Monday, April 19, 2010

Community Lawsuit Planned: To Find the Murder of St. Vincent's Hospital

Breaking News Obama to address Wall Street reform Thursday in NYC * Bloomberg Read About Obama Visit "On The Blogs"
Community Lawsuit Planned
To Find the Murder of St. Vincent's Hospital

Pols who planned to hide behind a meek press as they look the other way as a hospital is being made into a developers housing project, might want to think again. As True News has reported the sick are going to be hurt by the closing of St. Vincent. Beth Israel seeing influx of ex-St. Vincent's patients to ER The pols and the press have been completely silent about the impact on the closing of this hospital. The lawsuit plans to get to the bottom of why the hospital was closed and why the pols meekly followed and will show New Yorkers what will happen to their health care once the hospital is closed.

True News even beat the NYT which did not file this story until 1:50PM Today, True News posted at 9AM Today Lawsuit Aims to Keep St. Vincent's Open

Doubling Timing Espada The same coalition of insiders that defeated Monserrate seem to be forming against Espada. Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter a Bronx Community Leader To Challenge Espada Jr. Her campaign is being run by BerlinRosen and fundraiser Lisa Hernandez-Gioia, wife of former City Councilman Eric Gioia, two political insiders. At the same moment Pilgrim-Hunter announced the papers reported the Fed investigators, IRS probing Espada's ties to firm * Espada probe includes Pigeon Federal inquiry involves Town of Niagara business * Monserrate Got Payment From Firm In Espada Probe * Espada Losing "No Sleep" Over (Another) Investigation (Updated)

Facebook Azi Paybarah hiram monserrate & malcolm smith considering writing books, says liz. i wonder: what title would you give their books? Coming To A Bookstore Near You: Monserrate’s Memoirs?

Paladino's Biting the Hand that Feeds Him, Why? Albany critic governor candidate Paladino is state's biggest WNY landlord Why would a political insider pretend to be an outsider? And stay in the race after his racist email have been exposed? Looks like he was trying to crush Cox and Levy tea party. * Paladino: "I'm Not A Racist"

Election 2010 Andy could toss hat in the ring next week NYP Dicker is almost the spokesman of the Cuomo team *What's taking so long? 50% of Dems want Andrew Cuomo to declare he's running for governor now * Sources say ex-Bronx beep Adolfo Carrion will run for Lt. Gov, but Andrew Cuomo has to pop question * Brodsky Isn't Afraid to be an Incumbent * Andrew Cuomo Campaign Getting Lots of (Bad) Free Advice * Individuals at the hedge fund at the center of the Goldman fraud suit have contributed a lot to Cuomo * As the AG's pay-to-play investigations roll on, GOP controller candidate Harry Wilson wants Democratic incumbent Tom DiNapoli to release a list of his meetings with placement agents.

Pay to Play Comptroller
Wilson To DiNapoli: Release The Meetings

Mike Getting Bored?
Mike's Greek 'idle' AWOL for parade. The mayor has not had a public appearance since Thursday, and he called into his weekly Friday radio show, which he usually tapes in the studio.(NYP) *

Not the best of friends? Bloomberg Read About Obama Visit "On The Blogs" * Mayor Bloomberg annoyed that White House didn't inform him of President Obama's NYC trip Thursday

How Quickly Hillary Forgets Us Politically connected staffers in Hillary Rodham Clinton's State Department twisted arms to steer a $5.4 million contract for crystal stemware to a tiny interior-design firm without putting it out for bid -- a move that shut out a well-known New York glassmaker Hill's aides in 'bully' crystalAlbany's Pension Give Aways he three FDNY physicians who have been approving lucrative tax-free disability pensions say they're hamstrung by laws that force them to approve the generous payouts -- even if there's no evidence linking the firefighters' conditions to their jobs. Pension system sick FDNY docs say law ties their hands *

Your Pay for Albany Dysfunctionalism State pols plan to hit New Yorkers in wallet in plan to shrink Albany's budget deficit Increasing fees for automobile purchases and mortgages * Harper's the Albany Handshake

More MTA Cutbacks Coming
Bus riders will lose 611 stops -

Reading the Tea Leaves Instead of report the increase in shooting the NYP spins for the administration that Top cops under fire over recent shootings. What is not answered is how the decrease in police has caused this problem. More NYPD spin Quinn and Kelly hail 'excellent' work of bias crimes unit The press allows Quinn to cherry pick issues that avoid dealing with problems like the decrease in the police force. NYPD launches probe of NYPD commander accused in 'Twilight' sexual harassment case Cut Backs Another spin to cover that non profits will have less money this year to operate, the city says it is cutting red tape to help them out Nonprofit Groups Hopeful but Wary as City Aims to Cut Red Tape

Inside City Hall
Small Vendors Left Out of Schools’ Book Purchasing * Just one word: Plastics: Plan to simplify recycling sounds like a good idea * Volcano update: NYC braced for $250M loss as tourists remain grounded in Europe * 2nd 'sick' dispatcher calls in to S.I. depot from vacation * City’s Homeless Services Commissioner Resigns * With shelters swelling, mayor axes Homeless Services head

Reform The Charter Revision Commission holds another hearing tonight at 6 in Queens * Koch’s Secret Weapon Against Albany: Shame * Koch Endows His New Pact PACPaterson Incompetent Administration Rail chief quits over gov's 'lies' Sudden policy shift that "poisoned" critical talks to improve the state's rail service. Not clear if 150 million in bailout funds will be used.

GoldmanGate Sachs bosses' silence cost '$12B' * SEC probe widens * Top Goldman Leaders Said to Have Overseen Mortgage Unit * Euro leaders demand answers from Goldman Sachs * Groups Urge Tax on Wall St. Bonuses * SEC’s lead Goldman attorney took down Crazy Eddie * Inside a Goldman Sachs Abacus Deal Pension and Goldman Calif. Pension Fund to Examine Goldman Practices Calif. pension fund to examine Goldman Sach's corporate practices in wake of civil charges

Law and Order Cop's 'pot' shot 'Joint' defense in bike push *Video Is Central to Former NYPD Officer's Trial* Homeless man stabbed to death in Queens * M2 Club Closed by the Police

Doorman Union Use 11th Hour Deal as a way to communicate to their members they held out for the best deal possible. No strike likely.New Yorkers Brace for Doorman Strike(NYT) * City's doormen poised to strike (DN)