Friday, July 9, 2010

OTB Bailout: How does the state run a gambling operation that loses money?

OTB Bailout

How does the state run a gambling operation that loses money?

Try a termination specialistThe time has long since passed for the New York City Off-Track Betting Corp. to be put out of its misery like a broken-down race horse -- shut down, once and for all, or sold off. (NYP ED)

Off-Track Betting's Defunct Rescue Plan Was a Winner for Consultants (nyt)

NYC OTB Still Losing Money Despite State Control

It's Alive!: OTB Will Stay Open Another Year - Gothamist

Council Cuts Services Keps Lulus and Member items

Council Cuts Health Plan That Helped Poor People (NYT) * City Programs Already Feeling Gov's Veto Pinch (NY1)

Lulu of a payday: Only a dozen City Council members spurned cheesy bonuses (DN) * The council's just-passed budget boosts member-item spending -- the cash pols get to pass around their districts like Christmas turkeys -- a full 9 percent over last year, to $396 million.That's nearly $8 million per member.Porkfest in the sun (NYP Ed) * Essentially, member items are little more than an incumbent-protection racket -- which should, by rights, be subtracted from the public campaign funds pols get during election season. Pork Winners: Who Got What: FY2011 * MTA Has New Plan to Charge You for New MetroCards (WCBS)

The budget is now 100 days late. (The modern record was 133 days in 2004).
Gov: Time & money running out on NY * Gov. David Paterson’s veto of a $600 million education funding bill has more of a financial impact that expected, but means more cash for charter schools * Governor Paterson said the state has a month and a half of money left, and might bring lawmakers back from their vacations.

Council gets Lulus New Yorkers Lose Unemployment Benefits
Jobless & brokeThere's one gone every 80 seconds. That is, every day, 400 unemployed New York City residents exhaust their unemployment benefits (NYP)

Feds See ‘Grim’ Delays, Overruns on Second Ave. Subway, East Side Access

Judge nixes suit from Spitzer's former top aide Dopp * The Scandal That Keeps On Giving (YNN) * PIC Official: We’ll Take Dopp’s House If We Have To (YNN) * Commission On Public Integrity Points To Court Decision On Troopergate: Updated

I See Nothing Know Nothing DiNapoli

No primary he can do what he wants to serve the special interests and not offend anyone

Tom DiNapoli On Pedro Espada: I'm So Not Going There * DiNapoli Cool To Cuomo’s Call For New Laws On Pension Padding (City Hall) * N.Y.'s big, fat pension system (TU) * The Watertown Times thinks the Democrats’ effort to oust Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. is a “face-saving gesture” that “does not address the underlying problems” that enabled his rise to power.

Election 2010 Doubts About Cuomo’s Support of Gay Rights (NYT) * Asked if he believes AG Andrew Cuomo’s claim that he wasn’t behind the “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo” signs, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch replied: “I honestly don’t know. I’d like to believe it. But I don’t know.”

Government Reform
Instant Runoff Voting Is Under Review (WSJ) * Do Land-Use Deals Cut Out Communities?Many land-use agreements are hashed out in a way that largely leaves residents on the sidelines. Should the city change the way it makes development decisions? (WSJ) * The Charter Revision Commission might recommend that future changes to term limits not benefit those in office * As Voter Turnout Dwindles, Some Look to a Tiny Agency for Help

City's latest pothole caused by subway drill on 2nd Avenue (DN) * Subway Drill Pierces Second Avenue; MTA Investigates (DN)

Audit can't account for $109M of Columbia University Medical Center's work (DN)

Trading Spys
Spy Suspects Leave U.S. in Swap With Russia (NYT) * Russian sleeper spies sent packing in spy exchange (DN) * All 10 In Russian Spy Case Plead Guilty, Agree To Deportation (DN) * US, Russian Flights Meet Up In Vienna For Spy Swap -

Law and Order Man Stabs Four People in Chelsea, Police Say (NYT) * Ex-Stripper Charged in Murder Plot (WSJ) * Newark man sentenced to 200-plus years for three murders (DN) * Wild-eyed lunatic stabs four people in Chelsea * Knife Wielding Man Stabs Several In Meatpacking District (DN) * Icy wife plotted hotel slay: feds (NYP) * 218 years in NJ slays (NYP)

Terrorism NY
Columbia Scientists Prepare for a Threat: A Dirty Bomb

Britain’s Budget Pain Britain’s budget aims to cut too much too soon, likely leading to drastically downsized public services and years of stagnation.( NYT Ed)

Tip Says All Politics is Local

For Democrats, Politics Is Local AgainDemocrats defending House and Senate seats amid the stiffest anti-incumbent mood in two decades are trying to focus attention on local factors that might persuade voters to return their lawmaker to office. (WSJ)

Media and New Tech
The Newsweek Sale Gets Political