Friday, December 31, 2010

Mutiny on the Bloomberg

NYP Says

Sanitation workers targeted specific neighborhoods

Halloran: Workers Told to Slow Snow-Removal Efforts - Fox Business Video -* A mutiny for Mike (NYP Ed)

Mission Accomplished

"This city is full of idiots!' declares angry New Yorker day after Hizzoner's promise(DN)

Mayor Bloomberg said his administration fulfilled a promise to plow every city street, but elected officials and others insisted some streets never saw a plow before the 7 a.m. deadline.

Azi Paybarahnyc lawmaker Halloran's office: "sanitation workers have driven down streets w/their plows up, leaving the streets unplowed & undriveable"(Tweet)

Weathering the Storms of Voter Discontent(NYT) * Outrage at Unplowed Streets? It’s a New York Tradition (and Sometimes Merited) (NYT) * Criticism of Bloomberg Mounts (WSJ) * Bull-dozer 'following orders' (NYP)* The Post sings Cory Booker’s praises, post blizzard.* The botched storm response didn’t do much to improve Bloomberg’s 2012 standing, Clyde Haberman writes.* “This is much more than a snowstorm. We may be looking back at this in the same way we look at Lindsay 40 years ago,” said NYC Council Minority Leader James Oddo. * Storm's baby nightmare (NYP) * ‘It Was Hell’: Dispatchers Tell of Flood of 911 Calls During Storm (NYT)


Bloomberg Manages the Press

Mayor Lindsay when to Harlem right after Dr. Martin Luther King was kill to prevent riots.  He went to the areas of Queens which were most effective by the snow storm.  He was hit with snow balls and cursed at by the residents who street were clogged with snow. Bloomberg the public relations wizard goes to the outer boroughs be with me a lot of hack pols and a few yahoos selected by his staff. And faces the copy boys and girls of the press who  know noting about journalism. Bloomberg Is Criticized on Storm Response as He Tours City Beyond Manhattan (NYT)


Bloomberg On the Couch With Dr. NYP

Bloomberg admits that failing to tackle blizzard was 'character building' * For City’s Sanitation Chief, Fighting Snow and Taking Heat (DN)




Up to the NYS Comptroller Dinapoli an the NY Unions to Get Economic Justice in the Rattner Pension Case

On his last day in office the Gov warned:
Last week Comptroller Dinapoli announced a lawsuit against BP to get some of the money that was lost by NYS pension funds investments in BP New York leads charge at $lick BP in lawsuit The NYS Comptroller should investigate how mach money Steve Rattner's Pay to Play corruption cost the state and sue him for the difference.  Rattner was appoint Obama's Car Czar with the help of his powerful friends after the investigations of the pension funds began.

Rattner Settles Pension Kickback Case for $10 Million (NYT) * Rattner Settles Scandal for $10 Million(WSJ) * Rattner Agrees To Pay $10 Million To Settle Pension Fund Suit (NY1)* 'Pay-to-play' Rattner agrees to pen-$hun(NYP)

True News Coverage of the Steve Rattner Scandal 


Council Grants Often Shortchange Needy New York Districts

 True News: What ever happened to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation (It has been 2 years)

Cuomo Inherits A Very Sick State and Political System

 Tricky Call for New Governors: Price of Their Inaugurals(NYT) * Cuomo, Frequent Caller, Uses the Phone as a Political Tool (NYT) * At Hotel for Capitol Crowd, Location but Limited Rooms (NYT) * Governor Cuomo To turn the state around, the new governor needs to quickly confront all of New York’s political and economic interests. (NYT Ed) * Cuomo, Like Many Governors, Says No to Mansion Life (WSJ)* Emotional swearing-in sequel tonight for Cuomo clan (NYP) * The Times wants Cuomo to get a move on in introducing an omnibus ethics bill, jettisoning a tax cap and generally cleaning up Albany.* “When you got phone calls from Eliot, he was telling you what to do or he was yelling at you,” said Partnership for NYC President said Kathryn Wylde. “It was either an order or an invective. When you get a phone call from Andrew, sometimes he is so subtle that you hang up wondering what it was really about.” * John O’Hara is still holding out hope for an 11th-hour reprieve from Paterson.

State Senate Democratic executive hides growing debt, source tells News (DN)

A controversial taxpayer-funded grant arranged by outgoing Sen. Antoine Thompson has been rescinded.



 Pay to Play indy Party   Another Indy Party Indictment


Mr. Comptroller? Try Mr. President(WSJ)






Murder Rate Up

Crime Numbers Drop in 2010; Violence Spikes (WSJ)

NY sees a surge in hate (NYP) 

Law and Order Comptroller Warns of NY Lottery Scam -- With a Twist


Amusement giant knocks down Shoot the Freak, now must pay $5G (DN) 

Coney Freak sneaks (NYP)