Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Did Comptroller Thompson and the State Controller Miss the $80 Millon Rip Off in Their Audits?

Why Do We Have Audits or for That Matter Controllers If Can't Find $80 Million

Gonzalez: The CityTime scandal finally comes to light Federal prosecutors have finally begun to unravel one of the biggest scandals of the Bloomberg era.(DN) *  NYC CityTime consultants charged with $80 million scam (DN) * Four consultants busted for 'scamming' city's payroll system (NYP) * Six charged in $80M 'CityTime' rip-off (NYP) * Fraud Charges in New York’s Payroll Overhaul (NYT) * Six Charged With $80 Million CityTime Fraud(WSJ) * Consultants For City's Payroll Website Face Fraud Charges (NY1) * John Liu Won't Bash Mayor Bloomberg In CityTime Snafu
"The First Scandal of the Bloomberg Administration" Henry Stern, NY Civic

RT @nydailynews BREAKING: NYC Payroll Chief #JoelBondy Suspended In Wake Of #CityTime Scandal more to follow  DNDailyPolitics



Padro Gets Ready For His Biggest Fight

State senator enters plea in embezzlement case (NYP) * Espada and Son Plead Not Guilty to Embezzling From Health Network (NYT) *Make Pedro pay (NYP) * Outgoing State Senate Leader, Son Plead Not Guilty To Embezzlement (NY1)* The TU is looking forward to Espada’s trial.* At Soundview, clients want to see Espada behind bars.* LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: ESPADAS PLEAD NOT GUILTY OF EMBEZZLING CHARGES(Video)


The Case Of the Mayors Missing $1 Million 

NYP Attacks  John Haggerty. 'Embezzler' has phone-y excuse (NYP) Calls him a disgrace.  A couple of months ago on its wood it called him Bloom Burglar.  What the NYP did not mention and is included in today's WSJ artilce, is that Haggerty lawyers are accusing Bloomberg of breaking all kinds of campaign finance rules and regulations.

Today's Wall Street Journal    

Bloomberg Is Accused of Hiding Election Money 

Attorneys for the political operative accused of stealing roughly $1.1 million from Mayor Michael Bloomberg allege in court papers filed Wednesday that the mayor may have violated election laws and tried to "hide" the money that prosecutors claim was stolen. . .  Mr. Haggerty's attorneys suggested the district attorney's office should "commence an investigation immediately" into the possibility that the mayor violated laws by transferring personal funds to the Independence Party for the direct purpose of helping his campaign with a ballot-security operation. If Mr. Bloomberg "made the contribution directing how it should be spent, he would be in violation of both the New York State Election Law and the New York City Campaign finance Law," Mr. Haggerty's attorneys allege.State law prohibits contributions in excess of $94,200 to a state party from being used to promote a candidate. City law requires specific expenditures made on behalf of Mr. Bloomberg's campaign be reported, and these expenditures were not reported by the mayor. In the court papers, the attorneys also accuse Mr. Vance's office of prosecutorial misconduct. * 'Embezzler' has phone-y excuse (NYP)

Unsure Of His Future, Jacobs Pledges To Pay Down Dem Debt (YNN)


Editorial: The art of the steal (DN Ed)

Mental note: If ever you are hired to create branding images for a high-profile political campaign, make sure that you deliver original artwork - meaning, not artwork that is so transparently lifted from someone else it is sure to be detected as copied within, well, instants. * E.J. Dionne Jr. takes on the “No Labelers.”



Vito Baby the Election Over

Mike slams double-dip pol-pension 'scam' (NYP)

Mayor Bloomberg yesterday blasted as "the ultimate scam" a loophole that will allow Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn) and 10 other veteran elected officials to collect both a state pension and a legislative salary. * A worker at a nonprofit connected to Assemblyman Vito Lopez pleaded guilty to fraud charges, but the assemblyman is not under investigation. (At least not by Staten Island DA Dan Donovan).



Desperate 911 Responders Say Congress Has No Balls

Zadroga supporters tell Dems to 'grow a set' 

Republicans angered them by blocking the $7.4 billion measure on grounds they wanted to extend tax cuts for the wealthy first. The Senate did so Wednesday, but Republicans still are not stepping up. Responders blame them most, but are getting tired of Democrats putting it all on the GOP - noting Democrats control the Senate, where New York Sen. Chuck Schumer is in charge of policy. "I simply cannot fathom that a Democratic-controlled House, Senate and White House cannot get our bill passed," Feal said. (DN) * Hopes Fade for 9/11 Health Bill (WSJ) * The numbers of New Yorkers getting treatment for illnesses that might be related to the toxic aftermath of 9/11 is slowly rising.

Paterson filed his retirement paperwork on Nov. 17 and is poised to start collecting a pension worth some $80,000.  

What's He Hiding?

"Gov. David Paterson's decision to archive his papers at Cornell University came with a $250,000 grant the state's official archivist said could have been avoided, and no guarantee of when and how the documents will be made public," says the T-U.

The Fat Lady Sings On A Democratic State Senate
 Dean Skelos' party for new GOP state senators and fatcat lobbyists reeked of Albany sleaze(DN ED)OINK! Congress pigs out with $8 BILLION earmark pork fest (DN) 
* Senate Majority Leader-in-waiting Dean Skelos insists Republicans have “learned from the past,” but that doesn’t mean a share-and-share-alike approach with the Democrats is in the offing.

The New York delegation has its share of pork projects in the $1.1 trillion 2011 spending bill.


New York's Economic Meltdown

Terrorism  Life Sentence for Plotting To Set Off Blasts at J.F.K. (NYT) * U.S. Rethinks Strategy for the Unthinkable (NYT) * Life term for JFK blowup conspirator (DN)


Law and Order  Hunt Is On for Serial Killer in Long Island Deaths (NYT) * Mom Fears Worst as Police Probe Possible L.I. Serial Killer(WSJ) * Daly: No one notices a missing hooker until there are 2 (DN) * Same thug in all 3 rapes - cops (DN) * City to test out cheap Access-A-Ride program (DN) * Awaiting Soho 'murder' charge (NYP) * Serial-slay house raid Police question john on Long Is. (NYP) *Jef-deaf jury gives pair $21M (NYP) * Police Search For Serial Rapist In Brooklyn * Jury convicts NYPD officer in perfume robber * Queens sniper gets 384 years in prison (NYP)

Media and New Tech Co-workers at Channel 7 'betrayed' by 'rape-lie' weather gal (NYP)

Bloomberg LP will start publishing editorials intended to channel the “personal philosophy and worldview” of its founder. More here. * Larry King Signing Off 
* Bloomberg L.P. will "begin publishing editorials across its vast media enterprise in an effort to broaden the company’s influence on national affairs. And though Mr. Bloomberg has an agreement with the city to have no involvement in the “day-to-day operations” of his company, the endeavor, called Bloomberg View, is intended to channel his personal philosophy and worldview," says the NYT's Jeremy Peters.

National Economy

Phone-Wielding Shoppers Strike Fear Into Retailers  Mobile-shopping programs mean competitors can beat a store's prices -- even as customers are standing in its aisles. (WSJ)