Monday, March 14, 2011

Budget Has Come Down to Which Side or Interests has the Most Strength

Testing Cuomo

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.Mahatma Gandhi 

He'll Cuo it alone  Gov set to force budget on Legislature  VS Cuomo Budget Plan Under Siege by Democrats(WSJ) Assembly Democrats are attempting to block major pieces of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's budget plan, advancing measures over the weekend that would preserve higher tax rates for millionaires and knock out the administration's proposal to impose a cap on medical malpractice awards. Both houses of the Legislature are submitting spending plans on Tuesday, setting up the final stage of negotiations prior to the budget deadline of April 1. “These final days leading up to the budget are going to define Gov. Cuomo’s entire term in office, and I can assure you he’s not going to sit back and let himself be defined by a spendthrift, dysfunctional, scandal-scarred, national embarrassment of a Legislature,” a source close to the governor told Fred Dicker.


  Eighteen days and counting until the budget is due

Everyone Positioning For the Budget Battle

Gov Cuomo  For Cuomo, Slower Pace on Addressing Mandates - his budget adds to unfunded mandates(NYT) * Chief Judge    Listen to Judge Lippman New York’s chief judge agreed to cuts to his budget, but refuses to back down on his call for legal service programs for the indigent. (NYT Ed) *Assembly Speaker   Sheldon Silver urges more protection for renters (DN) Wants a housing state of emergency declared *Silver, colleagues, detail ‘New Housing Emergency’ (TU) Silver proposes a 'millionaires tax' lite(NYP) * A tax that won't die (NYP Ed) *N.Y.C. Comptroller  John Liu's skewed report on city workers' pay is a boon to his union allies (DN Ed) "speculative propaganda cloaked as hard economic analysis" -DN * GOP Pols  GOP supports Mayor Bloomberg teacher layoff plan (DN) The Senate’s proposal relies on optimistic revenue forecasts to restore education aid and also would make it harder for the governor’s prison-closing efforts to be come to fruition. * GOP state senate leader is "in sync" with Dem Cuomo [Times Union] * NY Post calls on Cuomo to block any resurrection of the millionaire’s tax. * GOP Senate Leader  Duos: Republican State Senate Leader "in sync" with Dem Governor Cuomo. [Jimmy Vielkind] * NYS Comptroller DiNapoli: Many school districts under fiscal stress Gannett Albany



Breaking News: GOP Independent Redistricting Plan Passes the Senate

bill passes 35 to 24; independent Democrats Savino & Valesky voted in favor of it. *  Indy Democrats Help Pass GOP Redistricting Plan (NYO)



“I am not going to comment – neither on the case or on my personal life,” Kruger said. “I am here to represent the people of my district in this state. I am doing that. I’m a state senator representing the 27th Senatorial district in Brooklyn and that’s what I’m here for. And I thank you for your attention.” -Kruger
 Video: Kruger is in the Capitol, not talking (CHN)

Will Kruger Talk and Cause A Pol Tsunami? . . . Is He Wired?

Anyone taking odds on who Kruger will fix for the orange jump suit? Piling On Carl Kruger, Convicted Already In Court Of Public Opinion (CHN) * We have loathing, need fear (TU) * Scandals pile up in Albany Rochester Democrat and Chronicle * Albany: Pork-barrel angle in bribe case (Newsday) * Two anti-gay New York state Senators under investigation for corruption LGBTQ Nation * There’s little pity for Sen. Carl Kruger as he faces federal corruption charges because he wasn’t well liked by his colleagues to begin with. * BREAKING  Senate Dems To Boycott Kruger ‘Apology’? (YNN) * Krueger/Kruger Update (YNN) * Senator in fed influence peddling cases returns (WSJ) * Kruger surfaces in the Capitol (Newsday) * Video: Kruger is in the Capitol, not talking (TU)* Back in Albany After U.S. Charges, State Senator Finds a Different World (NYT) * Kruger Stripped Of Committee Title In Wake Of Scandal (NY1)


4 is Company Buzz

The latest buzz is that Dorthy Turano the mother of Kruger Boy Toy Michael Turano is set to retire from her position as planning board 18 manager this Wednesday. The Feds say Dorthy, Michael and her other son all live together with Kruger.  No word yet what will happen to her assistant and Kruger sister or what will done about all the missing paper work at the board.  Or what the feds or DA will do if it is show that Dorthy help out with clearing properties for developers who gave bribes to Kruger.


Will Pols Give the Money of those Indicted in the Kruger Corrupt Scandal to Charity?

So of those who got money from Kruger have already give it to charity. Carlucci to donate Kruger campaign contribution to charity.

 But what about the bums who bribed Kruger?    

Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist employed by Forest City Ratner, has been indicted on allegations of paying bribes to New York State Sen. Carl Kruger. Lipsky gave $1,000 to Weiner, $2,000 to Joel Rivera, $500 to David Weprin and $250 to Dominic Recchia.  Lipsky also donated to Alan Hevesi $17,500 and Hiram Monserrate $2,500, perhaps future work for the feds.

Aaron Malinsky founder of a successful Midtown-based real estate firm is accused of funneling nearly $500,000 in alleged bribes to Brooklyn State Senator Carl Kruger, who in turn took action to benefit that company's development projects.  Malinsky has contributed $6,000 to Marty Markowitz, $3,500 for Jessica Lappin (Above the CFB limit for a Council member), Convicted Miguel Martinez $2,750, deBlasio $1,000,  Scott Stringer 3,275, David Weprin $1,050, Danny Farrell $1,000.  For the 2013 races  Anthony Weiner $3,600, Scott Stringer $2000, Rubin Diaz, Jr. $4,900

Former Parkway Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robert Aquino and MediSys CEO David Rosen, who runs Jamaica, Flushing and Peninsula hospitals, were charged Thursday in a bribery conspiracy scheme after they allegedly made payments to state Sen. Carl Kruger.  Robert Aquino Contributed  $3,000 to Weiner $4,500 and  David Rosen Anthony Weiner $5,000 

 Fidler Making Plans To Run For Kruger's Seat

Solomon and Pauline Kalish also indicted contribute $1,000 to Councilman Lewis Fidler from Kurger Thomas Jefferson Club




N.Y. Senators Give Away Cash Linked to Kruger (WSJ)




“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” -Winston Churchill 


Memo to: Celeste Katz, Daily News
The election problem in New York has more to do with almost every incumbent being reelected and the fact that most have stop voting.  Did you know that the last mayor's election was the lowest in decades and the city had a population of three million.  Comptroller John Liu won the primary runoff with less than 2% of the city's registered voters.  You know that winning the Primary in the city is a guarantee from election in the general in from all by the mayor position and a have dozen district that have changed since the 2000 redistricting.  You know that as a result of redistricting incumbent gerrymandered district into one party districts that make them sure winning and guarantee that November elections don't count. Moving primary to June is meaningless.  Yes county military ballots are a problem in New York but so is Democracy. Pols are primary reason elex problem isn't being solved * Elections: Incumbents aren't changing laws to make races easier for challengers* Election Dates And NY Lawmakers' Primary Colors (DN)

 An Innocent Man Is Never Afraid of An Investigation

Are You Trying to Tell Us Something Kellner?
Albany Ethics: "Moreland Act investigation could result in honest legislators' being treated like criminals" [Micah Kellner] * Albany Ethics: "A senior administration official" says in a "wide-ranging interview" that lobbying groups should disclose their income sources. [Ken Lovett]

Central Labor Council's Jack Ahern resigns Weeks after two powerful unions left the Central Labor Council in protest of President Jack Ahern's presence, the leader will depart March 31




Vito's Power  Loss . . .     
Vito Lopez: Three senior centers connected to him are slated to close. [Aaron Short]

Where is the NY Press Investigation of This NY Story?

Case of mayor’s money puts NY Independence Party in costly spot; funds frozen as judge queries (Wash Post)


Only A Billionaire Would Hurt A Street Vendor Trying to Make A Few Extra Bucks in A Recession 
New York City to curb street fair hours, size (DN) *  Towers Built for the Poor Hear Call of the Condo



Whats On the Waterfront

Special Tax Sought to Fund Hudson River Park(WSJ)520 Miles of Waterfront to Get Long-Range Plan (NYT)City To Unveil Revitalization Plan For 520 Miles Of Shoreline (NY1) (NY1)


No Goal: Just Stinking and Sinking 

Fresh Kills park plan is down in the dumps The project's long-delayed first segment -- bringing four soccer fields and other amenities to 28 acres at the edge of the former garbage dump -- is on hold again because its foundation is sinking.(NYP)

Charter school's $125K experiment - 60 Minutes - CBS News

SAT 'cheat' ring probed (NYP)

Donohue: MTA being taken for $14M ride by fare-beaters (DN)





 Cheap Buses A Poorly Regulated Industry

Chinese Community Devastated After Bus Crash (NYT) *Bus Swerved Repeatedly Before Crash, Riders Say (NYT) * Undaunted, New Batch of Gamblers Takes a Trip(NYT) * NTSB Probing Cause of Fatal Bus Crash(WSJ) * Official: Riders say NYC bus crash driver swerve (WSJ)  * Black box key to probe of bus crash that claimed 14 lives (DN) * 'Gamblers' keep taking the bus despite horrific accident (DN) * NTSB: Investigation Continues Into Fatal Bronx Bus Crash (NY1) * Crash duo let it ride (NYP) * Probers pick apart driver's fishy story (NYP) * BREAKING 15th Victim of Horrific Casino Bus Crash Dies as Driver's Criminal Past Revealed  * Death Toll in Bus Crash Reaches 15 (NYT)


Law and Order  In Brooklyn Scuffle With Suspect, Officer Falls Over a Railing and Dies (NYT) *Cop pushed to his death (NYP) * NYPD Officer Killed While Responding To Domestic Violence Call (NY1) * Grieving fiancee of slain Brooklyn cop Alain Schaberger: 'It's like I'm waking up in a nightmare' (DN) * Daly: This war fought 700 times a day for our police heroes (DN)Police Say a Man Confesses to a Former Model's Stabbing (NYT) * Two Cops Killed in Separate Incidents(WSJ)  * Young woman killed after refusing to give up purse to muggers (DN) * 'Is there any way I can bribe the judge?' (NYP) * Police Say a Man Confesses to a Former Model's Stabbing (NYT) * Brooklyn man arrested for allegedly setting apartment building fire (NYP) * No new trial for alleged mob gunman in Curtis Sliwa shooting: judge(NYP)


Media and New Tech   Report: Internet usage transforming news industry(WSJ) The rapid growth of smartphones and electronic tablets is making the Internet the destination of choice for consumers looking for news. * Larry King is set to return to TVland as a contributor to Jon Stewart’s show.*  CHART OF THE DAY: Why The Newspaper Industry Collapsed * Cuomo And The Post, A Long-Term Engagement? * Watching Cuomo and Dicker (NYO) * Gore Vidal Mocks New York Times

Radioactive Releases Could Last Months; New Blast Reported (NYT) * Japan Nuclear Plant's Troubles Deepen (WSJ)