Thursday, March 31, 2011

Media Lovefest With Albany Budget, Shortlived Protests With Little Coverage, Bloomberg Aboutface, Now Approves

One Day Protest in Albany

NYC Legislators Go Alone With Millions in Education Cuts

Media enables give NYC pols free pass by not asking them what the impact of their education cuts will be on city's students  New York City school aid sliced by millions as lawmakers finalize on-time state budget(DN)


 For Starters: Kindergarten Waiting Lists Will Grow longer

[T]he most secretive part — individual school district aid levels — was not made public until Four Hours Before the Final Vote 

New York's Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo restored $51 million to New York City schools, $45 million to Long Island schools and $134 million to upstate schools.

Kindergarten Waiting Lists Grow (NYT) * Kindergatern Waiting Lists Lengthen There are 42% more kindergarten applicants on waiting lists for September than last year (WSJ) * 3,100 city kids waitlisted for kindergarten, up by 1,000 from last year  * Kindergarten cops Park Slope school nails 'address' liars * For Twins, a Double Shot at a Slot in Kindergarten (NYT)


 Even Bloomberg Gives the Budget A Reluctant Hug

Bloomberg Softens Tone on Cuomo's Budget (WSJ) *  Bloomberg Changes Tune, Calls Budget Cuts 'Good Government' (Huff Post)

NYC wasn’t pleased about its share. “We are dividing up crumbs, and to make matters worse, the crumbs have been divided unfairly,” said Micah Lasher, the city’s lobbyist.* Overall, the Bloomberg administration did not fare well in this budget, despite the mayors TV ad and mailers.* Some legislators complained they were pressured to limit debate so other lawmakers could claim the document was finished early. (Newsday)





 Is Someone Trying to Send the Mayor A Message Trough the Daily News Gossip Column Gatecrasher? 

From Today's Daily News Gatecrasher
Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel has revised his recent decision about former Bloomberg campaign adviser John Haggerty. In a March 14 ruling requiring Haggerty to stand trial on charges he stole $1.1 million from Hizzoner's 2009 campaign, Zweibel raised eyebrows when he bluntly wrote that "the evidence of guilt, whether admissible in trial or not, is overwhelming." The line was shortened in a number of press reports to "the evidence of guilt ... is overwhelming," which read like a pretty decisive stance in advance of a trial. Perhaps Zweibel regretted his initial exuberance, because, while reporting our story on Haggerty in Wednesday's column, we learned that the judge has since issued an amended decision, which softens his original assertion. The line, which we've truncated to spare you a lot of legalese, now reads: "the evidence of guilt ... is certainly legally sufficient, if not overwhelming, based upon this Court's review of the Grand Jury presentation." * before the scandal, got $100K to local GOP. [via @'s dan janison]


  Cuomo Tames the Albany Beast, Budget Passed At 1AM Pigs Flew

 "[H]istoric and transformational"  Cuomo

In Video, Cuomo Calls Budget “The First Step on the Road to Economic Recovery”

Albany Finishes Rare On-Time Budget(NYT) * New York State Passes Budget (WSJ) * Amazing! State pols OK budget on time (NYP)It was the first on-time budget in five years. Had it passed just an hour earlier, it would have been the first early budget in 28 years.* State Budget: In 1982, the budget was $25,9 billion. In 2011, its $132.5 billion. [AP] *  DiNapoli Concurs With Cuomo On Budget (For Now)(YNN) * Funding Cuomo: David Koch and wife gave $87,000. * Cuomo Praises Legislature For On-Time Budget (NY1)

In spite of $10 million budget cut Speaker Silver Delivers Some Rabbinical Students to Get State Tuition Aid $18 Million (NYT) * Silver Looks To Rent Control, Property Tax Cap * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver insists it’s his budget, too.

 Legislators Follow Three Men In the Room Leaders

State Budget: "[P]andemonium." "At times, legislators did not seem entirely sure about what they were voting on." 

State Budget: Limited debate * Many Democrats held their noses to vote in favor of a budget they claimed would hurt the state's needy while offering a tax cut to millionaires. Republicans, on the other hand, found themselves overwhelmingly supporting a budget pushed by a freshman Democratic governor. (NYDN) Sen Krueger votes No on : We could have made better decisions, we didn't have to end up w/ these cuts#nysenate (Twitter)  *  Skelos Remembers What Happens to Budgets When Democrats Controlled Albany (NYO)

 Albany Voted Like Trained Seals

Voting the Budget: "They perform all right. Like trained seals."

The only sounds when they voted

 The NYP Calls on Cuomo to End LIFO

Cuomo's next fight








As Democrats Schumer, Weiner and Rangel Support Political Redistricting the Daily News Attacks Skelos

You would think the Daily News Editorial Board would understand that GOP was taking the heat for all incumbents.  The two other men in the room Cuomo and Silver must have give Skelos plenty of what he wanted to kill independent redistricting. State Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos poster boy for sleazy attempt to renege on redistricting promise (DN)




  TV Continues To Rack In Special Interests ADS

The pro-Cuomo Committee to Save NY has funds left over and will continue to advocate for mandate relief and a property tax cap. The anti-Cuomo budget forces aren’t going away, either. * Mayor Bloomberg’s taking on Cuomo’s budget deal in a new mailer. “Our hard-earned tax dollars go to Albany, but now Albany politicians want to balance their budget by cutting billions of dollars from New York City,” says the message that is “paid for by Michael R. Bloomberg.” (WNYC)







 Memo to the NYT: Census Show New Yorker Have Fallen Out of Love With This Place

 Supersize Reputation Belongs To Earlier Generations of New Yorkers

 The Erie Canal grew New York State from 300,000 to 3,000,000 and made us the business capital of America. Today's NYT asks Just Look at This Place. What’s Not to Love?  questing why the grow rate of the city has slowed to a trickle. The old gray lady never really understood that there was more to making New York grow than making Manhattan a play ground for the rich.


 NYT: People Move Out of the Bronx To Live Longer Lives

Anywhere else in America is healthier than Bronx The Bronx is dead last in the state when it comes to health - with more people dying early, more people in bad shape, and not enough checkups. (DN) * Manhattan life long lives (NYP)



 Espada is Still Using the Bronx's Poor Health Care to Cash In

Espada at Helm Despite Woes Months after federal authorities charged Pedro Espada with plundering the Medicaid program, the former state lawmaker is still running his Bronx health-care empire. (WSJ)






  If Hunts Point Market Moves Out the City Will Lose Jobs Where Most New Yorkers Work 

Produce Market Eyes Move Out of City The Hunts Point wholesale produce market in the South Bronx has identified multiple sites in New Jersey for a potential relocation of what is said to be the largest such facility in the world. (WSJ)

 Manhattan Centric Bloomberg Works to Convince A London Bank to Move to NYC  Bloomberg says Barclays would feel at home in N.Y.

  "Diplomats park illegally, ignore paying their parking tickets and expect New Yorkers to pick up the tab. This needs to end," Weiner declared with righteous indignation in January 2010.




Deutsche Bank Fire Case May Hinge on City’s Role (NYT)

New details about deadly Deutsche Bank fire case

 Opening arguments start Monday



Former PTA Treasurer Pleads Not Guilty (NYT) * Nearly one third of kids who ace specialized HS exam go somewhere else (DN)

Sources: Cuomo To Appoint Perales As New Secretary of State  (NY1)




Official Says Bus in Crash That Killed 15 Was Speeding(NYT) * Investigators Cite Speed in Bus Crash(WSJ)  * Tragic tour bus in Bronx was going up to 78 mph, NTSB finds (DN) * NTSB: Tour Bus Speed Neared 80 Prior To Bronx Crash (NY1) * Death bus had been speeding(NYP)
From Luxury Condo Plans to Brink of Foreclosure The owner of undeveloped land in Gramercy Park that had been slated for new condos filed for bankruptcy protection, halting a planned foreclosure sale.(WSJ) * Court saves April rent for 15,000 households, stalling homelessness (DN)
 12  Year Old Push Each Other Do They Understand Hate Crime?
Law and Order  Boy charged in hate crime after trying to remove girl's religious head scarf (DN) * 12-year-old Staten Island boy charged with hate crime in Muslim attack (NYP) *Boy Charged With Hate Crime for Attacking Muslim Girl (WNBC) * 'Holiday Bandit' bank robber was caught on way to 10th heist * In-law & order saves day Village mom: Ailing kin thwarts mugging (NYP) * Relatives find dead grandmother stuffed in closet as grandson has sex in bed (DN) * Fight-club warning (NYP) * SHOCKING VIDEO: Details emerge in brutal beating of gay man outside of McDonald's * Video Shows Alleged West Village Bias Attack (NY1) * West Village Assault Victim Speaks Out (WNBC) * Reekin' of reefer $20M pot crew 'stunk out loud' (NYP) * Violent mugging on Staten Island  * Former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik’s 4-year prison sentence upheld in NYC (NYP) * Police: Cab Driver Shot In The Bronx (NY1)
9/11: Medical examiner probes whether former cop died of 9/11-related problems. * 9/11: "Bloomberg should have attended fallen 9/11 officer's funeral," is the headline
Terrorism Senate Committee Testifies On Homeland Security In The Wake Of 9/11(NY1)


 At Least the Babies Are Not Acting

Weiner vs. Trump, Part II (NYP)

Video of Babies Babbling 


Anthony Weiner Shares His Media Tips At The Congressional Correspondent’s Dinner




Report: Mets seek $200 million for piece of team






They’ve Got to Fix Their Priorities While the rest of the country still struggles to recover from the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve has decided to reward bankers. (NYT Ed)