Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quinn Gave Members Their Cut of the Pork Budget

Quinn Gave Members Their Cut of the Pork Budget

How did Quinn get the City Council Almost Unanimously Passes Budget in spite of the ongoing (?) federal investigation of the council slush fund. She pay off members with with Council 'Pork' Wonder if Maria del Carmen Arroyo got any funding for her family members? Ex-Bronx non-profit leader pleads guilty to bilking group of $50K Just like the Apalachin organized crime meeting in upstate NY, everyone got a piece of the action (member items) to buy piece among the families, I mean councilmembers. Only member voting against the budget Councilman Charles Barron.

The sounds of silence There were no raucous City Hall Park protests yesterday. No threats of strikes by "hard hit" public employees. Almost no one is griping -- or not very loudly, anyway -- about their fate under the city and state budgets. And their silence speaks volumes.(NYP Ed) * Council Passes Budget, but Loss of State Aid May Require Fixes (NYT) * The Wrong Way and the Right Way New York City’s budgeting process may not be perfect, but it was the height of fiscal responsibility compared to Albany. (NYT Ed) * Layoffs Slated in City Budget (WSJ) * The Post says the 6 percent increase in spending is "unconscionable." * Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez denied he had attacked a female member of his staff.

Paterson Wins His Budget Fight David Paterson's Lonely Battle by Gabe Pressman Paterson wins budget battle with veto power (Crains NY) *Gov set to veto millions more in spending (NYP) * Paterson Presses Albany on Budget (NYT) * Fund Managers’ Profits Are Ripe for a New Tax * High Earners Face Tax Increase (WSJ) * State Senate Bill would derail more MTA layoffs (DN) * Blame Shelly and John: Legislative bosses made a bad budget situation worse (DN Ed) * When he’s done initially all 6,900 vetoes of additional legislative spending, Gov. David Paterson will consider giving the same treatment to the two-way revenue bill. (He would have to either accept the entire package or veto it in full; he cannot use his line-item power here) * “I’m done talking to legislative leaders,” Paterson told the AP. “I am doing the vetoes. As far as I am concerned, this budget process is over.” * EJ McMahon thinks Paterson set a “helpful” example for his successor of how to wield extender power to break budget logjams. * Erik Engquist says Paterson won the budget war by wielding his veto power, but also provided lawmakers with cover for unpopular spending cuts in an election year. * No major tenant-backed bills have passed in the Senate this year, despite the fact that it is now under Democratic control. * Governor Paterson is getting some help from Senate Republicans, who have all but ruled out joining Democrats to override his vetoes. * David Paterson Rested Up for His Veto Fest by Dawdling at B-Bar For Hours Last Night (Barrett, NYC)

Council Weighs Hearings on Bloomberg’s Hiring (NYT)

No More Free Popcorn Judge
Corny judge popped Officials disclosed yesterday that Alan Rubin, employed as an administrative-law judge by the Finance Department since May 2004, got the heave-ho in June 2009 because he accepted six to eight bags of free popcorn a year earlier from a food-delivery driver whose tickets he had dismissed.(NYP) * It's a kernel of truth Judge popped in hot-buttered bribe (DN)

For Some, an Invisible Menace Every year residents lodge about 1,000 odor complaints against restaurants with the city's 311 customer-service center, many of which are subsequently investigated by the Department of Environment Protection. (WSJ) * NY a wheel nightmare Drivers across the city are leaning on their horns a little longer these days. (NYP)

The UFT's school daze: Teachers union won't budge on crazy school-year start (DN Ed)

How About Rick?
3 Submit Bids on Franchise for Gambling at Aqueduct (NYT) *Fifth Aqueduct racino contest draws only three (CrainsNY) * Lawmakers approve $25 million loan to NYRA

Nannies Score in Albany: Bill Awards Overtime, Other Rights (WSJ)

$1.4 Billion Development at Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn Wins Key Council Support (NYT) * St. Vincent's apartment building fetches $67M (Crains NY)

If it weren't for the cameras, I would kick your a--': Bus rider's threat to driver before attack (DN) Law and Order Pregnant woman assault (NYP) * Ex-Executive at Bellevue Hospital Is Acquitted of Official Misconduct * Police Continue Search For Cat Masked Robber * Death Penalty Overturned In 2 NYPD Killings - WCBS NEWSRADIO 880 * Luxury Car Theft Ring Is Broken Up

Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz plays hardball with synagogues threatening his concert (DN)

Con Ed sweats through summer's first power surge

Spy vs. . . . ? Maybe the CIA should take a few lessons from its Russian counterpart, the SRV -- successor to the KGB. * Russia's NY minx painted the town red (NYP) * 'Spies' were rank amateurs (NYP) * Couples Accused as Spies Were the Suburbs Personified (NYT) * Putin Rips U.S. Over Spy Arrests (WSJ) *'Deep Cover' Defendants' Lives (WSJ) *Russian Spy Ring: Son of Yonkers Couple Says Charges ‘Preposterous’ (WSJ) *We can't believe our friends are Russian spies, Richard and Cynthia Murphy's N.J. neighbors say (DN) *Spies like us: Moles and the FBI are the twin curses of suburban secret agents (DN ed)

Terrorism NY
3 Years Later, Trial to Start in J.F.K. Bomb Plot (NYT) * A Guilty Plea in Alleged JFK Airport Terror Plot (WSJ) * Bravest widow says just $76,000 for a life is 'appalling' (DN) * Most-wanted terrorist linked to subway bomb plot (NYP)

Elena Kagan Reveals How Jews Celebrate Christmas

Bet on Private Sector for Recovery Could Prove Risky (NYT) * In U.S. Bailout of A.I.G., Forgiveness for Big Banks (NYT) * Well-oiled trader in $100M hit (NYP)

Who Will Fight for the Unemployed? With the economic survival of millions of Americans at stake, Congress and the White House must tackle jobs before deficit reduction. (NYT Ed)

Supreme Court Affirms a Ban on Soft Money

South Carolina Dem Senate Candidate Alvin Greene Launches Official Website

Media and New Tech Larry King to End Show in the Fall *Larry King says he will leave his show this fall (DN) *Who Should Replace Larry King?*Bill Maher Helps Larry King Say Goodbye* The Price of Broadband Politics It would be reasonable for the F.C.C. to extend its oversight to broadband. But in Washington, reason is not always a match for money. (NYT Ed) * Conde Nast takes newsstand plunge * Which Media Personalities Made The Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities List? * RIP Times Pulls the Plug on New Jersey 'The Local' Blog