Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teflon Bloomberg vs Punching Bag Paterson

Breaking News White House still unsure where 9/11 trials will be held * Technician arrested for doctoring bar-brawl video * City appeals order blocking settlement of Ground Zero lawsuits * Mario Cuomo called Spitz 'unfit' for gov's office in 2006 because of 'man and woman' thing: book

Teflon Bloomberg vs Punching Bag Paterson
Both Face Budget Deficits and Service Cut Backs

Bloomberg had the money and skills to control the council and press. Paterson faced a dysfunctional Albany that nobody has been able to tame and does not have person non profit money to buy support from anyone. Paterson is blamed for budget shortfalls and the cutback in state services. Bloomberg who faces many of the same problems is considered the most popular mayor in the history of New York Bloomy's 'historic' No. 1 spot Bloomberg is clearly on an effort to improve his likability waging a mini charm offensive,” the NYT calls it The Mayor Shows a Softer Side (NYT). The press goes aggressively after the Paterson and on his aided domestic violence incident with dozens of investigation reports and only offers an occasional story of the Manhattan DA investigation into the lost 750,000 in Bloomberg campaign funds that when to the Independence Party for GOTV. It seems how the press handles you has a lot to do with your popularity. A lesson not lost on the new governor. The Rose Garden strategy is working so far for AG Andrew Cuomo * The Rumble in the Jungle-Cuomo Style

Spitzer uses he money to buy positive press but keeps getting pushed back by what the Clinton"s use to call bimbo attacks. Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer became a regular Emperors Club client while he was still AG and eventually dropped $100,000 on call girls, Peter Elkind writes in his soon-to-be-released book, “Rough Justice.” * "See what Spitzer Saw in Playboy." * Don't Call It A (Spitzer) Comeback... Yet * Spitzer spent 100G on girls * Ashley Dupre With Whip, Candles, Little Else In Playboy * The Spitzer whodunit New book on Spitzer's examines if his enemies in finance were the real source of the tip to the feds that brought him down

True News has reported that looks are more important than news content when it comes to TV news. The question at NY1 and other stations is the sex the ways of the means of controlling the newsShrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News More Sexy Reporters

NY1 Breasts Contest NY1 honcho is 'bust'ed Led breast chats: staffer New York 1 News director Steven Paulus asked underlings to compare the breast size of all the on-air female reporters * NY1 executive Steve Paulus served up raunchy talk at Peter Luger's steakhouse, ex-worker dishes NY1 workers said he found dozens of copies of a gag photo depicting Sammarco with huge breasts plastered all over the newsroom.That disputed earlier testimony by former human resources manager Elizabeth Fanfant that only one picture was posted on the bulletin board * NY1 In Booty Comment Scandal (Gawker) * Former NY1 Reporter Takes Stand in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Save OTB But Not A Hospital?
Severance packages and pay raises to employees for OTB

St. Vin: State left us to die Doctors and nurses at bankrupt St. Vincent's Hospital charged yesterday that state officials sabotaged a plan for a major medical center to take it over * $1B bankruptcy looms for St. Vincent's Why is the state bailing out racing and not hospitals Bailout bill includes money for NYRA and life for NYC OTB * But the deal could be torpedoed by revelations that the cash-strapped OTB promised severance packages and pay raises to its employees * A new Aqueduct racino operator should be named by the time the Saratoga racing season starts (July 23), Paterson said. * Lawman rips Senate for Aque-ducking probers * NYC OTB DOA ?

Throw the Bums Out of Albany
Half of New York voter want every state senator--including their own--removed from office, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released this morning. Slightly fewer voters, 48 percent, said the same thing about the Assembly and their own Assembly member. Throw The Bums Out

Pay to Play Albany Judge won’t delay Bruno’s sentencing

Union moves to block NY pay-raise delays

Charter Commission
At Charter hearing in St. George, cry goes up for local control