Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do Your Job Washington . . . Protect Us

Do Your Job Washington

Protect Us

5:25PM Obama: 'Systemic Failure' Resulted In Terror Plot

This Morning: "Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano's initial assessment of the Christmas Day airliner attack -- that "the system worked" -- doesn't quite match the absurdity of "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." But only because she quickly took it back." The System Needs Fixing - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

person on a watch list is allowed to fly to the U.S. After purchasing a one way ticket with cash in Africa with no luggage and then tries to blow up a plane. The guy's own father warned the US Embassy about his son terrorism beliefs. The British bared him from coming into their county because he lied about attending a school that did not exist and yet he comes this close to executing a mini 9/11. The point of keeping a terrorist list is to use the list (sounds like a Seinfeld episode). Somebody in Homeland Security has got to take a hit for this.

"We want to know why various government agencies didn't connect the dots before Sept. 11, such as warnings from FBI offices in Minnesota and Arizona about suspicious student pilots." Kristen Breitweiser 911 widow testifying before the 911 commission 9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable

After Eight Years, Terrorists Still Fly - Clark Kent Ervin, New York Times * We Keep Lying to Ourselves About Islam - Ralph Peters, New York Post * It's the Incompetence, Stupid - Rich Lowry, New York Post * Can Crist Survive Conservative Uprising in Florida? - Tim Padgett, Time * A Murderous Ideology Tolerated For Too Long - The Telegraph * Al Qaeda's Clear Message - Wall Street Journal * Abdulmutallab: "More Like Me" Coming To US ABC *** Explosive could have blown hole in plane (Wash Post) *** In Katrina’s Aftermath, Still Struggle a Struggle to Help - New York Times *** Many Question 'System Worked' Comment - Jennifer Loven, Assoc. Press

True News First Again - Yesterday "There is something very unnerving about spin doctors and terrorism. Arizona's former governor, Homeland Security Secretary is well tested on her ability to spin and double talk. Maybe a corrupt cop like Bernie Kerik would have done a better job keeping us safer?" (TN) Today's Daily News "I hate to admit it, but President George W. Bush was right to appoint a cop to head homeland security. He just picked the wrong one when he chose Bernard Kerik, who is also a crook. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is not fit for position, recent events prove (Daly DN)


Terrorism On Planet Janet (NYP Ed) *** It's the incompetence, stupid *** Flipping Janet forced to concede security flopped *** Homeland insecurity: Secretary Janet Napolitano just doesn't get it ***PHOTO: Singed remains of terrorist's underwear bomb ***Air bomber's shorts fuse *** U.S. Struggles Anew to Ensure Safety as Gaps Are Revealed *** More Pilot Discretion on Security Measures *** 'Absolute chaos' at nyc airports Innocent fliers: TSA has gone plane insane *** Ex-Gitmo goons did it! Freed Qaeda creeps hatched undie-cover plan to blow up Christmas jet *** Terror scare spurs push for full-body scanners *** Playing Politics With National Security - Joan Walsh, Salon *** TSA Needs More Tools - Washington Post *** In-Flight Regulations To Be Determined By Pilot, AP Says *** GOP Holds Up TSA Chief *** Freed Gitmo Detainees Behind Attack *** Abdulmutallab’s Lonely Online Posts *** Key security agencies lack permanent leaders *** Confusion fills skies after attempted bombing *** Iran limits movements of an opposition leader *** King: Try Nigerian Bomber in Military Court
*** Record of loneliness, privilege (Wash Post) *** Yemen says may harbor up to 300 Qaeda suspectsReuters *** Hikind: Racial Profiling 'Makes Sense' In War On Terror *** Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport (MLive.com exclusive) *** U.S. Intel Lapses Helped Abdulmutallab CBS News Exclusive: CIA Had Info on Person of Interest Dubbed "The Nigerian" in August But Officials Failed to Connect Dots (CBS News)

6000 less cops since 2001
Expect more police presence on subways, streets, says police commish Raymond Kelly * City's crime rate drops despite shrinking police force (SI Advance)

Is the
UFT losing juice? A sign of change in Albany?
Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson backs boosting charters to get federal aid *** Sampson Envisions New Look, Same Leaders *** Sen. Sampson rings in the new year *** No. 3: Senate coup creates chaos (TU) Hard to become worse . . . we hope Worst. Albany. Year. Ever. That's what N.Y. got from its elected officials *** Bill Hammond says 2009 was "God-awful," and that the "b-team" of New York's leaders made things worse

Before the Mayoral Election Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses - City Room Blog (NYT) ***Mayor Bloomberg mulls making snail-like crosstown buses free (DN) *** BLOOMBERG: FREE CROSSTOWN BUS SERVICE FOR ALL - NYPOST.com After the Election Night Bus Cuts Leave Riders Scrambling

Albany's Pay to Play Collection Agency As the new legislative session starts it time for incumbents most who are never challenged to raise money and the lobbyist working for special interests to buy their votes. To bad there is no dysfunctionalism when it comes to raising money, only in governing the state competently Old Habits Die Hard * Schneiderman Raises, With DiNapoli * Tell Congress: Make Fair Elections a Priority in 2010 Washington/Wall Street The Cash Committee: How Wall Street Wins On The Hill
Gov of La Mancha Silver-bashing judge slapped *** Pol to NYRA: Cut 'manure' *NYRA defends its turf against controller audit*NYRA responds to DiNapoli* Percy Sutton, 1920-2009 (NYP Ed) *** Shinnecock Indians See Prosperity Ahead *** Judge Is Censured for Efforts to Secure a Pay Raise *** WATCH: Controlled Explosion Destroys Upstate Bridge *** Bloody nuisances: The state Assembly must stop coddling killer drunken drivers "Assembly refuses to give investigators the power to order blood tests at accident scenes. Killer drunken drivers must have the ultimate in legal protections, you know." (DN ED) *** Flash! Amigos dinner cancelled *** "Gang Of Four" Discuss Sutton Legacy (NY1) *Pablo Guzman: When Percy Sutton Put Up My Bail (WCBS)** New York Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Monserrate *** NY Senate Committee Holds Hearing On Monserrate (WCBS) *** State Senators Criticize Hiram Monserrate *** Draft reports indicates State senate will kick out MonserrateInside City Hall Cy-onara, Morgy pals Vance to replace veteran DA staff *** Mayor OKs 'Bell' street *Mike renames Bell street but doesn't revisit shoot ** Judge Says Transit Cases Cannot Be Heard in Secret *** Parents and teachers work to keep Bronx high school open
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New York Economic Melt Down
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Congress Pay to Play
Meeks not so blessed *** Rep. Meeks enjoyed six vacations thanks to con artist *** Will the Meeks Not Inherit the Earth? *** The Breathtaking ‘Rep. Pete Sessions & Ponzi Scheme Guy Friendship Emails’ Non-Denial Denial *** Did Political Donations Land Ponzi Suspect Entry into Fla. Bid? - St. Pete Times *** Radanovich to retire (The Hill) *** Stark Faces Ethics Probe *** Sen. Dodd, D-Conn., slashed aviation security funding for pet constituency*** Queens Rep. Tied To Ponzi Schemer — And Hugo Chavez?

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Wall Street Pay to Play JPMorgan Sues Former Executive Accused of $2.8 Million Theft *** Twins Charged in $2 Million Stock Scam in New York City

Environment Emissions Disclosure as a Business Virtue *** Carp and the LakesThe only sure way to stop invasive carp from wiping out the ecosystem of the Great Lakes is to close the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (NYT Ed) *** Unworkable options for drill wastewater *** Proposed Waste Management Station Clears Legal Hurdle *** It will be nearly impossible to get rid of water used to hydrofrack in the Southern Tier *** Drilling Wastewater Disposal Options in New York Report Have Problems of Their Own

International Tehran accuses West of fomenting violence in Iran *** The Tipping Point in Iran - Abbas Milani, Wall Street Journal *** Iran’s War on Its PeopleIranians have a right to demand their basic freedoms and that their government is committed to protecting, not killing, its citizens (NYT Ed) *** Is This Iran's Berlin Wall Moment? *** China Executes Briton Despite Appeals for Mercy *** Nigeria: At Least 35 Dead in Islamic Sect Violence *** N. Korea Holding American Citizen *** Putin: Russia to develop offensive weapons to keep balance with U.S. *** Iran accuses UK of meddling Aljazeera.net *** Western counter-terrorism help 'not enough for Yemen' BBC News *** Japanese leader stirs concerns *** Report: Iran seeking to smuggle raw uraniumAP ***Israeli Court Rules Against Segregated Road *** Will Iran Uprising Become a Revolution? - Michael Binyon, Times of London

At State Level, Health Lobby Fights Change *Health Lobby Works the State Houses** In Katrina’s Aftermath, Still a Struggle to Help *** Can Crist Survive Conservative Uprising in Florida? - Tim Padgett, Time

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