Monday, July 12, 2010

Who Stole the Peoples Money? T Was Him

Gov wife's biz gets $297M no-bid deal Gov. Paterson's administration awarded a $297 million federal contract without competitive bidding or public notice to GHI, the health-care provider whose parent company employs his wife. (NYP) * Cuomo's No. 2 has ties to lobbying firms
* Borrowing trouble: Rep. Greg Meeks plays fast and loose with ethics rules(DN Ed)

Working 'Sham'-ilies Party had me fake signatures: ex-staffer. Brooklyn resident Patrick Crooks said he was encouraged by higher-ups to falsify signatures and addresses on petitions supporting the left-wing party's push to repeal a state law that took rent regulation out of the city's hands and gave it to the state.(NYP) * The Post Gets it Wrong, Again

The governor, of course, has been stalling any comprehensive crackdown on Indian tribes' illicit trade since the moment he took office. He's also raised cigarette taxes through the roof, greatly increasing buttleggers' profit margins. NY buttleggers heart Dave (NYP)

A walk in the 'park' Meter cops paid to watch own cars (NYP)

Zoning out: Albany rightly kills costly program that didn't deliver promised jobs (DN Ed)

Espada Says He Won't Leave Democratic Party (WNBC TV)

A Magnifying Glass on Public Authorities A new report on the state's vast network of public authorities shows that many cannot even provide an accurate number of employees. (NYT)

Favorite for Aqueduct slots plans 'a first-class casino' (DN) * DiNapoli: NYRA Risks Insolvency

$15M plan for Wash. Hts. Latino center collapses (NYP)

End of Census, and for Many, End of Job (NYT)

Restaurants Chase Grade New York City restaurants, about to be publicly "graded" based on inspection reports, are scrambling to comply with new guidelines. (WSJ)

Puzzle in death of mob son * A Wake of Sorts for a Hell’s Kitchen Fixture (NYT) * Actor Bobby Spillane is remembered as a 'standup guy' (WSJ)

Crime-family movie could be a real 'hit' Turncoat mob son pens screenplay Law and Order Lottery scammers cheating mom-pop shops (NYP) * A Few Blocks, 4 Years, 52,000 Police Stops (NYT) * Gunplay Leaves Four Dead (WSJ) * Lock slay suspect up forever, vic's kin urge (DN) * Harlem granny feels bad for her attacker's mother (DN) Russian spy Sutyagin in hotel near London, says brother (DN)

Con Ed Forced To Cut Power To Brooklyn Again -

Bam's spokesman warns GOP could get revenge in House (DN)

Filibusters for the Big Money Republican supporters of transparency should break ranks and get behind legislation that would require corporate and special-interest contributors to identify themselves on their campaign ads. (NYT Ed)
Small Investors Flee Stocks (WSJ) * Debt Commission head call U.S. debt a 'cancer'