Monday, December 13, 2010

Bloomberg Changes His Mind Often: 3 Times on Term Limits in 2 Years

"People that don't change their mind when the facts change are so dogmatic, they're not very practical or effective."
 Michael Bloomberg Changes His Mind on Term Limits

After saying "We should not undermine the will of the voters," the mayor did a 180 and funded with his charity funds a successful effort to over turn term limits.  This year to support the Charter Commission he created, the mayor supported the return to a two term limit for city elected officers. Media owner and expert Bloomberg knows how to spin the media. Not one newspapers has criticized the mayor for changing his mind 3 times in less than 2 years on Term Limits

Anyone Want to Bet How Long It Will Take for Bloomberg To Change His Mind on Running for President 

No Labels makes its debut today, with some help from post-partisan Mayor Bloomberg. * Bloomberg wants to go down in history as the “greatest mayor ever,” but he has a lot of work to do to meet the bar set by Fiorello LaGuardia, experts say. * New group hopes to emphasize non-partisan solutions (CNN)

On Cusp Of 'No Labels' Speech, Bloomberg Lays Out Reasons for Redistricting Reform * Bloomberg Pushes Nonpartisan Redistricting

Three Days After the NYT Reported He Was Bloomberg First Pick Geoffrey Canada Found His Political Footing and Praised Bloomberg on Choosing Cathie Black as Schools chief

Harlem educrat praises Bloomberg on Black

Canada has reaped hundreds of thousands in city contracts as well as in personal contributions from the mayor.  (Gotham Gazette)

The UFT and Teacher Layoffs

Mayor Bloomberg must not let last in, first out rules turn looming teacher layoffs into disaster (DN Ed)




Cuomo Has A Real Mess to Fix

 “It’s one thing to run, it’s another to rule,” Assemblyman Jeff Aubry said in response to Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo’s first staffing announcement. * Gov: Can Andrew Cuomo Run Albany?

Cuomo Plans to Push for a Cap on Property Taxes (NYT)

The top ranks of the State Police need an immediate, thorough housecleaning.  Cuomo's trooper challenge
New York has several ruinously expensive, and half-empty, juvenile detention facilities that need to be shut down.  Shut Those Doors (NYT Ed)

Bill Cunningham on the pro-Cuomo Committee to Save New York: “Nobody wants to get into a fight, but the committee does want to educate the public as to why it’s necessary to correct problems in the state budget.” * The budget battle is likely to put redistricting reform on the back burner for a while.

Cuomo’s busting of pay-to-play lobbyists has proved lucrative for the state’s coffers.   * Dan Janison looks at how Cuomo will fare with the labor unions.* Mario Cuomo is buying his way into the banking industry, for which Cuomo made life difficult in AG.

Fredric U. Dicker 2010 winners & losers

Paladino Spars With Cuomo and Reporter

Government's Not All That's Busted: So's The Media, Says Gov. Paterson

What a Joke, Much to late

Paterson Aide Involved in Domestic Dispute Is Fired

* Paterson (Finally) Fires His Body Man

* Eliot Spitzer refuses to pass judgment (publicly, at least) on Gov. David Paterson.

New York's Economic Meltdown 
"The extra cash New Yorkers would take home under the proposed payroll tax cut will be gone before you can even daydream about how to spend it. Price hikes for things like MetroCards and health care premiums will eat up the $67 to $178 a month you'll get from a one-year, 2-percentage-point reduction in the Social Security taxes you pay," warns our Lore Croghan.

After 800 OTB workers lose their Jobs Because of High Fees to the NYRA

'Raise' the stakes NYRA pay hikes after OTB's bust (NYP) *

Thomas DiNapoli yesterday ripped New York Racing Association bigs for dealing themselves pay raises just hours after the collapse of the city's Off-Track Betting Corp. 

NYC Foreclosures up 44%, Queens Foreclosures 

Banks Struggle To Seize Homes  Foreclosures Tough to Do in New York (WSJ)

Siena: It’s The (NY) Economy, Stupid Today’s Siena poll finds two-thirds of New Yorkers want Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo’s inaugural address to focus on fiscal matters, with 44 percent saying they’d like to hear about his plan to revitalize the economy and 22 percent looking for word on how he’ll solve the budget crisis. 

As 911 victims beg congress Stricken hero urges sens to back Zadroga (DN)

NY Senators Spin Other Issues in the Press Schumer warns against bad deals for online shoppers; calls on FTC to act Gillibrand Obama needs to crack down on cyber criminals like WikiLeaks hacker supporters  * Fred Dicker says Sen. Chuck Schumer was a loser in 2010 because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid managed to eke out a win in Nevada.

Weiner not on the 911 Bill
Celeste Katz on Anthony Weiner: "He's loud, he's angry and he's everywhere."

Why did the 911 Bill Fail in August? Now, Rep. King weighs in on Weiner’s eruption! 
* Anthony Weiner makes the rounds of pundits' shows hoping to raise profile for mayoral bid

You Might Be Surprised by What New Yorkers Think of Wal-Mart (NY Magizine)
Wal-Mart Tries Again for New York City Store (NYT) * Wal-Mart Seeks Union Support for City Stores(WSJ)  * Store is Wal-right with NYC shoppers (NYP)
All in the Bloomberg Wal-Mart Family 
NYC small business owners favor bringing Walmart to the five boroughs by 62% to 27%, according to a survey released by the retail giant conducted by noted Democratic pollster Doug Schoen who has also worked for Mayor Bloomberg.  
Michael Klein Bloomberg campaign mgr Bradley Tusk is directly on the Walmart payroll:

Associated Press Cancels Internship Program



Breaking News

Federal judge in Va. strikes down key part of Obama's health care law


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Senate Advances Tax Cut Package


Suicide Won't End Madoff Lawsuits (WSJ) 

Defense says Bernard Madoff's ex-secretary has $2.4M in cash and stocks (NYP)

 WNBC Wants Secret Madoff Documents Released This as Mark Madoff's body still sits in morgue (WNBC)