Monday, June 7, 2010

True News the Tail the Wags the Daily News

Yesterday True News
Lame Duck Paterson Runs the Government
Takes the heat for the legislature with cuts in emergency spending bills

Today's Daily News
Dave dares 'em: Paterson finds way to force gutless Legislature towards cuts (DN Ed)

Paterson plays budget chicken If state lawmakers think today's vote on slashing hundreds of millions of dollars in health-care spending from the state budget is a tough one, wait until next Monday. It'll only get worse (NYP) * “We’re not afraid; we have a big pair of balls,” said a Paterson administration source, vowing to keep upping the ante on the Legislature by putting spending cuts into budget extenders.

Labor Buys Councilmember by Paying Her Fines
Labor's artful dodgers From 2006 to 2009, the union gave $51,675 to an outfit called the Annabel Palma Legal Defense Fund -- which was apparently established to help Palma, a Bronx Democrat, fight and then pay fines stemming from previous campaign-finance violations. (NYP ED)

UFT Power Causes Pols Hypocrisy

Charter foes aid elites Boost posh Bx. prep (NYP)

NYPIRG: Lobbyists gave more than $2 million to campaigns

Math wrath over scores A controversial policy that gives students partial credit for wrong answers on state math tests came under fire from the City Council education chairman yesterday in the aftermath of an exclusive Post report.

Inside City Hall City Proceeds With Big Middle-Income Housing Project on Queens Waterfront * Aboveground 'subway' is comin' our way on East Side (DN) * E. Side rapider transit

New York Economic Meltdown City-funded child care centers in Brooklyn are slated to close by the end of the month because of budget cuts * Health insurance savings/cuts are on the budget menu in Albany today

The Old Fox Plays Hard
Timing of probe is crucial for Charlie Rangel (Politico) * Rangel refers to Wall Street bankers as "terrorists" * Rangel slams Bam: We're fighting Iraq war only for oil (DN) * Rangel Officially Announces He's Running Again He blames the press for blowing up his ethics scandal

Election 2010 The End for Rangel Appears Greatly Exaggerated (NYT) * Rangel Announces Re-Election Bid (WSJ) * Many in Harlem Support Rangel in a Victory Lap - * 40 Years After 1st Win, NY Rep. Rangel Runs Again - * Benjamin: Showdown simmering over Indy Party AG nod * Fire drill: City risks getting burned by foot-dragging in FDNY exam lawsuit (DN Ed) * The state Independence Party snubbed Bloomberg and his preferred AG candidate, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, and has made “no promises” about an endorsement down the road * Steve Levy estimates he spent about $500,000 trying to talk state committee members into letting him onto the GOP ballot for governor * The GOP is hoping to take back the state Senate majority, but the departure of four Republican lawmakers won't make it any easier *Cuomo: Blame greedy Wall Street, not me, for subprime crisis * Trial Lawyer Aims to Be Top State Prosecutor

Who Protecting the Taxi Drives
Seems the TLC Regulated Taxis the Same Way the Feds Regulated BP's Oil Well TLC's 'fine' mess The Taxi & Limousine Commission has collected only half the fines it handed out over the last six years (NYP)

Domestic Workers’ Rights New York State has the chance to lead the nation in extending basic workplace protections to nannies, housekeepers and caregivers for the elderly. (NYT ED)

The Rat is A New Yorker, Bring Him Back

Unions Drown Out the Rat Remember the inflatable rodent used to taunt companies using non-union labor? Well, the rat is finished for Local 2870. The new picket tool: blowing whistles for two hours straight. (WSJ) * But politicos from both sides of the aisle are increasingly turning on labor unions, says... POLITICO.

Hey Koch No Change Without Throwing the Bums Out
What is the goal to change the incumbents script? The former mayor is leading an insider’s insurrection against Albany’s corruption. But no throwing the bums out. Ex-Mayor Ed Koch referred to three Senate Democrats as “rats” and “slobs.”

NYT Seasoned Lobbyist Dodged A Big Bullet
Micah Lasher while working for the Mark Green campaign designed a flyer of the racist NY Post cartoon of candidate Freddie Ferrer kissing Rev. Sharpton ass that was distributed to the white middle class areas of Brooklyn, right before the runoff primary between Lasher candidate Mark Green and Ferrer. There was talk of indictments during the investigation since the flyer was produced with CFB city money, but it was covered up. Bloomberg’s Man in Albany Is Young but Seasoned

Albany's Double Decker Investigation
Now Both the Fail Last Bidding Process and the Bidding Process are Under Investigation
Investors tied to one of the latest Aqueduct racino bidders are being investigated

Thoughts of Central Park Jogger
Woman pulled into Central Park and sexually assaulted * Everyones minds go right to Central Park jogger Trisha Meili Law and Order Woman dragged into Central Park and raped * Untangling a Ponzi Scheme With a Hollywood Twist (NYT) * Smash-and-Grab Suspects Nabbed (WSJ) * Sex attack in Central Park (NYP) *Druglord 'gangster' fashion victim (NYP)

An American Paint Ball Terrorist

N.J. terror wannabes trained at paintball ranges, feds say
Terrorism NY Bloodlust of NJ 'jihadists' (NYP) * Two Arrested at Kennedy Airport on Terror Charges (NYT) * Two N.J. Men Charged in Terror Probe (WSJ) * New Jersey suspects turned to terror as alienated teens (DN) * Somali terror group eyes adding Americans to ranks * Chicago man busted after saying he had bomb on plane (DN) * Officer who busted terrorists is part of secret weapon * Brave cop nailed 'em (NYP) * Suspects hot for preacher ( NYP) * More than 1,000 people turned out to protest a proposed mosque near Ground Zero * Prosecutors Make Their Case for Terror Sentence

Israel We'll never apologize for raid: Israel's U.S. ambassador * Helen Thomas Speech Canceled Amid Outrage Over Israel Comment (WCBS) * Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel's op-ed in the Daily News about the Gaza flotilla situation says the "activists wanted violence." Update Helen Thomas Retires in Wake of Israel Remarks * Helen Thomas, veteran White House journalist, retires after controversial Israel comment (DN)

Democrats Skip Town Halls to Avoid Voter Rage (NYT)

Wall Street Countrywide Pays $108 Million to Settle Fees Complaint * Morgan Stanley To Slash 1,200 Jobs After Doubling Chairman's Salary

Media and New Tech Wired iPad Edition On Pace to Beat Newsstand Sales This Month * New York Times Blogs Are Never Personal Diaries, Says Puppy Diarist Jill Abramson * Don't Call Them Journalists! Some 40,000 Freelance "Examiners" Cranking out Local News for * JUMPING SHIP: Newsweek Vet Joining NBC News