Monday, June 28, 2010

The Pols are Destroying NY Bus and Subway Service

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North General Hospital in Harlem to close July 2, file for bankruptcy, shocking patients and workers * Manhattan US Attorney charges 11 in alleged Russian spy ring

Justices extend gun owner rights nationwide
* Second Amendment Covers State and Local Governments (NYT)

The Pols are Destroying NY Bus and Subway Service
Only the DN Express Outrage

Only the Daily News express anger at the pols for the MTA cutbacks which go into full force today. The paper attacks the pols for hiding behind the MTA when it was them who cut the transportation agency budget. They also did a story about Queens residents protest residential route of Q15A bus (DN)

The NYT does not even have a story today on the cutback. But it does have a report on a prince falling off his horse in a polo match. Yes, the Prince Climbed Right Back On (NYT) Do they think more New Yorkers will be playing polo today or riding the subway? The WSJ finds a way to make the MTA flacks happy by spinning they crap After Cuts, MTA Plans Helping Hand (WSJ) Wonder how many subway riders in over crowded trains today will be thanking the MTA for their helping hands? * MTA Bus Route Changes Take Effect (NY1) PM UPDATE NYT online finally talks about the riders but in their typical rose coloer way City Commuters Press On Despite Transit Cuts

Albany's Dysfunction May Put its Finger in the Dam
What they are doing up in Albany has nothing to do with turning around the state's economy. It only has to do with with cuts to make to ballance the budget. Even if they come to an agreement all it means if they put their finger in the dam for a few months until they have to meet again and modify their budget. Weighing Two Plans in Albany Budget Fight (NYT) * High Noon in Albany Budget Showdown (WSJ)* Gov raises budget stakes, vows he'll 'veto everything' (DN) * The big con job: Spineless Legislature rebuts Paterson with budget full of holes (DN) * Dems fear backlash for boosting Silver (NYP) * The governor and legislative leaders are at odds over how much money separates them. Silver says it’s $200 million; Paterson pegs the figure at $400 million, $500 million or more * New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie offers some advice to New York lawmakers: “Get serious about your problems and step up and let’s deal with them.” * State Budget Deal Still Elusive As Monday Deadline Approaches (NY1) * A Bigger Pension Borrowing Plan (NYT)

The Carl Kruger Investigation Continues
Will Kruger join former Queens Assemblymen Brian McLaughlin and Anthony Seminerio and Bronx ex-Sen. Efrain Gonzalez behind bars? Another Albany stinker (NYP Ed) * Dem AG hopefuls all say no way to Hiram's bidMore on The Carl Kruger Federal Investigation (TN)

Broken Voting Machines vs People Not Voting
For years New Yorkers and press have been talking about which voting machines to buy for the the city, but not a word about why New Yorkers don't vote. New Ballot Machines Are Flawed, Suit Says (NYT) Electronic voting machines being deployed for the first time this year across New York City and the rest of the state contain a flaw that could lead to thousands of votes being thrown out, according to a lawsuit that advocacy groups will file Monday.

Prisoner Gerrymandering A Chance for a Fairer Count It is time for Albany to end the practice of prison gerrymandering, in which inmates are counted as “residents” to inflate underpopulated election districts. (NYT ED)

Only the Village Voice Investigating the Missing 700,000 of Bloomberg Campaign Dollars Bloomberg's Million-Dollar Ripoff (Robbins, Village Voice * Bloomberg knew exactly what was going on with the missing 700,000 that the independence party paid GOP operative John HaggertyLawsuit Alleges City Lobbying Law Punishes Non-Profits While Ignoring Non-Filers * The wife of state Independence Party leader Frank MacKay formed a company that won a state contract at the same time the party was forging alliances with Senate Republicans.

Who's in charge of killer tree? Probe into baby's death (DN)

Terrorism NY JFK Bomb-Plot Trial Is Set (WSJ)

Law and Order Infamous Bronx landlord held without bail * PM Update Officer Is Acquitted of Assault Charges (NYT)

Which New York Politicians Have Smoked Pot, and How Embarrassed Are They About It? (NY Magazine)

Media and New Tech NPR: Time Is The 'Last Of The Big Newsweeklies' * CNN President Defends Spitzer Show * How Diane Sawyer Has Changed 'World News'

Facebook Roger Stone Eliot Spitzer liked to choke call girls who refused to have sex without a condom so CNN gives him a cable TV show. Where are the outraged Feminists ?

Supreme Court Hearings Kagan's liberal views will be hot topic at confirmation hearings (DN)

Sen. Robert Byrd Dies Robert Byrd, the 92 year-old West Virginia Democrat who served in the U.S. Senate for 51 years, has died. A master of Senate procedures and orator, Mr. Byrd served longer, voted more frequently, and probably used the arcane Senate rules to more effect any previous denizen. (WSJ) * Husband of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg dies at 78 * Senator Robert C. Byrd Dies (NYT)

Labor’s New Critics: Old Allies in Elected Office (NYT)

Wall Street At Summit, Banks Avoid New Global Regulations (NYT) * The Third DepressionThere was the Long Depression, then the Great Depression, and now we are in the early stages of a third depression. This one is primarily a failure of policy. (Krugman, NYT)