Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Police and Pols Each Have A Wall of Silence

Pols Have Their Own Wall of Silence

For years pols have been attacking the police wall of silence especially when the Rev. Shapton led the attack.  We were reminded of this when the city paid a  Cop shot in station house 325G in settlement(DN) because no cop came forward and testified that the officer shot herself in the hand in a federal lawsuit brought by the shot cop.  Silence is the same behavior our elected representatives demonstrate every time one of their co-workers is thrown in jail.  The press work as enablers or co-conspirator in the silence as they never seek pols comment about the epedimic of political corruption.  Last night Obama talk about the morality of protecting Libyans, who will speak about protecting New Yorkers from unmoral elected officials.



  NYP And Daily News Congratulate Cuomo on His Successful Battle Plan

 Gov. Cuomo was positioned almost from the start of this year's budget negotiations to get the bulk of what he wanted, lawmakers and observers said. A trail of legislative scandals may have left lawmakers in a cooperative posture. Ad support helped neutralize critics on the air waves. But the most important factor was his power, first used last year by former Gov. David Paterson, to put his spending cuts into emergency bills. (Newsday) *  Cuomo's triumph a feat of grit and cunning (Dicker, NYP) * Andrew delivers(NYP Ed) * Kudos to Gov. Cuomo for performance in budget battle so far, but he still has plenty of work to do (DN Ed) 

NYT Writer Attacks NYP
NYP edit page more enthusiastic. "Hallelujah!" (Post also back to using scare-quotes around $10 billion "deficit."), NYT Twitter


  After the Cuomo's First Budget Battle With Albany 

NYT: Sinking of the SS Silver

In Budget Fight, an Albany Titan (Speaker Silver) Is Overshadowed(NYT) "Mr. Silver suddenly finds himself diminished, leading a depleted Democratic caucus that is more politically isolated than at any time in years. And he has found himself in the formidable shadow of Mr. Cuomo, the freshman Democratic governor who has reinvigorated an office already vested with considerable powers." 

Silver Saves His Law Firm Weitz and Luxenberg Eliminating Malpractice Cap A Heritage Foundation blogger laments the lack of tort reform in the budget.



 Bloomberg: I Used to Be King of This Land, Who is the Prince Cuomo?

"Mr. Bloomberg described Mr. Cuomo's deal as an inequitable and half-baked attempt to deal with fiscal strain."

Gov rejects mayor's outrage over cuts (NYP) * State Budget Deal Is an ‘Outrage,’ Bloomberg Says(NYT) * Mayor Says State Budget Hammers City(WSJ) * Gov. Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg spar over new budget (DN) * Bloomberg Calls State Budget An "Outrage" (NY1) * Bloomberg Blasts Albany Budget Deal (Fox 5) * State Budget: "Cuomo told Mayor Bloomberg to quit his whining."* Clyde Haberman wonders at Bloomberg’s Inner Circle response, noting: “You’d have thought that someone with sagging poll numbers might have thought twice about linking ‘Spider-Man’ to his third term, virtually gift-wrapping the connection for New Yorkers who have wearied of him.”* Roundup: Sheldon Silver's Wrestling Teammate is Andrew Cuomo (NYO) * State Budget: "The mayor got little of what he asked for."

Media Blackout of What Do People Effective By the Budget Cuts Think? 

 Behind the Budget

State Budget: Legislators keep "two pots of pork money Gov. Andrew Cuomo had sought to divert to other uses." * Under his deal with legislative leaders, Cuomo will have the final say on prison closures and communities that lose facilities will get less economic development aid to ease their transitions.* Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman warned the $170 million funding loss for the court system will require hundreds of layoffs.* The DN praises Cuomo’s budget performance, but wants more – namely mandate relief and a LIFO repeal.*  Daly: Who would flee millionaire's tax? (Rush did) (DN) * The Post lauds Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who, according to the paper “pretty much had (the governor’s back) the whole way.”* The WSJ sayswarns the TU.* Hospitals are getting half of what they had hoped for in the budget. Sunday’s agreement brings “a terrific budget, but no major reform.”* Prepare for paib * The Senate Republicans pushed through surprise rules changes that gave them more representation on the Rules and Finance committees. The Democrats called this “dangerous.”* Despite an announced state budget deal, negotiators finalizing the spending plan were besieged yesterday by lawmakers and lobbyists seeking one last crack at restoring money for popular programs. A day after Cuomo announced an agreement with legislative leaders for a 2011 budget, details on key health and education funding initiatives were elusive. (BN) *  Skelos: Thanks To GOP And Cuomo, Albany Works Again (YNN) * Early State Budget Hopes Slipping Away?(DN) * In Defense Of Silver (YNN)  * State Budget: Skelos and Silver offer some details. * State Budget: "The Cuomo budget, which was negotiated in secret, is a virtual war on the middle class, working people, and the poor," writes Alan Singer, a social studies educator from Hofstra University. [HuffPo] * “While Governor Cuomo and his staff are celebrating their political victory over the state budget, it might be a good idea for them and for the rest of us to give some deep thought to the financial and political corner we have managed to paint ourselves into,” writes Columbia University’s Steven Cohen.* Silver: State Budget Deal A Win For Dems(NY1)

 Albany Saves Its Pork

The Legislature gets to keep its $100 million worth of capital projects cash from prior years that Cuomo tried to appropriate for his regional economic development councils. 

 Kruger the Gift That Keeps Giving

Exposes Police Parking Card Patronage
Senator Kruger Won Privileges for Housemates(NYT)
Sen. Carl Kruger used his office to secure privileges for the Turano brothers, with whom he lived, including NYPD parking placards, id cards and badges that identified them as honorary police surgeons. 
 Hevesi Prolongs His Perp Walk To Jail

Hevesi Hospitalized; Sentencing Delayed as Judge Steps Aside(NYT) * Hevesi Hospitalized; Judge Hands Off Sentencing Duties (WSJ)









 Feds Piling on Charges On Former Leader of the Senate 

Espada, Son Face More Charges in Sounview Case(WSJ)








  This Is What An Pols Cares About On the Day 10 Billion in Hurtful Cuts Are Agree Upon?

Sen. Diane Savino is reportedly relieved she can now talk openly about her relationship with Sen. Jeff Klein. 




  Pension Double Dipping Vito Lopez 

The $64,000 question — “What is Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s annual state pension” — now has a $64,000 answer. The scandal-plagued legislator is collecting a monthly pension of $5,386.16 — or $64,634 per year — on top of his $92,000 yearly salary, according to state records released under FOIL. Lopez will close out 2011 with an income topping $156,000. And it’s all legal. (Brooklyn Paper, h/t The Brooklyn Politics.)







 ACS Supervisor Says She Is Being Blamed For System Failure

Supervisor Claims She Raised Concern Before Child's Death(WSJ) * Accused ACS worker: I feel 'betrayed'(DN) * CPS supervisor speaks out about charges (WABC)



 NYPD Needs Frequency To Fix Radios

NYPD Making Waves on Radios The NYPD has been leading a push to get lawmakers to devote a special section of frequency to first responders. That's the only way, they argue, to ensure clear transmissions and data-sharing (WSJ)

 Bronx Cobra Could Be Twitter Last Tweet

 Lost Cobra On Twitter

 The Media Accepts All the Political Trash

Governor David Paterson Falters In Tryout With WFAN Sports Talk

 Bigger Rents for Small Studio Apartments(WSJ) * 'Realtor' scammed $20G in Brooklyn, cops claim (DN)





Tim McCarver says Fred and Jeff Wilpon should sell Mets to get away from pressure of Madoff mess (DN)





DiNapoli Says Dept. of Ed Hedging on Drop-out Rates

City has more high school drop-outs than it's admitting, audit finds (DN)


Document Drop: Alan Hevesi Sentencing Memo(DN) 





Law and Order   Parents suing Facebook over gruesome photo of slain daughter posted on website by EMT (DN) * S.I. Parents Sue Facebook Over Daughter's Crime Scene Photos (NY1)DJ slain scoring pot: cops (NYP) * Details Emerge in Hip-Hop DJ's Slaying*   Popular hip-hop deejay DJ Megatron tried to score pot before he was killed, police sources say (DN) *  DJ Megatron was going to buy pot when he was slain, pal tells cops (SI Advance * Parents sue Facebook over online photos of their Staten Island daughter's corpse (SI Advance) * UES handyman harassed, called 'midget,' charges suit(DN)In small blessing for taxpayers, a court overturns a crazy $5 million award to cop who shot himself (DN Ed) * Ex-cop charged with wife's murder won't testify (DN) * Jury Selection Begins In NYPD Rape Trial (WCBS) * Brazen L.I. Pathmark Mugging Caught On Surveillance Tape (WCBS) * Cops Bust Teens for Armed Robbery (Fox 5)Brooklyn is real estate scamville (NYP) * Rabbi Pleads Guilty in Money Laundering (NYT) * Brooklyn Rabbi Guilty in N.J. Case (Fox 5) * Brooklyn prosecutors announced the arrests of 18 con artists in 15 different real estate fraud cases yesterday. The schemes ran the gamut - from fraudulent reverse mortgages, to crooked loan modifications and deed theft. "This mortgage fraud unit," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, who helped secure federal funding to create it two years ago, "protects homeowners from criminals who prey on our most vulnerable." (NYDN) * *FBI nabs 'holiday bandit' in Queens (NYP) * Indictment in $100,000 Theft From PTA (NYT)


That’s What They Think About the Voters Two Suffolk County politicians at the center of a campaign-finance inquiry have apparently decided that the public doesn’t have a right to know about it.


Cracks Already Show in Times Paywall (Newspaper Deathwatch.com)


The Guardian Expanding In U.S.

The New York Times Paywall Cost $40 Million Because Google Pocketed $25 Million (Fishbowl)


Brother in Alleged Galleon Coverup(WSJ)


Schumer doesn't realize reporters on conference call