Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WWII Vets Attack Albany For Cutting Their Programs

Albany the way New Yorkers would like to see it

Attack Albany

For Cutting Their Programs

It’s war! hero says of $$ grab A World War II veteran who fought at D-Day is so infuriated that Gov. Paterson has siphoned $8.5 million from a special fund to help ailing servicemen that he's gearing up to do battle against Albany. * Punching, Kicking and Wrestling for Revenue (Gotham Gazette)

Sneaky Paterson Paterson make moves he thinks are clever. Like asking for the AG to investigate a sweat-heart land deal he made. It will not be easy for Cuomo investigate and possible rule against the state's largest environment group when he is running for gov? Gov OKs probe of land buy Paterson yesterday authorized Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to investigate why the state handed a major environmental group a staggering 57 percent profit on a large tract of wilderness land -- at a time when property values were collapsing. A scandal in green What's really behind the sweetheart land deal in which Albany further enriched the already enormously wealthy Nature Conservancy?(NYP Ed) * NY gave environmental org. absurd $3.7M profit for forest * The governor's call to limit tax breaks for brownfield redevelopment is contributing to the budget deal holdup.