Which means that the newspaper coverage led to the growth of unions and to the workers safety reforms passed by government to protect workers.  If the NYT did investigative series like last months Daily News investigation of the city council member including misconduct charges, cheating the city, ignoring personal debts, failing to file documents, making false and misleading statements, and misrepresenting addresses in order get tax reductions, affordable housing or district residency, public outrage would grow and be focused for reform.  

 Confucius on Journalism
Asked what he would do to improve a government, the ancient Chinese sage Confucius answered that his first measure would be "to correct language." He meant that if words don't mean what they seem to mean people cannot put any plan into action as intended. The state of language in New York appears to be more confused than ever--thanks in large part to the enormous failure of journalism to report on and investigate the corruption of government in the city and state.

  Is Someone Trying to Use Blackmail to Stop A Trial By Dropping An Affair Story in the Daily News?

Incredible shrinking mayor: After 9 years of dominating N.Y. politics, Bloomberg's power receding (DN Op)

 Evaluating Budgets: Calling balls and strikes on the budget dispute between Cuomo or Bloomberg.* Evaluating Bloomberg: "[W]hat is Mike Bloomberg running for now? His life."* Cuomo has contributed to Bloomberg’s loss of power, according to National Review’s Kevin Willamson.

Disgraced and convicted former state Controller Hevesi must be punished to fullest extent of the law (DN)





 "That The Way It Is" Walter Cronkite Still On the NY Voters Role

Dead celebs still on a (voting) roll








 NYT Says Budget Was Balanced On Backs of the Poor 

Gov. Cuomo’s Budget Albany’s on-time budget helps the wealthy at the expense of the less fortunate. The NYT says the final budget hurts the poorer school districts even more than the one initially proposed by the governor.  The $170 million layoffs in the courts the NYT says portends delays and layoffs and threatens much-needed plans to expand legal services for low-income New Yorkers. The editorial said the most important area this budget does not tackle is the huge costs of pensions and benefits to the state and city.  The NYT says the legislature should get back to work and support real reform of redistricting and ethics laws. * Gov. Andrew Cuomo disagrees with the Gray Lady’s assessment. * “I disagree with the concept that the only way to get better services is more money, more money, more money. We’ve been spending a lot of more money, we’re not getting better services,” Cuomo said.


 Andrew and The Indians

When his father, Mario Cuomo, tried to collect cig taxes from the Senecas in 1992, tribesmen lit fires on the Thruway. . .  The stakes are only getting higher. The Senecas -- New York's most prolific buttleggers -- have withheld $228 million in casino-slots revenues in a blatant attempt to strong-arm the state.(NYP-OpEd)


 Loss for the Mayor, More Important A Lose For the City Services

Bloomberg holds ire over Cuomo's budget cuts Mayor Bloomberg held out hope the state would give more control over laying teachers off. (DN) * Bloomy is handed a LIFO line (NYP) * The governor is trying to reclaim his progressive mantle now that the budget is done, and told labor leaders he won’t be giving Mayor Bloomberg his wish on the repel of LIFO. * Bloomberg is stepping up his campaign to end LIFO with mailers to NYC voters. * The state School Boards Association sided with Bloomberg in the LIFO fight.


Bill insures against a pork shortage(TU)





 Let Them Eat Cake Mayor Mike Antoinette 

Mike to rate-$lapped NYers: Turn down A/C

Your ConEd Bill Is About to Get Ridiculous (Village Voice) * Chuck bid to nix rate hike (NYP)





 Inspector Clouseau Investigates  Ruben Wills


 Committee begins probe on Queens Councilman Ruben Wills after News reveals two misdemeanors (DN)




 WNBC  Candidates Kept Unspent Public Campaign $$$

Candidates Who Take Public Funds Rarely Pay Back Taxpayers

Where's the Money Going? (Video)

 Council Member Inez Dickens spent $7,292 to pay fines associated with her campaign posters.  So far, she has paid no public matching funds back.

After Bill de Blasio won the public advocate election, he used surplus campaign funds to pay for nine parking tickets and a $1,083 trip to Puerto Rico.  So far, he has not paid back any of the $2.2 million dollars in matching funds he received in 2009.

John Liu, who won the race for comptroller, spent more than $20,000 on three volunteer and victory dinners.  According to Campaign Finance Board rules, candidates are only allowed to use public matching funds for one, small post-election volunteer party.  Liu’s campaign told NBC New York the parties were financed with private donations.

Bloomberg, Thompson spent $5,219 to feed political donors at Francesco & Giovanni’s Pine restaurant in the Bronx. Thompson has not paid back any of the more than $3 million in public funds his campaign received from taxpayers.

Judge Encourages CFB Users To Spend the Money Quicky
In February, a three-judge appellate division panel found the city can only force a candidate to pay back taxpayers if there is money left in his or her campaign account.  The ruling was a decision in favor of former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2005.  The CFB alleged Fields improperly spent $61,000 on improper post-election expenses

 NYC Tax Base Shrinking 

Flood of property owners in tax-slash try (NYP)




 With His Arrogance and Money Spitzer Is Glued to Comeback Mode

NYers don't want Spitzer as mayor: poll (DN) * NY1 Exclusive: New Yorkers Not Ready For Mayor Spitzer, Poll Finds (DN) * Majority of NYers say they do not want Eliot Spitzer to run for mayor in 2013 (NYP)




Obama back to NYC to headline Sharpton bash(DN)






  NYP Attacks Liu For Supporting A Street After Sonny Carson and Opposing A Bridge Named After Koch

Comptroller John Liu was livid last week that the City Council was re naming the Queensboro Bridge after Ed Koch. After all, hadn't the same body failed to rename a street after ex-con (and racial arsonist) Sonny Carson back in 2007? Liu-sing it (NYP)





Brooklyn pastor scores prime seats at Nets' new venue Rev. Herbert Daughtry, pastor of a Boerum Hill church, will have the final say over the distribution of 54 free tickets and a luxury box. (NYP)


SNY airs mocking 'Family Guy' audio over video of Mets defeat (NYP)






 Threat Made Against Albany Lawmakers

Death Threats Target Lawmakers(WSJ) * Threatening ‘Time To Kill’ E-mails Sent To Many N.Y. Lawmakers (WCBS) * Email threatens attack on New York legislators (WABC)

Beloved Cooper Square newsstand vendor gets booted by city(DN)

Newsstand's famous face could get boot (NYP)


Caught Between Sidewalk And Street NYPD has stepped up its enforcement of traffic rules for bicyclists in Central Park, bringing to mind a clash in the 1800s.  




Decades After Ban, Columbia Opens Door to R.O.T.C. Return (NYT)




A High School Poised at a Moment of Pride and Great Anxiety (NYT) * Facing Closure, Charter School Fires Teachers (WSJ)

* Employment is up at SUNY and CUNY, but down in the state workforce overall.





Gillibrand Raises $3 Million to Intimidate Challengers(WSJ) * Gilly rai$es eyebrows (NYP)







Queens is a mecca for Asian immigrants - but this time with a twist (DN)

Cuomo: Immigrants are welcome in New York State (DN)

Sol Bader is growing old gracefully, like many neighborhoods in Queens (DN)

Ferry Buyer's Big Dreams Sunk Mired by city regulations, the owner of a gently-used Staten Island Ferry has decided to sell what he thought was a prize purchase. (WSJ)

Man finds it difficult to sell 300-foot Staten Island ferry (SI Advance)




As E-Waste Law Kicks In, the Ideal Option Varies (NYT)






Booze 'n the hood E. Village tops tipsy ZIP-code liquor list (NYP)





The city must complete promised but long overdue public ballfields near Yankee Stadium(DN Ed)

FDNY cancer up post-9/11

Herald '$quare off' Midtown biz group puts 120G in Bx. for a skating rink.




 On Weekends the Media Fills With Crime Stories 


Law and Order   

Former Rubber Room Teacher Arrested For "Columbine-Like" Threats

Cops arrest teacher after she makes Columbine-like threats to school staffers (DN)  * Uttering the word 'Columbine' was huge mistake by Fort Hamilton High School teacher Sabrina Milo(DN) * Sources: Brooklyn Teacher Bragged Of Carrying Out Columbine-Style Attack (NY1) * Brooklyn teacher vowed it would be 'Columbine all over again' * Columbine' teacher's bail: 100G (NYP)


Brooklyn Teacher Accused Of Making Terrorist Threats (WCBS) *NYPD: Brooklyn Teacher Made Threats (Fox 5) * NYC teacher accused of making threats (WABC) * Family sues after third grader is put in handcuffs (WABC) * Brooklyn teacher busted for making 'Columbine' threat (NYP) * Man calls 911 after strippers stand him up (NYT) * YC dentist receives surprise package filled with 31 pounds of pot (DN) * * Teen hoped for better life but got death by gang member(DN) * Juror seach continues for mobster 'Vinnie Gorgeous' Basciano (DN) * Girl, 11, Sues the Police, Claiming She Was Handcuffed (NYT) * Cops cuffed 10-year-old for hours, suit says (DN)  * NYPD Sued Over Handcuffing, Questioning Of 10-Year-Old Girl (WCBS) * Third degree for 3rd-grader (NYP) * Cops cuffed 10-year-old for hours, suit says (DN) * Queens Man Spared Death Penalty in Killings of Connecticut Jewelers (NYT) * Not the Owner, Prosecutors Say, but Still Trying to Sell (NYT)* Car Thief Discovers a Young Passenger(WSJ)Queens Car Thief Finds Boy in Backseat (WSJ) * Cops hunting 'hostage-taker' (NYP) * 'Burglar' breaks in to comedy * Thief takes 'Boy Ride' - swipes car with 9-year-old in back seat * Man Charged In Shooting Of Livery Cab Driver (NY1) * Police Seek Man Who Assaulted Young Bronx Boy (NY1) * Cops Identify Suspect In Beating Of 11-Year-Old Boy On School Bus (WCBS) * Hotel-TV checkout, jail check-in (NYP) * Cops hunting 'hostage-taker' (NYP) * Pastor Accused of Stealing from Parish (Fox 5) * Suspect identified in attack on boy on bus (WABC) * Adopted son brings down accused molester who was hero cop (DN) * Three shot in B'klyn (NYP) * Three Shot During Brooklyn Robbery Attempt (NY1) * Bronx Schoolboy's Alleged Assaulter Arrested (NY1) * Three Recovering From Gunshot Wounds After Attempted Robbery (WCBS) * City Employee Arrested For Driving While Intoxicated (WCBS) * 3 shot in Brooklyn attempted robbery (WABC)

Cops release video of gang of suspects in unsolved stabbing murder of Bronx teen

Doc is shocked by 'pot'luck delivery

Doc is shocked by 'pot'luck delivery * Dentist has no regrets about calling cops over 31-pound pot delivery (DN)

'Gay bash' bust; brute says it was over respect, not sexuality (NYP) * * 'Hate'-attack alibi: I'm gay(NYP) * Suspect in Bias Attack Says He's Gay Too (WNBC)


Vandals Target S.I. Buses (NY1)




 NYP Says Nasdaq Takeover of Wall Street May Be Worse Than A German Takeover

Street hostilities NYSE traders say no to Nasdaq bid

Wall Street traders were quaking in their loafers yesterday that pink slips and an eventual shuttering of the storied New York Stock Exchange were in the offing after US rival Nasdaq made a hostile bid to wrest the Big Board away from its German suitors, the Deutsche Boerse.

Selective outrage of Walmart's politically correct foes is on display in case of new supermarket (DN)




Reactor Leaks Water Into Ocean, Official in Japan Says

NYC Group Protests Indian Point (Fox 5) * NYC protest over Indian Point Nuclear Plant (WABC)7 tons of radioactive water are pouring into Pacific each hour (NYT)




NTSB plans to investigate low-cost tour bus industry




A dispute over what to do with the remains of some who died in the 9/11 terror attacks is simmering between some of the victims’ families and the officials planning the National September 11 Memorial and Museum underneath where the twin towers stood. (NYT)* The FDNY’s chief medical officer has found some types of cancer are “bizarrely off the charts” for firefighters that served at Ground Zero.

The show won't go on for Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's popular but controversial summer concerts at Asser Levy Park this year. Faced with a lawsuit, city officials agreed to move the concerts out of the Coney Island park this summer. (NYDN)