Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feds Catch A Big Pay to Play Fish, Carl Kruger

U.S. Attorney Groundhog Day 
"Here we go again… When prosecutors charge it should not feel like a scene from Groundhog Day—but it does."  

US Atty Bharara. Next Preet movie reference: "apparently, what we've got here is a failure to communicate." Does that make Kruger into Paul Newman? - Cool Hand Luke.  ‘A Failure To Communicate’ (YNN)   

Video of Bharara Explaining Charges

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Says He Will Keep Indicting Elected Officials in Albany Until They Change Their Corrupt Ways.  He said Albany reminded him of the Groundhog movie, in the no matter how many people he indicts they don't Change. "Albany should see this as a moment for truth and a moment for change" *  US Attorney: another corruption case, "Albany just hits the snooze button…shouldn't feel like a scene from groundhog's day, & yet, it does."

Kruger’s attorney, Benjamin Brafman, said Kruger would be vindicated.

2 State Legislators Surrender in Corruption Case(NYT)

Sen. Carl Kruger's relationship with the Turano family * * harara: "Sen. Kruger had a very close and intimate relationship w/the entire Turano family, and that includes Michael Turano."* other lawmakers on payroll of Medisys (named in complaint) US Attorney: "not going to comment on that." *  FBI official says bagman for Democratic State Senator would say things like "Carl wants to know where the money is" * ruger's alleged corrupt acts focused on beverage industry legislation, development. * Stuart Appelbaum of @ says Richard Lipsky is was terminated from anti-WalMart campaign last night * US Attorney: Assemblyman Boyland got a no-show consulting job, almost $3,000-a-month, from Medisys * US Attorney: $106,K found in lobbyist Richard Lipsky's home * FBI agents found $106,000 in cash in Richard Lipsky's house, inclu $4K "in crisp, large-denomination bills in Mr. Lipsky’s suit pocket.” * Diaz: ‘Last One Standing’  * Erin Billup  Ed Cox is calling on the Sen Dem Campaign Committee to return the $450,000 in contributions from Sen Carl Kruger, calling it "dirty money" (Twitter) * a list of all contributors to Friends of Carl (Kruger's campaign group) in the last...  * Divesting Of Kruger’s Cash (YNN)NYPIRG Follows The Money: Major Wrinkle In Carl Kruger's Donation Reports?(DN) Gannett Albany Silver: A Few Bad Apples  * Kruger: Accuser "Is a Fucking Liar"(NYO) *(DN)* More Carl Kruger fallout: State Sen. Jose Serrano says he'll give $1K in Kruger donations to charity... * Kruger & Boyland, facing a maximum of 20 years in prison [via ailsa chang/@] * Here’s the FBI’s official press release on the Kruger-Boyland-Lipsky et al scandal.* According to an ally (and potential replacement), the always colorful Sen. Carl Kruger will “fight this tooth and nail.”


 The Rats Are Nerves

Cuomo to Legislature: pass comprehensive ethics reform or your ass is grass (i.e. he'll form a Moreland commission w/subpoena power) * campaign $ from Boyland being returned by fellow Democrat. [via Celeste Katz] * Lawmakers, Cuomo, Kruger’s Attorney React To Corruption Arrests  * *Pols Pile On Carl Kruger, William Boyland, Jr. * * Sampson: ‘Serious charges,’ Krueger replaces Kruger on Finance (TU) *Kruger Removed As Finance Ranker (Updated) (YNN) * Silver Decries ‘Deplorable’ Actions Of ‘A Few Bad Apples’ (YNN) * About That Carl Kruger Cash... $886,500 to candidates and groups(DN) * US Attorney Lays Out the Case Against Kruger, Boyland and Lipsky; Thousands Found in Lipsky's Pocket: US Attorne...  *Cox: Corruption Is A Democratic Problem…Oh, Wait (YNN)

The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick (True New)

Cuomo Reminds Lawmakers: Ethics Reform Or Moreland Commission (YNN)

Cuomo: Fresh Corruption Arrests Spotlight “Failings” Of Government 

"Campaign fundraising practices are having a corrosive effect on the public's confidence in the integrity of government... The rationale is that public awareness of who has contributed may reduce the possibility of elected officials favoring contributors." Carl Kruger

"Kruger is Not A Target of the Federal Investigation"
Ben Brafman
Goodbye Carl Kruger

Mr. Kruger had been under investigation by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn who were looking into accusations that he had helped businessmen surmount bureaucratic hurdles in exchange for assistance raising campaign AND MONEY FOR SPECIAL BANK ACCOUNTS Brooklyn Senator and Assemblyman Face Corruption Charges(NYT)State Senator In Corruption Probe(WSJ) * Kruger latest senator in peril (TU)Brooklyn Senator Carl Kruger to Surrender to Authorities (NY Magazine)  * $leaze rap for top pol (NYP)


Carl's New Home

The Complaint Against Carl Kruger 

Feds charge Kruger with accepting bribes between 2006 and 2011 totaling $1 million * Kruger Gets Hit With Honest Services Charges 


A “teary-eyed” Sen. Carl Kruger reportedly left the Brooklyn home of his girlfriend, Dorothy Turano, ay 6 a.m. and headed to turn himself in on corruption charges.  * Said one Democratic political operative: “Everyone knows that Carl has been using his post to take money for years, so this isn’t surprising. What’s more surprising is that it didn’t happen 10 years ago.” (NYP)* Kruger is a complicated guy. While he was one of the so-called Gang of Four – the lone non-Hispanic of the original amigos – that gave Sampson fits, he ended up closely allied with the Democratic leader, who also hails from Brooklyn. Hence, his ranking position on the powerful Senate Finance Committee, which he chaired when the Dems controlled the chamber. 



Kruger Never Had A Primary . . .  Wins Every Election by 8 to 1 margins

Kruger reported $1.88 million in his campaign account in January. Over the years, he has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic Senate incumbents and candidates as well as other elected officials in Brooklyn.

Sources: Brooklyn Senator To Be Arrested On Federal Charges (NY1) * Capitol Confidential » Carl Kruger will surrender to prosecutors Thursday * Brooklyn Senator to Turn Himself In (NYT) * B'klyn Dem will turn himself in to face corruption charges (NYP)Carl Kruger's Russian Secrets  State senator's big stash attracts the FBI (Village Voice) * Carl Kruger's Mighty Campaign Warchest Draws FBI Attention (Village Voice) * Kruger is well-known in the Russian belt that runs through his Brooklyn district.  Last December Kruger pleaded for leniency on behalf of Nikolai Dozortsev -- a reputed "high-ranking member of Russian organized crime" -- following his money laundering conviction.   Although Dozortsev faced twenty years in prison Brooklyn federal judge Frederic Block sentenced the Ukraine-born lad to only five. *  Report: New York State Sen. Carl Kruger Faces Federal Bribery Charges *


State Sen. Carl Kruger to surrender to feds on bribery charges, cashing in on hospital merger (DN)

Seminerio, who pleaded guilty to corruption charges and died in prison.  * The Roots of Kruger's Downfall Rooted in Seminerio Corruption(NYO)  * And even death can't keep Seminerio out of prosecutors' sights. (CHN)

From 2008 WiretapThe chief executive of MediSys sought the help of Mr. Kruger and Seminerio to help get approval in Albany for a hospital merger. At the time, MediSys and Parkway Hospital were vying to acquire two failing Queens hospitals, St. John's and Mary Immaculate, according to testimony from the case."I need your help with Seminerio) and Kruger together are my two, uh, my two guys,"

Brian McLaughlin's Rats the Late Queens Crap: Two-Ton Tony in more trouble


State Senator Kruger And Assemblyman Boyland Expected To Face Corruption Charges (NBC)

Another Assemblyman Was Paid by Hospital

Family 'money tree' Scandal-hosp jobs (NYP)



Lipsky, who has known Kruger for years, was lobbying for small bodegas and other stores in 2009 when Kruger sponsored a bottle-return bill that would cap how many bottles such retailers would be required to accept daily. . . Lipsky was fired yesterday by The Committee to Save New York, a coalition lobbing for Gov. Cuomo's budget.

Richard Lipsky Blog


Will Rat Koppel Rat?

Jason Koppel, the Brooklyn Democrat's longtime chief of staff and campaign treasurer, is also a key target in the two-year investigation into alleged official misconduct by Kruger, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Koppel is one of the state Legislature's highest-paid aides, racking up a $162,442 annual salary. Levitis was caught on audiotape on April 14, 2009, telling a federal informant that the informant needed to pay off a public official's staff member -- who sources said is Koppel -- to get assistance on an upcoming business inspection.

More on Kruger Racist Past
About the Kruger role in the racist flyer distributed for Mark Green during the 2001 Mayorial campaign that showed Fernando Ferrer kissing Rev. Sharpton ass, the Senator said, "My perception was, prejudice is in the eyes of the beholder. If someone is supporting someone's campaign, there's no reason on Earth why someone else can't point that out."

The Carl Kruger Federal Investigation (True News)

Cuomo Vows Personal Push to Legalize Gay Marriage (NYT) * Governor Meets With Gay Activists To Discuss Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage(NY1)

Former gay marriage “No” votes Addabbo and Huntley now undecided 

Round II In NYSUT Ad Campaign: ‘I Believed’

“Governor Cuomo. Legislators. I listened when grown-ups said education is the most important thing. How I’d never go anywhere without a good one. I believed that. Believed I could do anything.”

Albany's Class War
Redesigning Medicaid: "About 8,400 patients receiving home-care services could be booted from the Medicaid rolls for failing to fully disclose family income, under a crackdown by Gov. Cuomo." [Carl Campanile] A legal aid advocacy group says New York is facing a “tsunami” of home foreclosures.* * Mayor Bloomberg called on city agencies to cut another $600 million in anticipation of state aid cuts. 

Vs. Rich Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Dems must bag plan to bring back the so-called millionaire's tax (DN Ed) * Tort-bar canard(NYP Ed) * Capitol Confidential » Sixty-eight Assembly dems back tax renewal (TU)

 Shocking Taxi Refuse to Go to Outer Boroughs

A taxi to the outer boroughs? Good luck Nope. That's what eight out of 10 cabbies told me Wednesday when I tried to hail a taxi to the outer boroughs from midtown. (DN)

 sNOw Help
Bloomy: City council can take snow plans & shovel 'em! (DN) * Bloomberg Admin Rejects Council Recommendations on Blizzard Response

Officer Snow and Rain Keeps Crime Down

Did a Snowy Winter Prevent Murders? Homicides in New York City plummeted 22% during the first two months of 2011, but it might not have been all the snow that kept crime down. (WSJ)

Subway Crew Suspended(WSJ)




College kids 'catch' cabs Hacks refuse borough fares in sting




Pilot Program To Put Immobilizing Boots On Cars Of Parking Ticket Scofflaws


St. Vincent's Hospital will rise again: St. Vincent's Hospital announced Thursday that it has forged a partners...  

 REAKING: * North Shore-LIJ Unveils Plans For Future Of St. Vincent's Site (NY1)


 New York Transportation Chief Defends Bike Lanes (NYT)

NYT Rose Color Forecast

New York City Fared Better in Recession Than Thought (NYT)

Brooklyn, Bronx foreclosures surge as citywide rates hold steady (DN) Nearly 1,350 city homeowners received some form of foreclosure notice in February, up 1.3% from January.  Brooklyn saw notices rise 13.4% from January and 26.7% from last year to 627. Neighborhoods feeling the pinch include Flatbush, Bedford-Stuyvesant and East New York. The Bronx also saw a big jump, with foreclosure notices reaching 216, a 16.1% increase compared with January and a 24.9% jump compared with last year. Baychester and Williamsbridge were two of the worst-hit neighborhoods in the borough.

Teen Faces Assault Charge Following Acid Attack (NY1)

Law and Order     Sept. 11 pain put FDNY dad on a dark path to deathStanding Guard, and Protecting the Premises (NYT)Couple's bodies found in car trunk in Brooklyn * Charge in the Death of a Hamster (NYT) * Scofflaws face boot under city clamp down (DN) * Police Arrest Suspected Bay Ridge Rapist (WPIX) *20 to life in Bx. bar slay (NYP) * 2 Bodies Found in Trunk of Car in Brooklyn (NYT) * New York Times Texas Rape Story Draws Fire(Huff Post) * Brutal knife attack inside beauty salon leaves one woman dead (NYP)

Terrorism King gets support from The Post’s editorial page, columnist Michael Goodwin and the executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism. * Michael Daly thinksA USA Today/Gallup poll found 52 percent of Americans support what King is doing. King’s hearings may aid radicals by fueling their message that the US is the enemy. * WATCH: Former Park51 Imam Condemns Islam Hearings


New York City's Ten Worst Tenants: Village Voice (Village Voice)



NPR: Shake-up could have impact on local stations. [Post-Standard]


Wisconsin Senate Limits Bargaining by Public Workers (NYT)




 Lawyers Make First Pitches Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam used a "corrupt network" of consultants, company insiders and associates to obtain inside information, generating tens of millions of dollars in illicit profits, a U.S. prosecutor said. (WSJ) * Prosecutor: NYC hedge fund relied on inside tips(WSJ) * Galleon case shows some leaks (NYP)




AOL confirms layoffs of 900 workers; Huffington Post unaffected





Naked cowboy loses legal claim to be sole naked Times Square performer

Colbert To Rep. Weiner: ‘You Want To Interrupt And Belittle People? Get Your Own Show On Fox’