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Bloomberg's Campaign: HaggertyGate Political Party Corruption; Cuomo's Budget Problems; UNTOUCHABLE POLICE?

Mayor's Secret Grand Jury Testimony Raise Questions

Question 1. Why would the mayor choose to hire Mr. Haggerty through a state political party, rather than directly? 

Question 2. Why was Mr. Sheekey, a deputy mayor who never formally joined the campaign as an employee, so intimately involved in the campaign’s finances? 

Question 3. And why did the Bloomberg campaign need to spend more than $1 million on ballot security in the first place? 

Also revealed was a email sent to consultant John Haggerty to   two top aides, Kevin Sheekey and Patricia E. Harris, that an triggered Election Day payment to Haggerty through the Interdependence Party.  The message that Haggerty sent in the email has also raised serious questions.  Haggerty wrote " You also wanted to ‘wash in’ a $100K contribution on top of the cost of the operation."  

Question 4  $100K contribution to who?

The Coming Storm March 2, 2010   An Exit From City Hall for a Top Bloomberg Aide (NYT) * City Hall stingy on aide's charity hours Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris (NYP)

The Haggerty Email
“Kevin,” wrote the consultant, John F. Haggerty Jr., “you said that you also wanted to ‘wash in’ a $100K contribution on top of the cost of the operation.” As directed, aides to Mr. Bloomberg soon wired over $1.2 million — $1.1 million to cover the cost of Mr. Haggerty’s services, plus the extra $100,000 that he suggested be “washed in.” Mr. Haggerty now stands accused of stealing most of that money from the mayor, but his high-profile prosecution by the Manhattan district attorney is already providing an unusual and, for Mr. Bloomberg, unwelcome glimpse into the casual intermingling of money, politics and government staff that prevailed in his $110 million re-election bid two years ago. Theft Case Offers Window on Bloomberg’s Bid for Re-election (NYT) * Big shock for Mike's $1.1M 'thief' aide Mayor's secret grand-jury testimony bared. A prosecutor revealed the mayor had secretly testified before the grand jury that handed up an indictment in the case.* Bloomberg Testified in Secret(WSJ) * Consultant Accused Of Ripping Off Mayor Asks For Case To Be Dropped (NY1) * John Haggerty’s attorneys were surprised to learn Bloomberg has testified against him before the grand jury.*  Mike Bloomberg Cy Vance John Haggerty hold the bull!(Video)

True News PM News Updates
All the News Since the Morning Papers 
The City May Make $500K By Fining You Because You Couldn't Move Your Car (Village Voice) * NYC Issues 2x Average Parking Tickets, But Cars Still Encased in Snow (NBC) * Sen. Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia, announces he will not seek re-election (AP) * Paterson to Guest-Host Gambling (NYO) * State Corrections Union Says Prison Budget Cuts Could Be "Catastrophic" * State releases draft of proposals to redesign Medicaid(Gannett Albany) * Cuomo On Gay Marriage: “We’re Going To Take It Up This Session” (Gannett Albany) * Enraged NYPD, FDNY unions cast Bloomberg as greedy 'liar' out to 'steal' pensions (DN) * Bloomberg Renews Call to Eliminate State Mandates (NYO) * Mayor Bloomberg On Police And Fire Union Gripes: "I Don't Know What They're Talking About" (DN) * GOP leadership loses UN funding vote, as Pete King goes rogue * Mayor Bloomberg: Unfixed Potholes Got You In A Rut? Blame Albany (As Usual) * Pension Fight Heats Up Between Bloomberg, Unions (WCBS) *Mayor Defends Road Repair Cuts Amid Pothole Explosion (WCBS) * Chief Administrative Judge Warns Of Court Shutdown (YNN) * *15% of High School Seniors Passed an A.P. Test Last Year (NYT) * Fire, Police Union Leaders Blast Mayor’s Proposed Pension Reforms (NY1) * City Students' AP Achievements Fall Behind State, National Averages (NY1) * New York Congressman Resigns Over E-Mails (NYT) * 'Deny The Waiver' Pushes Appeal Against Black (NYO) * Gov. Cuomo repeated his dour message about the state's fiscal condition to a Hofstra University audience, saying the state will close its estimated $10 billion budget deficit only with significant spending cuts to education and health care. (Newsday) * Cuomo said he is having discussions about revising the last-in, first-out law that dictates teachers in New York City must be laid off based on seniority. Mayor Bloomberg, who has blasted Cuomo’s proposed budget (saying it cuts $2.1 billion from the city) asked for relief in the area. He said he will be forced to lay off teachers. (CapCon)


Who Lost Wall Street?

Frankfurt Exchange in Talks to Take Over N.Y.S.E.

The Craigslist Congressman
**Rep. Chris Lee has resigned Wow**
Married GOP Congressman Sent Sexy Pictures to Craigslist Babe Rep. Christopher Lee is a married Republican congressman serving the 26th District of New York (Gawker) * Rep. Chris Lee to Fox News: "I have to work this out with my wife.* Statement from Congressman Chris Lee on his website  * Exclusive: The Woman Behind 'Craigslist Congressman' Chris Lee's Downfall


At Least It Not Signed Steamroller Spitzer

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's wrong with this autoreply? (Queens Crap)

* Paterson Still the Virtual Governor  (NYT)

Ticket Blizzard: Making Up for Lost Time -10,000 Issued Monday

City unleashes blizzard of alt-side parking tix (NYP) * A Parking Ticket Windfall as Parking Rules Resume (NYT) * City Is Writing Fewer Tickets While New York City has been spending tens of millions of dollars on overtime to clear the streets during this snowy winter, it has also been losing millions from another source: parking tickets. (WSJ) * NYC issues blizzard of parking tickets(WSJ) * A blizzard of tickets issued as alternate side resumes (WABC)



More City Money Problems

When it Rains it Pours

GOP goes after $100 million that the city wants for security Congressman Peter King said "there shouldn't be" enough votes to pass. But for many lawmakers, it could prove tempting, since the UN and New York lack a constituency outside the metro area.  Schools Facing Cuts if Lunches Aren’t Paid For (NYT) * NYC schools $42M behind in lunch money collection (WABC)


Koch Defies His Own History
ed koch, mayor who negotiated union deal @ wants 2 adjust, is out of the country til 2/24, according to koch's secretary. sigh - Azi Paybarah (Twitter)




 Redistricting Reform DOA

Rep. Pete King predicted Skelos will receive help from the GOP leadership in Washington, which is very interested in keeping the Albany chamber in friendly hands as redistricting looms.* 

More Albany Crap 

Andy the real 'Steamroller'(NYP) 

Union Triangulation Attack Bloomberg Not Cuomo Over Pension and Budget Costs Public-Worker Unions Skip Albany Ad Blitz for New Tactics (NYT) * unions fight Bloomberg’s ‘misinformation’ campaign | The Empire

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos raised the prospect of a late budget and suggested that would be Cuomo’s fault.  * State lawmakers are starting to complain about all the holes in Cuomo’s budget.* Assemblyman Jim Tedisco said the governor delivered an ultimatum to lawmakers: Pass the budget on time or he’ll follow David Paterson’s lead and put his proposal into extenders, forcing them to choose between approval and a shutdown.* Senate Democrats are keeping pace with their Republican counterparts when it comes to hiring – in spite of losing the majority and all the cash that comes with it. * A Senate GOP bill would end the constitutional provision that puts Duffy in charge when Cuomo travels outside the state. * Lawmakers are frustrated with the vagueness of Cuomo's budget, which Dean Skelos said is a stalling tactic. * One example: Cuomo's Spending and Government Efficiency Commission hasn't met, or even been fully organized. * Arts advocates are asking Cuomo to cut less money from the New York State Council on the Arts. * Steve Kornacki writes that Cuomo's budget strategy has killed his chances at the White House. *The lovefest between Cuomo and Senate Republicans appears to be over. Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos slammed Cuomo Tuesday for waiting too long to present his budget and leaving out key details - like how he is going to cut $2.85 billion from Medicaid. (NYDN) * Even with their budget set to be slashed in half this year, Senate Democrats have made more hires so far this year — though by just one staffer — than the Senate Republicans, according to payroll records.  (CHN)


Avella Pushes Term Limits in Albany






The state comptroller’s office hasn’t audited the State Police fleet since 1992 and has no plans to do so anytime soon. 

 High School Diploma Mills

Diploma deceit Fewer than half of 2009's high school grads -- 41 percent -- left school with the skills they needed for college or a career. Yet, the official statewide graduation rate had been put at 77 percent -- almost double. (NYP Ed) * Why school reforms matter (NYP Ed) * State officials admit high school graduation standards are a sham - now they must fix them(DN Ed) * City To Open 12 Small High Schools In Fall (NY1)




New York's Kosher Political Pork? 

Politically-connected supermarket sparks $2M food fight when granted funds for 'food desert' nabesEven though Moisha's Kosher Discount Supermarket in Midwood is outside the target zone, city officials say the neighborhood counts as "underserved."(DN)

City Limo Cab Crackdowns

'Hail' of a crackdown on limos Police and taxi officials conducted another sting on the illegal black cars and limousines prowling around the club-heavy Meatpacking District last weekend (NYP) * Cabby admits 800G rip-off (NYP)



Closing A Show to Make Money

Broadway's January Encore Despite the closing of 15 Broadway shows last month, 2011 has thus far been marked by relative prosperity on the Great White Way. (WSJ)




 Only in New York

Indians Fighting Indians Fighting A Malaysian-based casino company

Tribe’s Plan for Catskill Casino, Backed by Paterson, Faces Rejection in Washington (NYT) * The Catskills casino outlook is now dim as the federal government appears poised to reject the land compact on which the project depends. * In Letter, Interior Department Raises Questions About Catskills Casino  (Gannett Albany)


Not Even Einstein Understand NY's Housing Tax Progams

City Weighs Extending a Tax-Break Deadline (NYT)NYC Finance Department to explain how tax assessments can soar while property values plummet(SI Advance)









Watchdog groups say Cuomo's gal pal should disclose investments (DN)

Should Gov. Cuomo's Girlfriend Have To Reveal All (Her Investments)? (DN)





Latest Hidden Video by Abortion Foes Shows Bronx Clinic of Planned Parenthood The newest in a series of Live Action undercover videos of visits to clinics shows two people appearing to receive information about getting treatment for under-age sex workers. (NYT) * The abortion debate has returned to Congress and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is right in the middle of it.

Law and Order Banker Natanzia St. Rose allegedly exchanged bills that reeked of marijuana for clean Benjamins(DN)Thief's EM-mess Nailed by own ambulette's GPS (NYP) * GPS maps out conviction of ambulance driver in nail salon case'Sopranos' thug faces real music (NYP)  * Man fatally shot in Brooklyn (WSJ)Robber’s Suicide Was Planned, Authorities Say (NYT) * Babysitter who knocked out on Nyquil found guilty (DN) * Hedge fund big shots hid insider trading evidence: prosecutors (DN) * Carlina White, biological mom, estranged since miraculous reunion (DN) * Pregnant exec's attacker jailed(NYP) * Sitter convicted in 11-month-old's bucket drowning (WABC)
* Ja Rule due to get sentencing date in gun case (WABC) *Cops catch suspect after brief chase on West Shore (SI Advance) * NYC man sentenced for attack on pregnant woman (SI Advance) * Man Opens Up Fire In Brooklyn Deli (NY1) * 'Sopranos' actor pleads guilty to extortion (DN)*   Queens Little League Coach Charged With Sexual Assaulting Boys On His Team (NY1) * Queens Little League Coach Accused Of Molesting 3 Players (WCBS) * Report: NYC Lawmakers Want Regulations For Snow Response (WABC) * Police Search For Subway Attacker (NY1) * Ex-doorman suspected in SI crime spree (NYP) * Queens judge put vacation plans ahead of murder trial, says famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz (NYP)

Dodgers try to make amends with throwback uniforms The L.A. Dodgers plan to wear uniforms harkening back to the Ebbets Field days for six games this season (DN) *  Dodgers To Pay Tribute To Brooklyn Roots With Throwback Uniforms (NY1)

Media and New Tech

CBS Offers Katie Couric A New Deal * Los Angeles Times Columnist Declares Aol-HuffPo Deal Bad For Journalism (Mediaite) * Imus In The Morning Losing Viewers (US News) * 24-hour 3D channel set to launch Sunday * Super Bowl 2011 Commercials Montage: 61 Ads In 2 Minutes (VIDEO) * Gawker’s Scoop Draws Eyes to a New Format

Excellent video on young people in #Egypt using Facebook, Twitter, video & other tools to spread word. 

Dylan Ratigan MSNBC
Does the gov't regulate wall st, or does walls street regulate the government? (Twitter)

JPMorgan Chase Denies Complicity In Madoff Ponzi Scheme (NY1)