Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breaking: News No Longer Breaks in Print

Old Media Final Days

While eyes remain on the impact of the recent tsunami that devastated Japan, the latest State of the News Media report from the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism describes another kind of tsunami — digital news. This year's overview of the major trends impacting American journalism brings bad news for news organizations because "in the digital realm, the news industry is no longer in control of its own future."



  This shifting landscape is demonstrated through some dramatic statistics: 47% of all Americans now get some form of local news on a mobile device, according to Pew's latest research. In 2010, every news outlet was stagnant or declined except the web. For the first time, more people said they got the news from the web than from newspapers. For the first time, more money was spent on online advertising than was spent on newspaper print advertising. And by January of this year, about 7% of Americans reported owning some kind of tablet. 


 Social Media the New Newspaper

Social media is now a major news source, with user reports augmenting links from traditional media outlets on Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn, through its new newsfeed, and even personal Tumblrs and blogs are all competing to aggregate the news where editors and journalists once acted as gatekeepers and programmers.


 Huffington Bridges the News Gap

Witness the ascension of The Huffington Post, the SEO- and social media-savvy web media brand recently acquired by AOL. Arianna Huffington may have been slightly tongue in cheek by referencing The Washington Post in naming her site, but turns out she was prescient as it's just one example of web properties outlasting traditional newspapers in the fight for digital dominance. That said, AOL has yet to figure out the online news business; hence their recent merger. * Big Editors Return To Print: Is It Coming Back? (Huff Post) * Media: A Huffington-Booker partnership raises questions.



 Three Men in A Room                                           

Battle Lines Drawn 

Cuomo Holds First 3-Way Leaders Meeting (YNN)

Senate and Assembly developed their own budgets yesterday in preparation for three men in the room negations.  Gov-wary Assembly, Senate OK budgets (NYP) * In Albany, Battle Lines Are Drawn Over the Budget ( NYT) * How the NY Assembly & #nysenate budgets differ from @nygovCuomo's.  * A.M. Roundup: Parsing the one-house budgets  * Joint budget conference committees start meeting today. Here’s the schedule.* The budget extenders are a powerful tool in Cuomo’s arsenal of which state lawmakers are painfully aware.* The Post takes credit for catching – and stopping – the Senate GOP in trying to raise sales taxes.* Budgets: Cuomo has the upper hand.*  journo confronts @nygovCuomo while he's pumping gas, asks for interview. "maybe after the budget's passed"  * Democrats Press Cuomo on Rent Regulations (NYT) Shifting Sands Under The NY Millionaire's Tax (DN) * Albany Budget: "There are other ways to get the budget done." [Andrew Cuomo]* Rent Regulations: "[N]early every Democratic state lawmaker" pushes Cuomo, in a letter. [Nick Confessore]* Cuomo holds leaders meeting: Governor Andrew Cuomo called a three way leaders meeting at the Capitol, as the bud... 

Kruger's Brighton Beach Memoirs

A Role in Kruger Scandal, and in Reality Show (NYT) Menendez Hit Over Money Linked to Albany Corruption (WSJ)* Corruption: The Times confirms Sheepshead Bites' scoop about the Kruger case and the reality show.

The chief of MediSys, who was charged in the Kruger-Boyland-Lipsky corruption case, has been ousted by his board. * Hospital Chief Facing U.S. Charges Is Fired David Rosen, who had built the MediSys Health Network in Brooklyn and Queens, was accused of bribery last week.(NYT) 'Nonprofit' hosp bigs' megabucks (NYP) * Prospect Park group rage at 'Kruger' exec  * A top Atlantic Yards executive who requested state funds for Prospect Park's skating rink from embattled state Sen. Carl Kruger was never asked to do so by the park's fund-raising group -- and now park advocates are furious at being linked to the corruption scandal.



 Pay to Play Senator Huntley

AG subpoenas ed groups linked to Queens Sen. Shirley Huntley that got big bucks from state (DN)


 What Effect Will Law and Order Cuts Have on Crime?

$trapped NYPD may turn away recruits: commish (NYP) * Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan says budget cuts would be a crime (SI advance)


 City Attempts to Raise Money By Bike Ticket Blitz

Tix blitz on Central Pk. cyclists (NYP)

 Bloomberg Approval Ratting 39%, lowest in 8 Years     

The Public Turns on the Mayor As the Press Continues to Act As His Protector

The press pushes Bloomberg's long shot attempt for federal gun control changesMayor Bloomberg rips 'no courage' on gun control (DN) And does not ask the mayor the important questions in the Independence Party Haggerty on what the Mike and his guys know about the payments. Saying there’s “overwhelming evidence” against John Haggerty, state Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel refused to dismiss the charges that the GOP operative bilked Mayor Bloomberg out of $1 million. Bloomy's 'swindler' slammed(NYP) * New Q-poll has Bloomberg approval at 39%, lowest in 8 years; 70% say he favors Manhattan over outer boroughs. (DN) * Bloomberg Approval Tanks to Lowest in 8 Years * Quinnipiac: Bloomberg Hits 8-Year Low (NYO) * Rudy Screwed us with CityTime Endangered us with Architects Self Certifying Bloomberg took it to the worst extreme possible + Mazer, Gerald Shargel Mafia Lawyer CityTime -- Stay Tuned for the bigger story beyond Mazer -- NYC Corruption (Video) * Poll Finds Bloomberg's Job Approval Slipping (NYT) * * Polls: "Manhattan Alone Approves of Mayor Bloomberg." 


Bloomberg's Buffalo Remarks Enrage Locals(Huff Post)





Scandal-plagued MTA signal maintainer to be arraigned (NYP)






 WFP and Gotham Gazette Bully NY Post      

Gotham Gazette

Friends of the Cuomos about the cozy relationship between Fred Dicker of the New York Post and Gov. Andrew Cuomo got a bit of attention last week. It seems more than a few journalists are ticked off about Dicker’s access to Cuomo and his administration. Alan Chartock, head of Albany public radio station WAMC, discussed the article on The Media Project this past Sunday, and it led to quite an interesting discussion.

WFP Fires Back At The Post The long-running battle between the Working Families Party and the NY Post continues this morning with an e-mail from the labor-backed party’s executive director that uses the tabloid’s latest anti-WFP editorial as a rallying cry for a statewide public campaign financing system.(YNN)


The New York Times, after a year-long probe, reports that residents of New York's group homes for the developmentally disabled -- some of society's most vulnerable citizens -- routinely fall victim to physical and sexual abuse. The abusers? According to the newspaper, those responsible for the residents' well-being -- the state employees who staff the homes.Protection racket (NYP) * Lawmakers Express Outrage Over Abuse at State Homes (NYT)


Former Pol Andrew Stein Walks on $2 Million Tax Rap   

The Rich and Connected in NY Have Gamed The Legal System

Shame-faced Stein  Tearful ex-pol spared jail in $2M tax rap (NYP) * Injustice for Andy Stein(NYP) * Former City Council Leader Avoids Prison for Tax Evasion (NYT) * Ex-Politician Gets Probation in Tax Scheme (WSJ) The judge in Stein’s case said he was swayed by people who vouched for his long career in public service, including Geraldo Rivera and First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams. 


Seeking Their Cut in Changing Upper Manhattan 

So many blacks have moved out of Harlem that to keep the Rangel seat Afro-American they will have to connect the district to the minority communities in Westchester County.  Turf war between City Councilmen delays construction on new Columbia University sports center (DN) Jackson said he was alarmed to learn Rodriguez and Espaillat were planning a rally at the field without telling him - and that the chatter around the rally was tinged with ethnic accusations. * Jackson On Rodriguez & Espaillat: 'I Have Had Enough of Their Shit' (NYO) * Denny Farrell Steps In To Referee City Council's Jackson-Rodriguez Smackdown Over Columbia U.(DN)

 Asian Bus Roots

Casinos and Buses Cater to Asian Roots (NYT) * Feds ride driver  Road 'grill' for ex-con in casino-bus crash (NYP) * Blown tire suspected in Turnpike tragedy (NYP) * \ A Second Fatal Bus Crash Has Investigators’ Attention (NYT) * Taking a Radar Gun to a Crash Site, and Finding Buses on Good Behavior (NYT) * NYPD Cracks Down on Buses (WSJ)  * Crash highlights Chinese-American gambling market(WSJ) * Investigators target tire in second fatal bus crash in several days(DN) * More questions asked of driver behind wheel of deadly casino bus crash in Bronx (DN) * Top cop Ray Kelly not eying an FBI post (DN) * Husband of Taconic Parkway wrong-way driver out 56G, held by well-known attorney (DN) * Investigators Question Driver In Fatal Bronx Bus Crash (NY1) * Bronx Crash Highlights Chinese Market (Fox 5) * Focus on Safety After Discount Bus Crashes (WNBC) * NBCNY Takes a Ride on a Discount Bus * Making the Casino Run, Bus Drivers Are Far From the Glitz * Manhattan Traffic Task Force Holds Surprise Bus Inspections (NY1)


Chuck, Untransformed

 The rest of the article, on Schumer's new, central Senate communications role, is about right, but the notion that he's given up his old ways is absurd. I ran into him this Monday on the steps of New York City Hall, where he was holding a press conference on bus safety, pegged to the bus crash that had been all over the previous day's tabloids.(Politico) Bus tragedy prompts calls for change (CrainsNY)


Editorial: Eggheads, SUNY-style High-achieving New York high school grads know better than to look to SUNY for an education at a top-ranked, nationally known campus. This glaring lack has long been to the state's discredit. (DN)

Albany Will Do Anything for Lobbyist Bucks and Campaign Contributions . . . $2.5 Million

GOP: Ultimate fighting can save New York State budget (DN)

Law and Order  NY spends $75M per year on pot arrests (DN) * Yale lab tech to plead guilty (NYP) * Man Charged in Stabbings Spoke of 'Doozy of a Day' (NYT) * Police Commissioner Calls Queens Killing a Hate Crime (NYT) * Guilty Plea Expected in Yale Student’s Death (NYT) * Boyfriend Held in Rutgers Student's Murder (WSJ)  * Husband injects wife's rear end with cyanide before drinking fatal dose in murder-suicide (DN) * Estranged wife of ex-NYPD cop goes missing, feared dead (DN) * Vikings receiver bought discounted plane tix from credit card fraudsters (DN) * Class action lawsuit cited in dip in trespassing arrests (DN) * Four Teens Charged In Queens Beating Death (NY1) * Police Seek Man Suspected Of Two Upper Manhattan Sexual Assaults (NY1) * Video Shows Suspects In Fatal Queens Mugging (NY1) * Overnight bodega robbery could be linked to 7 others (WABC) * Surveillance in Queens purse snatching killing (WABC) * Hamilton Heights sex assault suspect search(WABC) * 'Cry rape' weather gal Heidi Jones negotiating with prosecutors (NYP) * 14 year old charged in NY stabbing incident (NYP) * NYPD: Cell Phone Crackdown Yields 6,200 Tickets (NY1) *

Terrorism Canadian Man Charged in Subway Plot(WSJ)NYPD hull raiser  $5 million boat will target terror plots (NYP) *  Cupp: Rep. Pete King's Muslim hearings were necessary A journalist called the Muslim radicalization hearings a "witch hunt," forgetting that witches are fictitious - while terrorists are all too real.