Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gov is Rubber Man: Paterson Opens One Park and Closes 55 Others

Gov is Rubber Man
Paterson Opens One Park and Closes 55 Others

You got to hand it to the Gov he is able to stand up and do things that would crush any other pol. Like open up a park which he closes 55 others. Most pols would skip the park opening, not David. It like water off a duck's back to this guy. More like a broken field running back, Paterson is able to get up from anything and attack Albany with effective arguments that frequently are backed up by the newspaper editorial boards. After Spitzer and David Cuomo must have some media plan to even get noticed. Gov gets flak for unveiling Chelsea park as others close * W. Side park revamped (NYP) *State's parks in the dark Cri$is shutters 55 * Assemblyman Herman “Denny” Farrell Jr. called Paterson’s decision to cut the ribbon on a new park the same day other parks were closing “not smart politics.” *Day in the park is not an option (TU) * Paterson Hoping to “Hoodwink” or “Cajole” Colleagues (YNN) * Assemblyman Gordon Stages Mow-In (YNN) * Gov Reveals The REAL Budget Problem: It's Those Other Guys!

A State of Dysfunction
The governor either “is, or is not” contemplating layoffs of public employees, “depending on who is speaking for the administration,” writes Tom Precious ** The extenders, which eventually passed both houses of the Legislature, include raises for more than 120,000 state workers – including nearly 20,000 who will get a 7 percent bump * Another try on budgetThe issue of borrowing looms large as leaders meet today in effort to reach budget accord(TU) * State workers got raises * In Albany, More Clamor Than Clarity (NYT) * Paterson Complicates Conventions: UPDATED * Special Session? We Don’t Need No Stinkin' Special Session! UPDATED x 2

New York's Economic Meltdown Catholic Museum’s Angels Fail to Save It * Eateries in Tax Crackdown State sales-tax officials are turning up the heat on restaurateurs, auditing 60% more of the city's eateries last fiscal year than the year before and leaving the industry with a case of agita (WSJ) * An Uncertain Summer Half the budget could mean half the jobs for the city's youth employment program, which allows teens to work at libraries, parks and pools (WSJ) * Tourism Numbers Bounce Back (WSJ) * MTA service cuts: Some LIRR trains already get sacked (DN) * NYRA might run out of money before the Saratoga racing meet. (AP) * Could This Be The Last Belmont Stakes?

Bloomberg's Goffy Stationery?
Term limits is no longer off limits to Mayor Bloomberg as far as getting a laugh is concerned. Speaking at an ethics seminar this morning, the mayor joked that his third term is saving taxpayers money because there's now no need to print new stationery Third term saves city money on new stationery: Bloomberg

The Oscar Goes to Vacca
Pol fury at 'door charges' (NYP) Vacca hits porter cab fee Today Council Transportation Chair James Vacca is mad that doormen were taking tips for getting taxi's high paying fares. Yesterday Vacca was shocked that most of the cameras in the subway do not work. He said "It defies imagination," that the cameras in the subway were not connected to recording devices. Someone better tell Vacca that the job of the City Council Transportation Committee Chairman is to find out what the MTA is up to, not to sit back and get reports from the flacks that work for the agency. If we wanted someone who reacts like an actor to newspapers stories exposing corruption or incompetence in transportation we hire someone we hire someone from Hollywood not the Bronx. When is Vacca going to hold hearings on the bus cutbacks coming in June or the Union soaks city Bus 'rain' clause that mandates five bus drivers be added to the Rockaway Beach-bound Q53 route every weekend in July and August -- rain or shine

Can the Democratic UFT Coalition Be Cracking?
Clinton Join Fight to Lift the Cap

Can a small federal education program proposed by a pro union and UFT president called Race to the Top be dismantling the strong bonds between the democrats and the teachers union. As former President Clinton joins the supporters of charter schools the city and nation could see a sea change in not only education but the relationship of the democratic party to the unions. The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand (Brill, NYT) * Bubba vs. Shelly Clinton supports lifting charter school cap (NYP Ed) * Bill raps the cap Clinton signs up as a 'charter' member (NYP) *Conn. Senate hopeful lied about serving in Vietnam: report (DN) * A Very Bright Idea Two New York City high schools are offering college degrees, addressing both the importance of academic achievement and the spiraling cost of higher education (Herbert, NYT) * School Budgets Go Before Voters (WSJ) * VIDEO: Battle over airwaves pits UFT vs. pro-charter forces (DN) * Union boss forces Education czar to add third stop to visit (DN) * Teacher for the Apple: Education Secretary has good advice for local schools (DN ed) * Hammond: Budget mess tarnishes Silver * New Yorkers To Vote On School Budgets (WCBSTV) * Paterson: Most School Budgets Will Fail *Paterson: Road To Lifting Charter Cap Paved With Money We Don't Have * The AFL-CIO is pressuring three more state senators. (State of Politics) Look for More Change is Dems Go South Tonight Primary Results Expected To Have National Significance

Silver Empire Strikes Back Video: Silver on layoffs, budget trouble, Power for Jobs * Lawmakers talked about the budget, but there was no substantive progress ahead of a leaders meeting today. (BN/TU) * The budget extender passed by legislators contained raises for public employees, as Paterson talked more openly about laying off workers. (GNS) * Blame Silver for the late budget, says Bill Hammond * Clinton's support adds pressure on Sheldon Silver, says the Post

Inside City Hall Bloomberg giving 20 FDNY companies a reprieve - for now

It is All Up To How Much Crime Rises With Less Cops
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly Is Mr. Popularity - Could That Make Him Mr. Mayor? (WSJ)

Ravitch Strokes Dems To Support His Borrowing Plan to Balance the Budget
Is Ravitch using the Charter Commission to build democratic support to borrow billions to balance the state budget this year? Ravitch, Unedited * Fireworks at charter commission hearing Ravitch defended the two-party system, saying it had brought stability to the U.S. and allowed candidates of modest means to get on the ballot. He also took issue with what he thought Macchiarola had said earlier about the need to replace current members of the City Council.

4 Way Race Helps Espada All Pedro needs is 26% to win which is not hard for an incumbent and veteran pol like Espada to get. Richard Lipsky believes the ever-growing field of primary challengers trying to oust Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. is “a blessing” for the Bronx Democrat.

NYC Housing Terrace Cause Mob Non Enforcement Every few years a group of mob builders and NYC Building inspectors are rounded up by the feds. These roundups usually occur after someone gets killed, by a crane falling or a fire in a bank building or maybe now tenants falling off their own balcony.Balconies Declared Unsafe at 16 New York Buildings Thousands of residents were ordered to stop using their balconies after safety reviews prompted by a deadly fall. The warnings came as inspectors conducted safety reviews around the city after a man fell to his death in March when part of the railing on his balcony gave way. Inspectors have also found that about 800 building owners have failed to file inspection reports. You cannot have mob payoffs and an effective inspection program in the buildings department at the same time * City cracking down on unsafe balconies after March traged (DN) * Report: Unsafe Balconies In NYC (Fox 5) Oh yes the city did hire a new chief to fight the mob inside the building department New Enforcement Chief for Buildings If it was like the other attempts to get the mob out, there will be more deaths and fed arrests in the future * DOB Warns Residents Of 16 Buildings To Stay Off Balconies (NY1) *LI crane honcho pleads to bribery in Manhattan (NYP)

What About the NY Pension Scandal?
Inside City Hall Bloomberg giving 20 FDNY companies a reprieve - for now

Election 2010 Dan Donovan promised to focus on public corruption if elected attorney general. (TU) * Democrats debated whether to put all of the candidates for attorney general on the primary ballot. (City Hall) * Fred Thompson will headline the Conservative Party dinner. (Daily Politics) * Bronx for Change is really the old guard: Peter Rivera, Jose Rivera, etc. * Former W.F.P. Candidate Levy Calls on Cuomo to Reject 'Radical' W.F.P. * Schneiderman In A Bind? Campaign or remain in Albany?

Petitions Prevent Democracy
Joseph Mercurio In some localities a candidate posts a bond to get on the ballot, which is forfeited if they drop out of the race or returned after the election. May be democracy would be better in New York without petitioning. Democratic Leaders Say It’s Unlikely All Attorney General Candidates Will Be Placed On Ballot

Election 2013 Mayor
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly Is Mr. Popularity - Could That Make Him Mr. Mayor? (WSJ)

Terror Target NY Faisal had five targets (NYP) * Mosque No. 2 eyes WTC site (NYP) * No Bail for Man Accused of Qaeda Computer Aid (NYT) * U.S. to Press Pakistan on Bomb Plot Inquiry (NYT) * Pakistani suspect denies link to Faisal Shahzad (DN) * Held without bail for trying to send Qaeda money, watches (DN) * Daly: Napolitano's ruse over NYC terror funds is up * Janet's job: Napolitano must put up or shut up on N.Y. antiterror funds(DN Ed)* Source: Shahzad Had Bigger Targets (Fox 5) * Top Intelligence Officials Meet With Pakistani Leaders (NY1) * Second Mosque Planned Near World Trade Center (dnainfo) * Times Square Bomber To Appear In Court Today (NYT)

Law and Order Goodbye, Bernard! See ya in 2014 (NYP) * From Police Chief to Prison: Kerik Starts Sentence (NYT) *Kerik Reports to 'Austere' Prison (WSJ) *Kerik becomes inmate number 84888-054 in Md. prison * Arrest in Killing of Woman and Child (NYT) * Officer in Crash Is Still in Grave Condition (NYT) * Officer who was designated driver in fatal crash may have been 'slightly intoxicated,' survivor says * He made it look like murder-suicide: cops (DN) * NYPD family praying for cop hit by motorcycle (DN) * Cops' heroics in theater district gets them honors at Tony Awards (DN) * Cops: Paralyzed man beaten, stabbed by landlord (WABCTV) * Police Investigate Sexual Assault Inside Queens School (NY1) * Police detective arrested for allegedly coercing 3 women to have sex with him (NYP)

How Angry are the Voters?
Primaries to Test Voters’ Mood Toward Incumbents (NYT) * It’s a Tough Primary Day for Establishment Candidates (NY Magazine)

Linda Mcmahon is running an effective campaign

acebook Joseph Mercurio Why it is important to do opposition research, and why smart political consultants believe it is equally important to have your own client authorize doing it on them as well. Candidate’s Words on Vietnam Service Differ From History (NYT) * Conn. AG Blumenthal Defends Vietnam-Era Service (WINS) * Jobs Azi Paybarah Of the 290,000 new jobs reported by the Labor Department, 66,000 were temp jobs created by the Census. (via crudele) http://bit.ly/9Siug0 * Another Congressional Intern GOP Scandal cnnbrk Indiana Republican Rep. Mark Souder expected to announce resignation today. http://on.cnn.com/cE2jEg * Tracy Jackson: Mark Souder's Alleged Mistress (PICTURE, VIDEO) Huff Post) * Joseph Mercurio Once viewed as one of the Senate’s most vulnerable incumbents, Gillibrand has more than 50% support in two contests and is ahead by nearly 20-points in the third. She now leads former DioGuardi 51% to 28% and Blakeman 51% to 31%. Gillibrand has 46% when matched against Malpass who at 27%. Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in New York State.

Wall Street
Senate Seeks to Curb Foreign Bailouts (WSJ) * Wall Street's gone rogue, says famed investor (Crain NY) * FDIC Groans Under Weight of Toxic CDOs (NY Magazine)

New York's Mob Like Usury Credit Cards Rates Dems Push For State Caps On Credit Card Rates * Credit card companies sidestep usury laws * Banks Making Big Profits From Tiny Loans - Readers' Comments* frontline: secret history of the credit card

Media and New Tech

Curb' kicked to NYC

Murdoch's White House Connection * THEY CANCELED 'LAW & ORDER' FOR THESE? NBC's New Shows For Fall *Rubber Room Finale of 'law' is a class-ic (NYP) * GQ Sells Just 365 Copies of First iPad Issue * Times Paywall Details to Come Toward End of Year * Newspaper survival! "A vengeful mystery publication, criticized for its often racist and misogynistic scribings, now has a face — and a potential buyer." It is Frank Parlato Jr. * Who Killed Journalism? Jonathan Alter? (Wolff, Newser) * Apple Will Screw Publishers Like It Screwed Music Assuming anyone buys the currently crappy iPad magazine apps * The Rise of Bloomberg News (The Atlantic)