Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Albany's Civil War: Today's Battle Reports From the Fronts

Breaking News: Martinez, Ex-Councilman, Gets 5 Years for Stealing $100,000 (NYT) Panic in the Council "I was able to engage in these schemes because I was a New York City councilman." * Working Families Party Documents Subpoenaed

Albany's Civil War
Today's Battle Reports
From the Fronts
It is up to you to decided who side each general is on. Albany's Civil War more resembles the Lebanese battles were there are many sides who change sides often than the old fashion American battle with just two sides. True News is thinking of hiring a CIA analyst. The governor is not against the MTA cutting student passes but last week he signed a bill cutting $143 million from the MTA budget, making the cut necessary . Is he running against his own actions? As he is running campaign ads (which the NY1 reporter did not ask about) the governor said last night on NY1 Paterson said is was to soon to talk about the campaign and poll numbers. He should have said 15 hours latter is would be time Paterson Speaks About Rising Numbers, and About Cuomo (NYT)

Malcolm Smith

Moves the War to the Education Front
Fresh from losing the battle of control over the DSCC after Sampson took over the town, Smith who refuses to fad away into the sunset is hitching his horse to the popular charter movement by pushing to raise the cap on charter schools got a big boost yesterday as Senate President Malcolm Smith announced a bill to double the number allowed statewide (from 200 to 400) Smith's big tip of cap Smith is coordination his attack with the Board of Regents. In a marathon meeting, the state Board of Re gents approved dozens of education-reform measures. It adds up to a sweeping plan to put New York in shape to score big in the $4 billion federal Race to the Top competition. A revolutionary plan for NY schools *** Don't trust the regents New York's current performance testing regimen is a pathetic joke, and has been revealed as such by the benchmark federal National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test (NYP Ed) * Paterson: Let's Not Race to the Middle * Regents Call for Changes, With Eyes on $700 Million * On the 2010-2011 budget, Senate President Malcolm Smith predicts: "Next year may probably be the worst."

Gov of La Mancha Albany Paterson continues to defend his cuts against criticism. (GNS) *** Paterson Says Legislators Could Have Better Spread Cutting Pain * Paterson Says Legislators Could Have Better Spread Cutting Pain *** "Delaying payments to schools and delaying payments to agencies - these are not popular things that I'm doing," David Paterson told The Times *** New Yorkers want restrictions on state lawmakers outside work - NYPOST.com *** PM Positioning himself against Cuomo who like Spitzer has been going after financial corruption Paterson is becoming the defender of Wall Street Paterson Beats Up On Those Who Beat Up On Wall Street * Today's Q poll found voters disapprove of the job Gov. David Paterson is doing 49-40 - his best overall score since last February * Paterson to Extend Protection to Transgender Employees *** Blaming Legislature, Paterson Delays Aid (Fox 5) *** Might Paterson be electable? General Silver Back to Future Shel says Gov's cash cutoff OK The speaker dreams of the good old days when the senate and governor were GOP and the he was the top Dem Dog, has sent his troops to help Paterson who is attacking the senate. How long Silver will fight with Paterson is he remake of the 1961 campaign of Mayor Robert Wagner, in which the mayor turned against his Tammany Hall troops and defeated them.

NYP Attacks the Unions The NYP says as the MTA cuts transit services putting the MTA doomsday right on track it is clear the public-sector employees expect taxpayers to make sacrifices on their behalf. Sacrificing for the unions * Broad Service Cuts, Backed by M.T.A. Panel, Stir Many Complaints * New MTA budget cuts slash NYC subway, bus services * Payroll Tax As Political Football

Union Generals Fresh from their victory at the Bronx Armory the teachers’ union and schools are expected to file a lawsuit soon. (Newsday$) * Poor Long Island schools will be hit much harder than rich ones. (Newsday$) General Bloomberg Mayor Bloomberg this morning predicted that congestion pricing will likely return to the negotiating table in Albany as state lawmakers struggle to address yet another budget shortfall at the MTA The Idea That Wouldn't Die Don't Hold your breath if they do congestion pricing that they will role back the taxi and the tax increase they put in place this year in their failed attempt to pay for the MTA * Doomsday Cuts Protested By Transit Advocates (NY1) * Payroll Tax As Political Football

First Shots in NYC Civil War Fired
"Milestone in self-destructive legislating." Daily News
“The result emboldened people,” he said. “The folks who supported this living wage fight are by and large the same folks who vote in a Democratic primary.” Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist who fought the plan.
It is know that a lot of people who have a very different idea about how the city should be run won elections in 2009. What we did not know is that the effects of their victories (many backed by the WFP) would begin to take effect before they entered office. A Bronx bummer Mike's armory plan shot down *** City Council kills plan for 2,200 Bronx jobs *** Voting 45-1, Council Rejects $310 Million Plan for Mall at Bronx Armory * Poll Reveals Trauma of Joblessness in U.S. *** Kissing jobs goodbye: Council blindly kills Bronx armory development deal With unemployment at an astronomical 13.4% in the Bronx, the City Council yesterday killed a $300 million-plus project that would have created 1,000 construction jobs and 1,200 permanent jobs in the borough (NYDN Ed) *** City Council armory assault nixes Mayor Bloomberg-backed Bronx shopping mall * After Kingsbridge Defeat, A Changed Political Landscape For Bloomberg, Council * Bob Kappstatter quotes a source saying Robert Lieber's plan to create a "special fund" to boost pay for Kingsbridge employees was "put together with so much spit and glue" that it wouldn't hold *** "If anyone thought there was going to be a third-term honeymoon, the honeymoon has ended before the third term even began," said RWDSU President Stu Appelbaum *** Bob Kappstatter totes up the Kingsbridge winners and losers *** Bloomberg Will Veto Kingsbridge, Blames Baez GOP Troops Prepare the Nuclear Bomb As Paterson continues his visits to black churches to build a hard core base for his election next year the Republicans are being to organize the economically devastated upstate areas to gain support for a constitutional convention where all the rules governing the state could be changed. The people's convention The first of a series of public hearings has been scheduled for tomorrow in an effort to hold a "people's constitutional convention" designed to change how the state government operates.

Public Is Ready to Go to War
A Facebook page that was set up to Protest the MTA getting rid of STUDENT METROCARDS already have 27,000 members

Commercial Real Estate Economic Melt Down Fear What is the reason banks won't give out loans and Obama had to Jaw bone them at the White House? Is it that make more money trading paper? Or is it they hold billions in commercial loans that they know are going to fail bring the worlds economy down again. That is why when Hope Gillerman tried to get a loan to grow her spa products business, the bankers doors slammed in her face. Small biz owner squeezed

Inside City Hall Liu's staff out of Comptrol About 60 managers in the city comptroller's office have been notified that they won't be kept on*** City takes its anti-soda campaign online *** Setbacks Signal Post-Election Life for Bloomberg *** Bloomberg Eyes Danish Offshore Wind Farm and Sees New York's Future *** Defibrillator shocker: EMS told to use expired monitors *** Mayor: Wind farms would be breeze in Rockaways *** Police hunting pervert for X-rated gross-out on G train *** Bill would give bonus for HS graduates applying to the FDNY *** City's defibrillator shocker: EMS honcho John McFarland says cancel tuneups, use expired monitors *** NYC Holds Official City Condom Design Contest *** Comptroller Elect John Liu Prepares To Take Office (NBC) *** Bloomberg's Air-Pollution Survey Shows Air Polluted ***
Subway Solutions from the Council
New York Economic Melt Down Tavern's goose may be cooked! Terrible deal is going sour as deadline looms *** Stuy-Town rent rollback set *Temporary Accord Cuts Rents for Many at Two Complexes(NYT)** New distressed Manhattan properties top $12B *** Railyards Developer Pledges Some Low-Rent Apartments *** School Districts Scramble After Albany Delays Aid*** In Times Square to Press the Flesh, and Show Some, to Promote Shows
*** Capital Region cities will see their state grants held back by around $1 million apiece by Paterson. (TU) *** Schools are scrambling to cope with the delays in aid. (NYT) *** The F.D.N.Y. cancelled schedule maintenance on their defibrillators *** Rego Park small business owners concerned about Costco (Queens Crap) *** Housing Authority Has Elaborate Rescue Plan for 21 Projects

Campaign 2010 Republican Lawyer Weighs Run for Gillibrand’s Senate Seat *** Bill Thompson Leads Kirsten Gillibrand *** Polls: Gillibrand Loses to Thompson, Giuliani *** Bruce Blakeman, a former comptroller candidate, is mulling a run against Kirsten Gillibrand *** The "Manhattan Madam" (Kristin Davis) vowed to run against Spitzer if he runs for state comptroller *** Bruce Blakeman on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: "(She) wants to be all things to all people. She was considered a middle-of-the-road Democrat and now has become a panderer to the far left.” *** Roger Stone is helping his "gal pal" Kirstin Davis (AKA the Manhattan Madam) in her quest to run against Eliot Spitzer (if he runs) *** Polls disagree, William Thompson leads incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand 41 - 28% in a possible 2010 Democratic primary race. In a general election matchup, former Rudolph Giuliani tops Thompson 52 - 36% and Gillibrand 50 - 40%. Q-poll. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, facing reelection in 2010, has a 62 - 27% approval. Q-poll. Cuomo gets a 74 - 12% approval rating, continuing a six-month streak of plus-70 scores. Q-poll. New York State voters say 59 - 28% that Paterson does not deserve election to a full four-year term. New Q-poll. Currently, voters are equally divided 42-42% on whether they would re-elect their incumbent State Senator or prefer ‘someone else.’ Siena poll. In a potential Democratic primary, Gillibrand has a 9-point lead with 32% support, trailed by Thompson at 23%. Gillibrand trails Giuliani by 7-points, 42% to 49%. Siena poll.
Law and Order 'Kill Mike' threat *** New U.S. Attorney in New Jersey Is Sworn In *** NYPD releases picture of wanted suspect in slay of sculptor *** Every juvenile offender costs New York $210,000 per year, a report finds *** Celeb Sports Doc Under Investigation *** Search Underway For Boyfriend Of Queens Slashing Victim *** Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman proposes a drug court-like system for juvenile offenders *** Court Says Homeless Group Must Remove Donation Tables *** Cuomo applauded the interim court order that shut down the United Homeless Organization, but urged the public not to stop giving to legitimate charities.

More City News Bronx opens hydrogen fueling station *** Snail mail: Long lines, poor service at post offices *** Upper East Side has some of city's most polluted air: survey *** Tavern On The Fort Green? LeRoy Ponders Move To Brooklyn
New York and Terrorism Brooklyn eyed for terror trial (NYP) *** Brooklyn May Also Play Host to Terror Trials (NYT) *** Chicago Terror Case Expands *** What Will The KSM Trial Really Mean? *** Boehner: Obama forgot about 9/11 *** FBI Forming Special Squad to Assist With 9/11 Trials (Fox News)

White House Low blow to prez Obama's approval rating dipped to an all-time low, 44% *** Obama pushing banks to overhaul industry *** Illinois prison to get Guantanamo detainees (Wash Post) *U.S. Said to Pick Illinois Prison to House Detainees** Obama urges banks to lend more *** Putting Obama on Hold, in a Hint of Who’s Boss - three bank titans said bad weather stopped them from meeting with the president ***White House Checks the Guest List Twice ***Obama Presses Biggest Banks to Lend More ***Clinton Defends Human Rights Approach ***Military Faces Challenges in Deploying More Troops to Afghanistan *** Illinois prison set to be new Gitmo, White House says ***Bam summons Senate Dems in attempt to salvage health care *** Thomson Correctional Center in Illinois set to be new Gitmo, White House says *** Hillary says worldwide same-sex rights key to U.S. values, rips Uganda anti-gay law bid *** Found! 22 million e-mails that went missing during the Bush administration *** Bankers remember to fly coach to meet Obama, but forget to check weather*** Obama calls bankers 'fat cats,' then asks for their cooperation on industry reform *** The President has invited all 60 senators to the White House to talk health care. (AP) *** Putting Obama on Hold, A Hint of Who's Boss - Andrew Ross Sorkin, NYT *** The Lovefest With Wall Street 'Fat Cats' - Charles Gasparino, New York Post *** Obama's Long View on Health Care Reform - Steve Kornacki, NY Observer *** Obama's Populism: All Hat No Cattle - Marshall Auerback, Business Insider *** Will Obama Unveil a Surprise in Copenhagen? - David Corn, Mother Jones *** Grading Obama's First Year in Office - The New Republic *** Expect Recession Repeat Without Obama Truce - Amity Shlaes, Bloomberg *** Illinois to Take Gitmo Detainees *** WATCH: Progressive Groups Target White House Chief Of Staff Over Health Care *** Liberals Target Rahm Emanuel in New TV Ad *** WATCH Biden: Lieberman 'Will See The Light' *** GreenWATCH Obama: 'Insulation Is Sexy Stuff' *** Obama Plugs Energy-Efficiency Plan *** Joe Biden's Secret Afghanistan Mission - Richard Wolffe, The Daily Beast *** Obama Objects to Expanding Drone Attacks - Mark Hosenball, NewsweekCongress Health Dems drop Medicare option *** Lieberman Gets Ex-Party to Shift on Health Plan *** Did Lieberman kill Medicare expansion? In compromise, Dems move to ditch plan *** House Democrats lose a fourth member to retirement, opening another seat in 2010. (WP) *** House Democrats ditch their proposal to increase the deficit limit. (WP) *** Drug makers are still lobbying hard against prescription imports. (WP) *** Democrats Move to Drop Medicare Buy-In - Levey & Hook, Los Angeles Times*** Who Should Pay for Reform: The Rich or the Insured? - Kate Pickert, Time *** The 2010 Senate Outlook - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call *** Dems Face Tough Task Defending Swing Seats - Kathy Kiely, USA Today *** Senate Pig-Out - Philadelphia Inquirer *** The Recession Is Over: No Thanks to Stimulus - Wesbury & Stein, Forbes *** House budget splits defense, jobs (Politico) *** The Huddle: Medicare sacrifice *** Durbin sees 60 votes 'next week' *** Joe Lieberman Is a Piece of Work (Wolff Newser) *** Lieberman: Blame Weiner *** Health Care's Home Stretch - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones *** Dems Should Pass Health Bill & Change It Later - Paul Starr, Am. Prospect *** Retirements Becoming Headache for Dems - Amy Walter, National Journa *** Howard Dean: Kill Senate Health Bill And Start Over (NPR)

Political Parties Liberals Will Believe Anything - Michael Graham, Boston Herald *** Conservatives grab for tea party cash

Wall Street and the Economy Citi's withdrawal pains Citi to pay back US, exit TARP; shares tumble *** Wells Fargo is last bank to return cash *** Barclays Capital CEO Bob Diamond yesterday tried to tamp down escalating worry among his employees about getting whacked by the UK government's plan to tax bonuses at a 50 percent rate, saying it shouldn't affect his team *** Big energy merger fuels banks' profits *** CIT Group to waive fees on SBA loans *** In the Changeover at G.M., a New Hands-On Attitude *** Study Says Big Impact of the Plug-In Hybrid Will Be Decades Away *** U.S. Travel Industry Expects Only a Modest Recovery in 2010 *** Even Bigger Than Too Big to Fail - New York Times *** It's Time to Shrink Too Big To Fail to Fallible - Editorial, New York Times *** Misplaced Nostalgia for the Gold Standard - Randall Forsyth, Barron's *** BofA Loses Top CEO Candidate *** Goldman Sachs’ Bogus Bonus Ploy *** Wholesale prices jump in Nov. *** America's New Homeless Veterans FOXNews *** 10 Industries That Will Lose The Most Jobs In The Next Decade *** Boeing Dreamliner Takes Off *** Wal-Mart Takes Battle to Amazon *** GM to repay bailout loans *** U.S. gave up billions in tax money in deal for Citigroup's bailout repayment Deal made to recover bailout Firms exempted from rule when U.S. sells its stake (Wash Post)

Pay to Play Wall Street Washington Corruption With Wind Energy, Opportunity for Corruption

National Court Keeps Campaigns in Suspense The Supreme Court closes the books on 2009 without ruling in a major campaign-finance case *** Beware Those Trying to Save Us - Ben Stein, The American Spectator *** Kids' Swine flu shots recalled; not strong enough *** 50 Million Window Blinds Recalled *** Mark Green: Supreme Court Poised To Gut Campaign Finance Laws... And Democracy - Politics - Air Amer *** D.C. Council approves same-sex marriage bill *** Pittsburgh Sets Vote on Adding Tax on Tuition - NYTimes.com

Environment China and U.S. Hit Strident Impasse at Climate Talks *** Schwarzenegger Swipes Palin On Global Warming * A walkout of poor nations stalled climate change talks in Copenhagen. (WP) *** Palin's Climate 'Epiphany' - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Gore Faces an Inconvenient Truth - Devlin, Webster & Naughton, The Time *** While Copenhagen Talks, Exxon Bets $41B - Damian Reece, Daily Telegrap *** China, U.S. in Climate Deadlock *** Delegates at Talks Scramble as Gulf on Issues Remains *** UN chief calls for compromise at climate talks Reuters

International Iranian bombshell: Chilling report documents work on nuke trigger *** 20,000 evacuated as Philippine volcano oozes lava *** Aussie scientists find coconut-carrying octopus *** Netanyahu, Echoing Predecessors, Shifts to Center (NYT) *** China Emerges as Green-Tech Leader Media and New Tech Sign of the Times Broadsheet editors trade barbs over media column *** Journal's Deogun leaves for CNBC *** Top Author Shifts E-Book Rights to Amazon.com *Top Author Shifts E-Book Rights to Amazon.com** Waking Up Serious Instead of Silly *** Paramount to Start Online Service to Sell Movie Clips *** Up in the Air Leads Golden Globe Nods *** Stephen Colbert On Sports Illustrated Cover *** Editor & Publisher To Publish January Issue As Planned... Hope Remains? ***'Up in the Air' leads 67th annual Golden Globe nominations with six nods *** Comcast Unveils On Demand Online For Subscribers *** How Facebook Is Making Friending Obsolete - WSJ.com *** Why Google Phone Won't Be a Game Changer Platform-exclusive features just aren't in the company's DNA *** At Home of 'As Seen on TV,' a Chance to Pitch the Next Big Thing *** Miami Herald Asks Readers For Donations *** Murdoch Congratulates Employees In Holiday Greeting *** CBS Golf Analyst: 'One Word About Tiger, I Will Get Fired' *** CNN Sets Another BAD Ratings Milestone *** Comcast Rolls Out Web-TV Service