Sunday, January 2, 2011

True News Sunday Updated; Obama to sign 9/11 bill; Bloomberg's Snow Job

One Week Into Bloomberg's Snow Job

Sanit bigs boozed amid snow chaos: witnesses (NYP) * Clueless Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith deserves blame for fiasco following blizzard (DN) * Schedules reveal tale of two mayors (NYP) * More workers catch a 'cold' (NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg, here's a resolution for you: Talk less this year and listen more!

* Video: Is City Overcompensating With Delayed Clean-Up? (Gothamist)

Limited Garbage Pickups To Resume Citywide



Out of Touch

Will Black Fail Like Goldsmith and City Time?

* Chancellor Black: Please Consider This (NYT) * Black To Start Tenure With Five Borough Tour



Democratic Sinking 

Bronx State Sen. Jeff Klein makes surprise announcement, quits No. 2 post as Democratic leader (DN) 

"I can no longer stand by and support Sen. Sampson as conference leader," he said. Klein said as deputy majority leader he has found himself in the position of having to explain decisions and controversies he was often not a part of. * Sampson on Klein: Yawn * Sen. John Sampson's leadership job looks safe, despite complaints about his poor leadership (DN) * Klein ‘Disgusted’ By Fellow Dems, But Not Enough To Jump Ship

Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge - New Year's Day 2011 (Video)

Polar Bear Club Takes Annual Chilly Coney Island Dip



The day the 1983 siege at an Ossining, N.Y., prison ended, three of Gov. Mario M. Cuomo's advisers discussed strategy: from left, Tim Russert, Fabian Palomino and Andrew M. Cuomo.

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads


Times Square New Years Eve 1956





2013 Mayor's Race Repeat of 1969: Outer Boroughs Vs Manhattan 

In 1969 Mario Angelo Procaccino ran against incumbent mayor John Lindsay as a limousine liberal who favored Manhattan.  The Daily News reports today that the city overwhelming favored Manhattan in the snow clean up.  Facts pile up, show outer boros got snow job Mayor Bloomberg scoffed at claims that city snowplows favored Manhattan over the outer boroughs, but the records show several parts of Brooklyn got the shaft. (DN) *  Report: Crews Plowed Manhattan Before Brooklyn, Queens (NY1)


Council Grants Often Shortchange Needy New York Districts

 True News: What ever happened to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation (It has been 2 years)

Quinn Slush Funds Continue

Your Council-Members Who Vacationed During The Bloomberg-Blizzard (City Hall)


Wag the Dog 

True News last Thursday compared the mayor's snow response to Bush's Katrina disaster NYC'S Katrina; Bloomberg's Brownie Moment

Today's NYP compares Bloomberg to Bush's Katrina Bloomy hailing Sanit. boss reminiscent of Bush's post-Hurricane kudos (NYP) 


Five Days Later, Still No Plows (Sheepshead Bites)

* Criticism of Bloomberg Mounts(WSJ)Snow job sabotages ambulance (NYP) * Two tragic delays occur one block apart (NYP) * City’s Sanitation Chief Fights Snow and Takes Heat (NYT) * Sanitation Department Won't Repay Brooklyn Residents For Private Plows (DN)* 'Truck You' guy's 10G plow $hares (NYP) * What garbage! No pickups till Monday (NYP) * Sanitation Commissioner As "The Goat Of The Storm" (Gothamist)* Slow plowing a snow job on Bloomberg? (WABC) * Church cancels service due to unplowed snow WABC)

Making money disappear, part I  In fact, the Dems exceeded their $29 million budget by at least $7 million, and maybe by $14 million -- a cost overrun of between 24 and 48 percent. (NYP Ed) * Making money disappear, part II (NYP) * Disgraced Espada goes out skulking(NYP)




Crime Numbers Drop in 2010; Violence Spikes For 2010, New York City is once again on pace to record an annual decrease in major crimes, even as the New York Police Department was placed under unprecedented pressure to justify its crime figures. (WSJ) * Overall Crime Decreases But Murders On The Rise (NY1) Law and Order  Grandpa blows up at grandson, blasts him with shotgun * First 2 murders of 2011 happen in Queens *First murder victim of 2011 in Queens: sources (DN) * Harrowing Cheshire Case Still Haunts Jurors (NYT) * Man caught on camera trying to rob church, caught by cops later (DN) * Garage gunplay (NYP) * Rescue vehicle 'hit' hell (NYP) * DA eyes platform mishaps (NYP) * Police Investigate Shooting At Queens Nightclub (NY1)

Real Estate Developers Prosper Despite Defaults (NYT) * Sky-high savingsBldg. tax bills slashed (NYP)

Excerpts From the Ethnic Press (NYT)