Sunday, December 13, 2009

UPDATED ALL WEEKEND Note to the Media: It Is Time to Get Creative With Albany

Breaking News: Paterson to delay $750 million in payments to local governmentsPoughkeepsie Journal *** Paterson Freezes 10 Percent Of State's Payments (NY1)

Note to the Media:

It Is Time to Get Creative With Albany

The media complains about the dysfunctional in Albany. They attack member items, their irresponsibility in cutting the budget with one than one shot quick fixes. But they never put the Tim Russert, Mike Wallace tough questions to the elected. In all the media editorials calling for change they really appeal to the elected officials good nature to do the right thing. The massive number of voters who stayed home frustrated this past elections year know what the so called opinion makers in the city are clueless about. This generation of elected officials don't care and they corrupted the election system to assure their reelection mostly with no opposition at all, and they know it. The media is not going to stop elected officials from giving themselves member items and the U.S. Attorney which put Bruno in jail explained that his job is very harder because the lack of transparency in Albany makes it very hard to find out what is really going on.
Feds: More corrupt pols to be 'Bruno'ed

With this kind of thuggery going on in Albany the media has one card to play, use the press to make the pubic so angry they vote the bums out. To do this they must begin asking hard questions every time the elected try to escape blame by hiding. Not one story today ask a Albany pol why failed at saving the MTA. Why not ask Carl Kruger if he thinks school bus passes have to be cut because he voted last week to take $143 million from the MTA budget so the state can plug it budget gap hole. The press can also ask Kruger why the MTA tax that he approved out of the committee he chairs was $200 million short, causing a $343 million budget gap inside the MTA that must be closed immediately. They should ask every Albany leader the same question and publish them. Because of member items most of the voters who still vote think that their guy is OK but the legislature as a whole stinks. Broke MTA May Eliminate Subway Lines, Bus Service (NYP) * MTA bigwigs may cut free passes for students (DN) * M.T.A. Moves to Slash Pay and Service (NYT) *** Daly: MTA student cuts could hurt city's future

Sunday Subway Service Cuts Being to Hurt It looks like the dam has broken on service cuts. We know their be less subway service in 2010. With the judges ruling that the MTA must paid the arbitrator awarded 11% raises, the state taking $143 from the agency operating budget and the taxi fee increase and tax increase that is $200 million short Our subways are pushing service off track(NYP) *** Judge Denies M.T.A. Bid to Set Aside Raises * Judge: MTA must pay 11% TWU raises It's the third MTA money drain in the past two weeks. Earlier, Gov. Paterson took away $143 million in direct aid and revenues from a new payroll tax came in short of forecasts by $200 million City Agencies Also The performance of city agencies is tank ing even before Mayor Bloomberg chops $1.77 billion from their budgets in another round of belt-tightening $$ ax making bad things worse Get ready to hear pols telling us not to cut school bus free passes and transportation to the handicap but when you ask them to cut their budget that get annoyed New York State Also Gov. Paterson to withhold 10% from schools, local gov's - including NYCNever Cut Themself The 2009-2010 state budget includes more than $196 million just to run New York's Legislature. Now we have a legislature that adopts budget on time, they just have to be change during the year because they are not accurate * Our industrious legislators increased state spending by 9%, raised taxes by $7 billion and failed to pass a single truly important piece of nonbudgetary legislation * According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the New York Legislature had 2,751 staffers as of July (the national average was 682). That's almost 13 staff members for each of our 212 hardworking legislators * According to the state Public Integrity Commission, 6,624 lobbyists (many former staffers) and 62 public corporations spent $173.9 million to lobby our state government in 2008 * NYS Legislature spends $500,000 on special sessions, cuts $0 from budget November 18, 2009 *The Most Expensive Budget in the Least Productive Legislative SessionGene

Look and Life Magazine Are Not Good Role Models for the Daily News
Someone ought to tell DN owner Mort Zuckerman that both Look and Life are out of business, because first with TV and now the Internet the public does not need those picture magazines anymore. The DN just spend $150 million new color press which they expect to return them to era of being New York's picture newspaper. They even are importing a chap from London who will give it the modern look of European papers, whose eye-popping color photos often rival those in luxury magazines. If Zuckerman really wanted to increase the DN circulation he should have used the Tiger woods example that sex sells papers and brought the Playboy empire which we hear is for sale. Or put a little breaking news in the paper (Esp the Sunday Edition which all media outlets have seem to cutback on since the recent circulation and advertising drop) which is not available the night before all over the Internet Daily News sees quite a photo op Zuckerman's colorful vision faces long odds in a newspaper slump (Crains). Dummy News? The DN should also understand that a political makeover is more than clean shave. Seriously that was the gut of their story today about the governor makeover today Gov. David Paterson's handlers are reinventing him for 2010 The True News Paterson makeover post published yesterday showed how the governors handlers were changing his political positions to opposing the legislature, not his beard.

True News Saturday:
Gov's Team Trying to Run Against the Legislature
Old Bulls Harold Ickes who comes from Paterson's father law firm and Bill Lynch are not working to reelect. They both understand the way to get the governor elected is to run him against the corrupt in Albany and shift the blame of they financial crisis to the legislature. Gov OK with a more powerful AG The Paterson team also understand that today's press only covers the press release with no analysis of past actions. All during this past year we have from the candidate how they will reduce class sizes and provide more services, the press never challenged them on the fact that the melt down of the city's economy made those claims impossible. In fact a NY1 mayor debate received wide spread criticism because not one question was asked about the city's declining economy ***Labor's love lost: Major New York union leader calls out Albany's do-nothing lawmakers * Paterson To Legislature: You're Liars

Did Liu Violate CFB Rules? The NYP had a story today that seem to indicate but did not say comptroller Liu personal account. The article said the campaign got his hands on Liu's personal information and banking details. It that is true why was the aide paid personally by Liu? The comptroller was a participant in the CFB matching fund program where all expenses have to go trough campaign bank accounts and be reported? The Liu aide used the account's routing number from checks used to pay him for two weeks' work in October Campaign aide nailed for Liu loot

Short Takes
Children from poor families may be receiving powerful drugs not because they need them but because it is deemed a cheaper way to treat a problem Poor Children Likelier to Get Antipsychotics Return to pre-Giuliani squeegee-man scam? NYP says the mayor is calling for more gun control in response to the Times Square shooting to cover up the growing problem of rap artists become increasingly ubiquitous around Times Square, intimidating tourists into "purchasing" their CDs Shooting from the lip (NYP Ed) Is the New York Congressional Delegation Sleeping First the decide to hold the 911 trials in NYC not they cut the budget to fights terrorism. How about showing accomplishment rather than ourrage Shelly You Jest: Open Mic Night at Governor's Office (Video) Silver: "To Wall Street? The Stock Exchange? I own that." Paterson then appears to feign surprise. Paterson:"You own the stock exchange? I have to make sure you come along." Then Silver hints that he's not completely kidding. Silver: "When you go to [Senator] Johnson's district, you make a big deal out of it." Banker Gov? Rick Lazio gets a $1.3 million JP Morgan bonus. Do the Republican's actually believe their best candidate for governor is a banker? Lazio's 2009 JPMorgan Bonus: $1.3 Million Why is NY Spending Billions on A 2nd Avenue Subway? You can blame goo goos like Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign who is on TV every 3 minutes. He is very useful for dumb reporters who have no idea beyond the press release what is going on. Russianoff who push for years for the 2nd avenue subway not want to take some of the money TARP money the state and city are using for that to plug the MTA budget gap. The fact that TARP money is the only thing keeping the bankrupt MTA ($25 Billion short) capital budget alive is of no concern to to goo goo or the clueless reporter. GOV: LET'S DEAL WITH MTA CAPITAL BUDGET LATER -

Gov of La Mancha Albany Regents join charter boost *** Put N.Y. kids to the test: State must raise education bar to highest national standard ***Governor Paterson: Banning decision makers from outside jobs may stop Bruno-like scandals in Albany ** A 10-year drought: State Senate has left farmworkers in the dust for a decade *** Shelly You Jest: Open Mic Night at Governor's Office *** Gov. Paterson to withhold 10% from schools, local gov's - including NYC (WNBC) *** Requests for records related to former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno's federal corruption trial made a Top 10 list
***Saturday Paterson Signs Bill to Rein in State’s Free-Spending Public Authorities *** Great day for teachers' pension loophole *** Paterson OK with more powerful Attorney General; could clean up Albany *** $1M price tag to defend Ravitch appointment
Inside City Hall $50M vote on elex machines *** Former Bronx Police Commander Named as Deputy Commissioner *** Schumer Wants Simple Fix For Voter Privacy a curtain missing from the new modern machines *** Three Bronx Supreme Court judges to retire *** Candidates, declared and otherwise, have Islanders thinking ahead to next fall
***Saturday City Council Seeks To Curb Settlements In Lawsuits Against NYPD *** Bikes Now Allowed Inside City Buildings *** Mike: Law's a dis'grace' A five-minute grace period for motorists who run overtime at parking meters won't result in fewer summonses, just higher costs to the city in processing them, Mayor Bloomberg contended *** Mike's new ammo in gun crusade*** City lauds error rate of new 911 dispatching system *** Cy Vance Jr. Quickly Immersed in Harsh Politics

New York Economic & Competency Melt Down MTA 'Disappointed' at NYC Court Decision on Wages *** Eye doc's shocking charge: NY schools are making your kids nearsighted *** Penny's CEO loves Manhattan *** A tough act for biggest nonprofit theater After major expansion, Roundabout stares into recession's harsh lights *** Hundreds protest Staten Island Boy Scout camp sale *** Charter school executives earning big bucks *** The city will lose $84 million worth of funding under Gov. David Paterson's plan to withhold local government assistance payments starting Tuesday *** The Port Authority's budget swells as it cuts jobs.
Law And Order Qns. gal is bound and slain *** Times Sq. gunman held weapon like rapper *** 14,000 "get out of jail free" cards for NYC criminals *** Dissed pol sees shred Furious as judge rips letter Avella is fuming over a letter he wrote on behalf of an ailing constituent that was ripped into little pieces by a Queens Family Court judge's office and mailed back to him *** 135-bust hood: I'm not bad*** Murdered cat's DNA leads to cold-hearted killer *** Amanda Knox tells AP in jail that she's scared*** Gun in Times Square shooting may have smuggling link *** Shootings down in Brownsville, but up near stationhouse ***Bad Santas — At Least 33 Busted For Open Containers
Congress DC digs deeper Borrow, borrow, borrow like there’s just no tomorrow *** Health Care to Keep Democrats From Copenhagen Conference *** Legislator Sees Echoes of Vietnam in Afghan War *** Senate Clears Way for the Approval of a Spending Measure *** Harry Reid, Deep in the Mud - Ruben Navarrette, San Diego Union-Tribune *** Congress Out of Its League on BCS - George Will, Sacramento Bee *** Health Care Bill Hits New Roadblocks - Pear & Herzenhorn, New York Times *** Republicans Aren't Serious on Health Care - Jacob Weisberg, Slate *** Dem Reform Plans Don't Address the Problem - Michael Munger, Reason *** Health Care: Are the Senators Serious? - Chicago Tribune *** Congress Shouldn't Mess With College Football - San Francisco Chronicle *** SNL Mocks Media For Ignoring Political Affairs While Reveling In Tiger's (VIDEO) *** Showdown at the GOP corral (Wash Post) *** Are bloggers the new legislative watchdogs? (Doublethink Online) *** *** Weiner wants to cut off gov's cellphone taxes, fees *** Taking Temperature of the Health Care Bill Senators Rockefeller, Nelson and Lieberman Debate Current Bill, Chances of Passing With Medicare Buy-In, Abortion Language (Face the Nation) *** Medicare buy-in plans runs into Senate resistance *** Senate passes $1.1 trillion spending bill *** Lieberman Tells Reid To His Face, He'll Vote Against Current Health Care Bill
House Approves Tougher Rules on Wall Street *** In Connecticut, Biden Stumps for Dodd*** Senate Hits New Roadblocks on Health Care Bill *** House Ban on Acorn Grants Is Ruled Unconstitutional*Judge stalls government efforts to cut off ACORN's funds ** Baucus Aide Met With Divorce Lawyer*** NRA Quietly Winning Battles For Looser Gun Laws *** Health plan would cost big: report*** House passes sweeping banking reform bill *** Harry Reid's Main Focus: Harry Reid - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** Health Care: Are the Senators Serious? - Chicago Tribune *** House OKs $3.9 Billion in Earmarks in Spending Bill - Los Angeles Times *** Did Baucus' Girlfriend Get Better Benefits?*** GOP Couldn't Stop Spending Bill *** Hawaii Democrat Will Resign From Congress

Pay to Play Congress Spending Bill Has $4 Billion In Pork *** Republicans Aren't Serious on Health Care - Jacob Weisberg, Slate *** Palin on the Rise; Obama is Old News - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Political Parties Sarah Palin faces off with William Shatner in surprise 'Tonight Show' gag *** Sarah Palin Vs. William Shatner On "Tonight Show" (VIDEO) *** Regular Guy Pawlenty Talks Budget Cuts & Spam - John Kass, Chicago Trib

Terrorism & NY Jobs for jihadis (NYP Ed) *** Burned ayatollah photo sparks new Iranian protests (AP) ***Al Qaeda's YouTube Recruiting Trick *** The YouTube terror link: Eliciting radicals online (Wash Post) *** Islamists flee after Philippines jailbreak (BBC) *** Islamic Extremism Raises U.S. Terror Fears (CBS)
***Saturday New Cases Test Optimism on Extremism by U.S. Muslims *** Sen. Schumer rips anti-terror fund cuts *** A Terrorist Threat in Our Midst? - Colbert King, Washington Post *** Pakistani investigators hunt for 'Saifullah' Authorities are zeroing in on the alleged mastermind of a plot to send five Northern Virginia men to Afghanistan to kill U.S. troops (Wash Post) *** Al-Qaeda's Image Makeover? *** America's Radicalization Problem

Wall Street and the Economy
Sickening bonuses Hosp CEOs snag $1M amid big health cuts *** 'The only thing useful banks have invented in 20 years is the ATM' - PAUL VOLKER *** New housing crisis *** Lawsuit Reveals The Problems Inside Wall Street's Mortgage Machine *** Interest Rates Are Low, but Banks Balk at Refinancing *** The Homeless Are Wherever Jobs Vanish *** The Do-It-Yourself Economy The Great Recession has forced companies to get leaner and more efficient, but without credit these companies can’t grow (Friedman NYT) *** The Real Lesson of 1994 - Anderson & Wickersham, Weekly Standard *** WSJ Follows the Loopholes on Regulation Bill (CJR) *** 10 brands that will die in 2010 (24/7 Wall Street) *** FDIC closes yet more banks *** Goldman Sachs Trading Shouldn't Be Backed by Taxpayer Money, Volcker Says (Bloomberg News) *** House passes sweeping banking reform bill *** Paul A. Samuelson, Economist, Dies at 94
Colleges Turn the Economic Crisis Into a Lesson Plan *** The Lure of Store Credit Cards, and the Hook*** European Bank President Joins Critics of Bonuses *** WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Warns Of Death Of The Middle Class *** Carl Icahn: I'll help Trump casinos *** Bonuses take a beating: Sarkozy plans bonus tax for France *** Why Wall Street Hates the Regulatory Bill: A Real Watchdog *** Crony Capitalism is Back With a Vengeance - Rep. Paul Ryan, Forbes *** First the Good News... - Larry Kudlow, RealClearPolitics *** Loopholes Lurk in Bank Bill - Wall Steet Journal ($) *** Goldman Sachs Fueled AIG's Risky Gambles
Wall Street Pay to Play Fund manager pleads guilty to $150M fraud *** A Legal Bulldog’s Journey, From Prosecutor to Prosecuted *** Figure in Madoff Case Now Faces Criminal Inquiry *** Ponzi big: I'm guilty*** SEC: We'll 'vigorously pursue' BoA over bonus issue *** Madoff's scandal still plaguing charities a year later *** Post-Madoff: What's Changed? *** Madoff Is the Most Popular Guy in Prison
Environment This Week in Copenhagen There is no chance of even an interim agreement from the global warming conference without the enthusiastic participation of China ***Police detain 40 protesters at Copenhagen climate conference *** Peace prize ceremony performance by pro-war country singer Toby Keith dismays Norwegians *** Climategate is Silly - Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times *** Carbon Tax Idea is Making a Comeback - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Climate Change, the Great Leveller - Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times *** Copenhagen Climate Conference: Money Talks - The Guardian *** Over 900 Protesters Arrested in Copenhagen *** ClimateGate' Doesn't Show Global Warming Was Faked, AP Reports *** Copenhagen Protesters Released *** Bloomberg the Bigfoot (in Carbon) *** Summit Is Seen as U.S. Versus China *** Could Cow Manure Save The City's Water Supply?

National Houston Elects First Openly Gay Mayor In A Top 5 US City *** Houston Elects First Openly Gay Mayor In A Top 5 US City *** Houston Is Largest City to Elect Openly Gay
Mayor *** San Jose’s Stimulus Flow Feels More Like a Trickle *** Las Vegas hospital suspends six after ignored woman's premature baby dies *** States Release Inmates Early To Cut Prison Costs
Immigration Officials Arrest 300 in California *** Houston Mayoral Race Sees Personal Attacks *** Number of Hungry American Kids Skyrockets

International Treasury Document Reveals Secret Plan To Make Prince William The 'Shadow King' Of England *** Afghanistan Calls America's Bluff *** Korean Weapons Grounded in Thailand *** U.S. contractor detained in Cuba (Wash Post) *** Mexico's drug cartels siphon oil *** 1/2 world's languages face extinction *** Turkey bans pro-Kurdish party *** Iraq eyes huge oil capacity rise (BBC) *** Palace Denies William 'Shadow King' Report (Sky News) *** DN Editorial: Stop fueling Iran's nukes *** VIDEO: Italian Premier Berlusconi ATTACKED At Rally
***Billionaire, ex-president head for Chile run-off *** Secret document exposes Iran’s nuclear trigger (UK Timeonline)
Iran agrees to nuclear fuel swap, with caveats *** Iraq reaches oil deals (Wash Post) *** Can Chile's Right Emerge from Its Dark Past? *** Cyprus Struck by Presidential Grave-Robbery ***China Rethinking One-Child Rule *** Sudan's Election Violence *** Blair Would Have Invaded Iraq *** E.U. to Pay Billions to Poorer Nations

Media and New Tech Ranting on ratings Broadcast execs scramble to fix business model *** Hard cell: Google to hawk phones *** Tiger Woods and the Perils of Modern Celebrity *Tiger Woods sponsors AT&T, Gillette limit tarnished golfer's role in campaigns amid sex scandal ** Legal Battles Over E-Book Rights to Older Books *** Mark Ingram Wins Heisman Trophy in Close Race *** Twitter Tapping Privacy law was largely created in the pre-Internet age, and new rules are needed to keep up with the ways people communicate today (NYT) *** 5 Reasons Die Hard Is The Best Christmas Movie Ever Made ***U.S., Russia, Seek End to Cyberwar *** Early Results from the Newsday Paywall (Columbia Journalism Review) ***Ashley Dupre Gets Column In New York Post *** TV Ratings: Saturday night all right for many things, but not broadcast TV *** Need Relationship Advice? Ask a Former Escort NBC New York *** 'Princess' Tops U.S. Box Office *** Washington Spaces: RIP December 2009
Editor Quits at Newsday; His Deputy Replaces Him *** Apple Countersues Nokia Over Patent Infringement *** Newsday Names Debby Krenek Editor-In-Chief *** Privacy advocates slam Facebook change *** On Paper, the Rights Are Clear, but Battles Rage Over E-Books *** Sponsors Shy Away From Tiger's Image *** Google to Sell Own Phone *** Random House Claims Rights to Past Books *** Apple, Google Rivalry Is Heating Up *** MTV Pulls "Jersey Shore" Punch Clip *** Can Journalism Learn From The Tabloids?

Blog Report
City Launches Environmental Health Web Portal (Health Department) *** Cartoonist’s Take on Albany Ethics (Matt Davies) *** Ratner Contradicts Himself on Community Use of Arena (Atlantic Yards Watch) *** Times Still Undecided on Pay Wall Model (Editor & Publisher) * Steam Leaks Help New Yorkers Understand Infrastructure (Urban Omnibus) * A Survey of the Year’s Lost Landmarks (Lost City via Curbed) *** The Craftily Negative Promise Offered For Bonds Being Sold For Nets Arena: It’s Not “Assumed” Islanders Hockey Team Is Coming to Basketball Arena (Noticing New York) *** Neighborhoodr hopes to make changes to local coverage on blogosphere