Friday, July 2, 2010

The Empire State? The budget process becomes a media game show

The Empire State?

The budget process becomes a media game show

One day the media hits Paterson as a sell out today he is the hero of the NYP. Why not get Trump to make the passing of the budget a reality show. Can you imagine the high ratings the show will recieve on the final night when The Donald tell Sheldon Silver YOU FIRED.

Mass-vetoing gov is tower of power (NYP) * Dave's mighty pen Veto away, Gov. Dave -- you're on a roll!(NYT Ed) * For Holiday, Paterson Is Vetoing, and Vetoing (NYT) * Budget Maneuvers Leave Huge Deficit (WSJ) * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver believes the Legislature has done a “complete budget” and has no plans to return to Albany because, as he says: “We only make deals once.” * The state still has a deficit of some $7.5 billion.

Tax You 'How can they tax me for trying to be pretty?' Tanning tax goes into effect (NYP) * Smokers, cigarette sellers fuming over tax on packs (DN)

$2M MTA 'hot spot' rent loss The MTA lost nearly $2.4 million in rent to the most visible restaurant in Grand Central Terminal when the agency couldn't keep the dining balcony down to the contractually agreed-upon temperature (NYP)

New York Economic Meltdown Budget Plan to Stall Low-Income Housing, Critics Say (WSJ) * City spent nearly $100,000 on car services this year for employees (DN) * New York is one of 29 states to delay a program extending health care coverage to the uninsured with preexisting conditions * Bloomberg: More Cuts Likely

Mike Bloomberg Draws Praise for the Same Budget Decisions That Reap Tabloid Ridicule for Shelly Silver
(Barrett, Village Voice)

TrashGate With no money to pick up trash the quick thinking City Council moves to take there names off the overflowing cans
Canning political garbage: Council members rightly take names off trash bins (DN Ed) * A New Web Site Aims to Track the Use of Taxpayer Money in New York (NYT) * Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo defended her aide who was arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer and stealing $4,000.

Election 2010 Ex-Spy Is a Long Shot to Oust Schumer (NYT) * Cuomo: Gay Marriage Will Be a 'Priority' in 2011 (WSJ) * Ousted state Sen. Hiram Monserrate to judge: Let me see girlfriend Karla Giraldo (DN)

Can Mike Say Judicial Intervention? Blames the UFT 'Close' call: Mike rips court for nixing school shutdowns (NYP) * In Blow to Bloomberg, City Must Keep 19 Failing Schools Open (NYT) *Bloomberg vs. The Judicial Branch * Two Schools Tell Different TalesTwo middle schools that share one building in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, tell two vastly different stories of student achievement. (WSJ)

Street Killings Prompt Police to Increase Overnight Patrols (NYT) Law and Order How Two Questions Caused Death Penalty Misstep (NYT)

The Media Loves A Sexy Spy
Anna Chapman known to feds years ago, after sibling dated diplomat's son (NYP) * It's Mother Russia over fatherhood (NYP) * Suspect Placed Love for Russia Before His Son, Prosecutors Say * Alleged Spy Claimed Official Was Adviser (WSJ) * Judge Grants Spy Suspect Bail (WSJ) * Alleged Spy Claimed Official Was Adviser (WSJ) *Spy babe suspect ex-KGB agent's kid: reports (DN) * Her fans show support for suspected spy Anna Chapman

Terrorism NY
JFK-subway bomb link (NYP) * Osama pal will be tried * U.S. Adds Its Own Iran Sanctions (NYT)

Bad News Back HomeLawmakers need to look at what is happening beyond the Beltway. While they refuse to provide more fiscal aid to states, their constituents are suffering. (NYT)

Media and New Tech
UH-OH! Leno Has Lowest Q2 Ratings Since Letterman Went To CBS * Once a Front-Runner for the T Job, Anne Christensen Now Out of a Job at the Times * Welcome Back Carlos Slim! Newsweek Bids Arrive, Now Who Knows? * Google CEO: The Future Of News Is Mobile * UK Blogger Leaves Times Over Paywall, Joins Guardian