Thursday, April 22, 2010

Analysis This Newspapers: How the Papers Defend New York

Analysis This Newspapers

How the Papers Defend New York

Newspapers existence tied to the city's economy and Wall Street

Former NY1 reporter Adele Sammarco who is suing the station for sexual harassment got shrink-rapped Wednesday by a psychiatrist hired by NY1 who said she was paranoid, narcissistic and not that smart. Time Warner owner of NY1 paid Dr. Paul Nassar $500-an-hour to evaluate Sammarco "Adele fantasized about being a great reporter," he said. Sammarco had difficulty facing the possibility that "maybe I'm not so great." Nassar also dismissed the opinion of a therapist who testified Sammarco suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after ex-colleague Gary Anthony Ramsay allegedly tried to force a kiss on her. Update: Manhattan jury sides with station

True News feels it is also important to analysis what the media reports. The most important issue facing New York City today is the effects of the financial reforms on the city's economy.
Bloomberg warns overregulation could drive away financial firms from Wall Street * Bloomberg Defends Wall Street Ahead Of President's Visit * Wall Street Reform Bill May Drive Companies Overseas, Bloomberg Warns

City economy imperiled in the name of 'reform' (NYP) * City economy imperiled in the name of 'reform'(NYP Ed) * Gilly turns to jelly over Wall St. bill * Welcome, O - to city you want to ruin

Daily News Fantasizes Everything Will Be Fine

"It would be all too easy for President Obama to play the role of dragon slayer when he visits New York today to press for congressional passage of sweeping financial regulations. No good would come from overheated rhetoric . . With this everyone agrees, although the fair-minded will say blame rests also with the Congress from which Obama rose, with asleep-at-the-switch regulators and, yes, with John Q."Obama's talk of the town: President must not demonize Wall Street in speech * Traders banking on Gillibrand to shield them

NYT It's All About Them, Turns Back On New Yorkers

The NYT which has the most readers, by far who depend on Wall Street did not have any room today to examine what effects the reforms would have on them. They did have room in the metro section for The World of Doormen Is Obvious, Yet Mysterious and That Mighty Sorting Machine Is Certainly One for the Books What they did write about the reforms had nothing to do with the effects on New York Obama Looks to Close Sale on Financial Reform * After Goldman The financial-reform measure approved by a Senate committee would go a long way toward making the system safer, but it does not go far enough (NYT Ed) * Dance of the Derivatives Regulation of the market for derivatives is up to the Senate Agriculture Committee because, really, everything is a crop.

Reform Vs. Wall St.: What It Means For NYC * Bloomberg's Critique of Obama * President Obama's NYC speech was interrupted more than 20 times by applause -- but not from Mayor Bloomberg.

Roaches and Good Government Groups
If New York Gets Destroyed by Dysfunctional Albany the Only Things that will be left are Roaches and Good Government Groups

The old pros at the good government groups after no effect on changing Albany are forming yet another group to reinvent themselves Goo Goos Want Lawmakers on the Record for Reform They have no demands for change at this time, there goal at this time is offer an Internet Town Hall platform for incumbents to explain what reforms they believe in. Maybe they should also give Goldman and other bankers a chance to talk about reformers to help individual investors. This new group could be a response to Koch's new reform group New York Uprising to keep the old pros of the good government movement in control of the media, which no doubt helps in their fundraising drives to pay their salaries. Albany 'Reform' Group Led by Koch Lays Out Goals

The actions by the good government groups can hurt more then help. It could mislead the public that something is being done and reduce there anger at Albany. The real problem which the NYT and the good government groups do not understand is there looks like there will be few primaries against incumbents this year than ever before. Petitions start in early June it is already to late to raise money and organized campaigns against incumbents who are responsible for the dysfunctionalism and corruption in Albany Only Way to Change Albany is Put All the Bums in Jail: Incumbents Face Little if Any Opposition at the Polls This Fall

Good Government Groups Addicted to the Press More Than Schumer
Over a year ago True News wrote Reformers Have Their Annual Press Conference . . . Nothing Else we said at that time:

"Every year the well meaning good government groups hold a press conference covered by the media, to plead that the leaders of Albany's corrupt and dysfunctional government change their ways. The public is used to this dance. After the press hits, the pols answer with promises of change, the reformers go home and we end each year with three men in a room cutting member items and a budget deal favorable to the lobbyists and their special interests. Each year we also see a new crop of former elected officials graduate to jail."

Nobody is Running, Most Incumbents Get Free Rides The NYT should be put down for miss information. Incumbents are in no danger losing because most do not have real challengers. NYT story says that is why the men incumbents are on a diet losing weight. All they have to do is wait until June and confirm they have no challenger and the donuts stores will have their long lines back In Albany, Keeping an Eye on the Polls, and the Scales

Roosevelt Signs Glass Stegall to Protect Investors
Since 1999 when Glass Steagall Act (1933) which deregulated the banks passed Wall Street to contributed to the democrats 89 Million and 68 million to the republicans * Wall Street’s Faith in Schumer Slips (Roll Call)

Bloomberg: I didn't sign the Cayman Islands tax return I signedNew York Economic Melt Down The state Insurance Department’s voicemail system has fallen victim to budget cuts * NYC tenants in defaulted properties demand fixes * Lipstick on the collar Madoff site nears foreclosur * The city says the Rockaway ferry service is a money pit FBI vs Espada
30 boxes of evidence from Espada's organization
FBI teams that helped bring down ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, ex-Assemblyman Tony Seminerio and ex-NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik now have their sights set on Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. * “Mr. Cuomo objects to the fact that I employ my family. I remind him that he is who he is today because his father helped him. His father gave him his first real job. His father gave him the famous last name that now he counts on to become Governor,” Espada told Telemundo * FBI's raid fuels 'rap' vs. Espada * F.B.I. Raids Clinic Office Linked to Bronx Senator * Facing Political Challenges Along With the Legal Ones * FBI, IRS agents raid Pedro Espada Jr.'s Soundview * Soundview patients could be hardest hit by Pedro Espada Jr. looting * John Sampson balks at removing Espada * The Times looks at Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter, Espada's challenger *Cuomo Seeks Records for Espada Aides * Cuomo Goes After Senate Records In Espada Case

azipaybarah zing! RT @KathleenRice Dinallo, Brodsky, Coffey & Holtzman r mum on Espada. Silence is golden but not when you want to clean up Albany. #nyo And Where Was Spitzer on Espada?

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Bill Lynch said, "It's disappointing, to say the least. It's every man for himself out there."I say how refreshing—contested elections, which leads to less corrupt government. The tribes of New York: Upcoming elections show cracks in city's ethnic coalition
Albany Dysfunctional Government Sen. Marty Golden now wants both Espada and Senate President Malcolm Smith to give up their leadership posts * Gov. David Paterson is threatening to try to keep lawmakers in Albany until they get a budget deal * The state Senate Agriculture Committee killed a farmworkers' rights bill that included mandatory overtime and rest periods * DiNapoli: Money just won't be there

Election 2010 The tribes of New York: Upcoming elections show cracks in city's ethnic coalition * Schumer Has $21.8 Million for Election, Gillibrand $6 Million *

Charter Wars
Academies' troubling 'wait' gain 43,000 can't get in * A 2,000-strong United Federation of Teachers rent-a-mob is expected in the streets downtown this morning, as Harlem state Sen. Bill Perkins convenes a public hearing meant to libel the wildly successful charter-school movement It's for the unions (NYP Ed) * Conflict of interest finds a home at charter schools *‘Shame On You, Bill Perkins’

Signs Come Down At St. Vincent's
Law and Order Mom's screams bag would-be 'rapist' * 'Perv' teach: 'Don't tell anyone' * Queens Teacher Charged With Abusing Five Students

Charter chairman to commissioners: Ignore City Hall and do what's right

Cement Board Walks?
Boards walk out of Coney Parks workers have begun replacing the traditional wood planks with large cement slabs along a three-block stretch on the Brighton Beach section of the Riegelman Boardwalk. Last Atlantic Yards holdout sells his condo for $3 million * $3 Million Deal Ends a Holdout in Brooklyn