Friday, February 18, 2011

Morris First to Jail For Pay to Play Pension Scandal

Wall Street Walks with Fines
State Comptroller Still A One Man Show

The NYP and DN Say Crack Down on Workers Pension What About Wall Streets Cut?  The state pension plan, 15% of the money going into it each year is paid out to Wall Street to manage the money like Steve Rattner Who escaped jail time with a fine.  The DN did attack Morris' boss Hevesi Crooked politicos Alan Hevesi, Hank Morris should serve maximum time for crimes against taxpayers (DN Ed)

Wife weeps as Hevesi aide Morris sent to jail for pension-fund scam (NYP)

“The evil effect is obvious,” state Supreme Court Justice Lewis Bart Stone said of Morris’ pay-to-play pension fund scheme (NYT) 

If you have money, Wall Street and political connections like Steve Rattner Hank Morris partner in the Pension Crimes, You Walk

Steve Rattner TimeLine True News


True News PM News Update 

Rangel Hints That He May Not Run For Re-election After All [VIDEO] (NYO) * Politicos Again Push NYC To Address School PCB Contamination (DN) *UFT in Crosshairs of Cuomo Budget Cuts Take to the Airwaves (WNYC)* NYSUT will soon be hitting the airwaves with an ad that calls for the extension of the millionaire’s tax. * Sen. Diane Savino deemed Sen. Liz Krueger’s “spiel” about the IDC and their lulus “intellectually dishonest.”* Even as the governor confronts next year’s budget gap, the current fiscal year remains a concern, says state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.*  Robert Jackson: Gov. Cuomo "Not Telling The Truth" About Ed Cuts; LG Should Apologize * Making Albany Serve Democracy -- For a Change (Gabe Pressman, WNBC) * H & H Bagels Has Filed For Chapter 11  (Gothamist)

DiNapoli's One Man Show
Not Good Enough Comptroller Tom DiNapoli: Hank Morris Sentence Should Serve As A Deterrent For Pension Schemers Everyone Knows Jail Has Not Stop Corruption in Albany.  DiNapoli still is the only one who makes decisions of what pension money goes where.   He opposes the Cuomo reform of having a panel decide like the city and other states do.  Where is the transparency we were promised during the campaign? Hevesi Adviser Is Sentenced in Pension Scandal (NYT) * Hevesi Aide Sentenced to Prison(WSJ)Need a Hanky? Wife weeps as Hevesi aide Morris sent to jail for pension-fund scam (DN) *Comptroller DiNapoli thinks pension schemers should learn from Hank Morris's mistake.

True News Summary of the Pay to Play Pension Scandal

DA Wants Independence Party to Give Him the $1.3 Million Bloomberg Gave Haggerty, Indy Party Refuses

The Manhattan district attorney's office has filed suit against the New York State Independence Party for failing to return hundreds of thousands of dollars allegedly stolen from Mayor Michael Bloomberg as part of a sham Election Day ballot security operation. DA raps Indie Party in $1M Mike-elex theft (NYP) * Suit Suggests Political Party Knew of Fraud A suit by the Manhattan district attorney says the Independence Party may have helped cover up a scheme to steal $1.1 million from Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s latest re-election campaign. (NYT) *  Trying Haggerty: “There is ample evidence to believe all of the defendants made attempts to hide the evidence of the crimes and conceal the fact that the funds contributed by the mayor had not been used as originally intended,” the DA’s Office asserted. (New York Post) *  Prosecuting Haggerty: “We respectfully tried to give it back to Mayor Bloomberg and they declined to take it,” Mr. MacKay said Thursday. Asked why the party was willing to return the money to the mayor and not the district attorney, Mr. MacKay said, “He gave it to us.” (Wall Street Journal)

True News Background
NY Political Parties for Sale: Ballot Corruption by Political Mob Bosses

Bloomberg's WaterGate

CityTime Contractor Running Another Scam Contract at the Department of Ed

Cost Overruns Found in Technology for Placement of High School Students

This time Spherion under bid everyone else with a contract of $3.6 million the DOE quickly add an addition $13.5 million - sound like CityTime all over again.  

NYT Left Out MTA Canceled A CityTime Contract Yesterday

The NYT knows that the story was about the NY Comptroller Liu audit of another corrupt CityTime contract,  not about placement about high school students,  MTA Cancels Contract(WSJ)



DOE Waste Money to Save Your School and ASS

Penalty for New York City Principals Who Save  A new Education Department policy is discouraging New York City principals from making spending cuts by taxing leftover money at a rate of 50 percent. (NYT) * Principals rip Education Department plan to take savings (DN) * UFT guy on flap: This 'dinner' talk is inappropriate (DN)  * Frugal principals feel Black's 'pinch' (NYP)


NYT Rose Color Strategy Shattered 

Today's NYT : Bloomberg Offers ‘Good News’ on New York’s Budget Bloomberg unveiled his budget as the city’s forecast for tax revenues increased by $2 billion, making severe cuts unnecessary. (NYT) 

Does the NYT think that hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to social services, thousands of teacher layoffs, the shuttering of 20 fire companies, 100 senior centers and thousands of day care slots is good news.  Bloomberg Proposes Teacher Layoffs (WSJ) Does the NYT feel that the budgets and its high taxes caused 1.5 million middle class workers and hundreds of thousand of jobs and businesses to leave the state during the last ten years? Riddle me that NYT!

Mayor Relying on Albany Aid (WSJ) * Bloomberg's $65.6 billion budget relies on a few big 'ifs' (DN) * Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts damage kids, elderly the most(DN) *Mayor Announces Thousands Of Teacher Layoffs In Budget Address (NY1) * Grand Jury Indicts Woman In '87 Kidnapping (NY1) * Police: Queens Man Tried To Rape Teen Girl (NY1) * Mike's harsh lesson Mass teacher layoffs in $65B budget (NYP) * Mike's found money (NYP Ed) * Bloomberg’s Budget: Threats about additional cuts “ring hollow.” (New York Post) * Bloomberg’s Budget: He blames Albany and Washington for cutbacks. ( *  Bloomberg’s Budget:(Wall Street Journal) Seeks $600 million from Albany.* Mayor Bloomberg blames Albany and Washington for devastating budget cuts that could mean firing teachers and shutting firehouses - while warning more pain may be on the way. (NYDN)



Major Parts of Bloomberg Budget Count on Albany Doing the Right Thing

Cuomo Building His Army

Cuomo Redistricting Bill Shrinks Lawmakers’ Role (NYT) * Cuomo Reaches for Power Since taking office a month and a half ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has embarked on a sweeping attempt to expand his executive authority beyond the reach of his predecessors. Governor Pushes for More Sway Over Finance, Health Care and Criminal Rights (WSJ) *  Gov's plan to redistrict (NYP) * Cuomo’s Power: “the governor’s proposals and budgetary tactics aim to diminish the role of lawmakers and state oversight boards in setting policy.” (Wall Street Journal) *  Redistricting: “lawmakers would have to decide if they want to cede their gerrymandering power or gamble on what is viewed as an unlikely chance at an override.” (Albany Times-Union) * Cuomo’s Redistricting: Cool reception from legislators. (New York Post) * Cuomo’s Redistricting: Cool reception from legislators. (New York Post) * Senate Democrats applauded Cuomo’s redistricting reform legislation. * As of Thursday, no Republicans had signed on to co-sponsor Sen. Mike Gianaris’ redistricting reform bill. * Gotham Gazette - The Wonkster » Blog Archive » Cuomo’s Redistricting Bill * CFE Plaintiff Jackson To Protest Cuomo At Caucus Weekend (YNN) * Assembly GOP Might Go Own Way On Redistricting (YNN) * Protesting Cuomo:( Outside his $15,000-per-person fund-raiser.


All the Democrats Allow Espada To Rip Off the State

Furor over disgraced former state pol Espada's $1M payroll 50-person staff that cost taxpayers $1 million (DN) * End of Espada era costs $1.2M (TU)

 Was Bloomberg Tanked?

Bloomberg’s Joke: “Bloomberg was right,” said O’Gara, a retired FDNY firefighter. “The Irish have a reputation for getting drunk, and rightfully so. They’ve earned it.” (

Mayor pushes for immigration reform ... for sexy models 

After the Spoon Full of Sugar Help Out At the Park Slope Food Co-Op

At a Food Co-op, a Discordant Thought: Nannies Covering Shifts (NYT)

 Lousy elevator traps straphangers five times in three months (DN)





Critics Still Want San Gennaro Feast Cut Short (WCBS TV)




 Mr. Mets Pays the Wilpon's Sell the Team to Owners Who Know How to Build A Winning Team

Mets Fans: OK, We Give Up When Jeff Wilpon staunchly asserted that his family would not sell its controlling interest in the Mets earlier this week, dozens of fans took to the team's official Facebook site with one overwhelming reaction: despair. (WSJ) * At the Plate, an Owner Calls His Shot (NYT) * New York Mets Not Distracted By Madoff Lawsuit (WSJ)


111 charged in Medicare scams worth $225 million (Salon)

A Brooklyn, N.Y., proctologist was charged with billing $6.5 million for hemorrhoid removals, most of which he never performed. Dr. Boris Sachakov claimed he performed 10 hemorrhoid removals on one patient, which authorities said is not possible. An employee who answered at Sachakov's office declined comment Thursday. Sachakov had been arrested last year on charges related to a separate scam. Sachokov denied the charges.


Law and Order  After Shooting, Merchant Is Hero of Arthur Avenue (NYT) * New York Police Plan to Quit Bank Robbery Task Force (NYT)NYer faces rape charge in Craigslist case(WSJ) * Stabbing suspect due in Brooklyn court(WSJ) * Feds find $9 million worth of opium hidden in acrylic cats (DN) * Proctologist billed for hemorrhoid removals he didn't perform: feds * With 'Holiday Bandit' on loose, banks need to tighten security: top cop (DN) * Graffiti artist faces prison time for 'etching' (DN) * Police Link Two Bronx Rapes Through DNA (DN) *'Baby stealer' indicted (NYP) * Bronx fiend from 2000 rapes again (NYP) * More news on the bike lane debate: the city must now report and keep track of bike crashes. *  Off-duty cop busted for trying to steal headphones (DN) * Elderly woman robbed by 3 men on LES (WABC TV) * NYC stabbing suspect Maksim Gelman due in Brooklyn court (SI Advance) * Fake Plumber Preys on Elderly W. Village Lady, Cops Say (WNBC) * Brooklyn man faces rape charge in Craigslist case (NYP) * Reward Offered For Information Into Fatal Stabbing On Lower East Side * Rabbi gets four years in prison for extorting $4M from hedge fund (DN) * Suspect indicted in deadly stabbing spree (WABC) * Police search for suspect in elderly beating (WABC


Terrorism  Life Sentence For Leader Of Terror Plot At Kennedy (NYT) * JFK Plotter Gets Life(WSJ) * Life for JFK terror plotFiend had fuelish blast plan


Critic: On Al Jazeera’s Website, It’s Like Lara Logan Attack Never Happened

Jon Stewart Fulfills Katie Couric’s Wishes With The First Muslim Cosby Show



This week's political winners and losers. (CHN)


Awkward Paris Hilton Event Ends In Times Intern Shoving A Cop