Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paterson's Sinking

Paterson's Sinking

PATERSON WHINES: 'RACISM!' PLAYS THE 'BIAS' CARD (NYP) *** Governor Paterson Plays the Race Card (NY Magazine) *** Paterson Injects Race into Debate About His Performance (WNBC) *** Paterson accuses media of using racial stereotypes (Crains) *** Despite Gov's comments on matter, race not dragging down poll numbers (DN Louis) *** Guv blames low polls on race (DN) *** Critics Driven by Racial Bias, Paterson Says (NYT) *** Sunday DAVE'S DOWNFALL ALL BUMBLING, NO BIGOTRY
LET'S *** Gov. blindsided by S.I. Sen. Savino: Lack of vision not race the issue

Albany Everything Not Nailed Down The Senate's patronage spree *** The 43-Day Lieutenant Governor *** Lawyers to get windfall for State Senate coup mess *** New York and California Need Constitutional Conventions *** GOP Hired Buddies, Girlfriends, but Espada Brought in an Army *** Bidders up the ante with higher Aqueduct offers *** Sunday 1 HAND WASHES ANOTHER Pedro Espada Jr. cleans up with his own charities. Besides pulling down a $460,000 salary from his Bronx-based Soundview HealthCare Network -- and employing a number of family members *** PORK 'CHOP' SET OFF COUP REVEALED: HOW ESPADA BETRAYED DEMS IN GRAB FOR 'CHARITY' $$ *** Editorial: Something smells about the MTA-union arbitration The Metropolitan Transportation Authority was ideally positioned to negotiate a contract that was fair to transit workers and protected straphangers - except the brass fled from their duty (DN Editorial) *** The New Mob Chinese crime connection found for Aqueduct casino bidder

Campaign Commerical BS
When your father is a bank robber you don't work in a sweat shop, is that right Bill Lynch? Liu touts youth in sweatshop - only family says it never happened *** Pol's folks dry out sweatshop tale In powerful new TV ads for city controller candidate John Liu, a narrator drones on about his young life working in a sweatshop. There's only one problem - his family says it never happened *** Liu's own mother calls him a liar! (Queens Crap)

Campaign Corruption Questions for Data and Field The Campaign Finance Board should take a hard look at an operation created by the Working Families Party that sells lists of voters to favored candidates (NYT Editorial) *** Sunday Judge upholds Paterson's special election call An Army veteran has lost his legal battle to get onto the Democratic ballot for a New York state Assembly seat.

Billionare Mayor and Sinking Economy Bloomberg defends big pharma -- then takes it back *** MIKE'S BIG PHARMA $LIP Not many people, especially those in the middle of a re-election campaign, would defend the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry these days *** Bankruptcy strikes SoHo restaurant *** 24-hour cell crackdown nabs thousands of chatty NYers *** HIGH TIME: LINE ABANDONS TAX *** London’s real estate recovering faster than NYC’s (Crains) *** Beam that became Ground Zero memorial to come back to WTC site *** With Donations and Grants Down, Social Service Agencies Feel the Pinch

City News JACKOFEST PLAN GOING KING SIZE *** A Prominent Collection at the Met: Food Carts Rogue Elmo character menaces Times Sq. tourists *** Street performers canned for playing same song repeatedly *** 'CANE GIVES NY A REAL BEACH SLAP TAKING A DIP TO BE BANNED 'ALL WEEKEND' *** PERFECT STORM OF BAD BIZ *** Sunday PUNY CUNY TUITION A BIG DRAW IN TOUGH TIMES *** 911 SITE FINALLY COMING ON LINE *** B'KLYN HERO IS HONORED *** Where is Brian McLaughlin to fix the bidding? RED LIGHT ON TRAFFIC-SIGNAL UPGRADE *** Controversial lawsuit still burning in FDNY bias exam suit *** WILPONS SHOULD'VE LEVELED WITH FANS ON MADOFF MESS

Washington U.S. Still Using Security Firm It Broke With *** The State Department continues to award the company formerly known as Blackwater millions in contracts *** Dems Consider Health Care Endgame - Charles Babington, Associated Press *** The Strange Case of the Obama Meltdown - Victor Davis Hanson, PJM *** The Moral Case: Establish the Principle - Michael Tomasky, The Guardian *** Health Care Reform Should Include Tort Reform - Sarah Palin, Facebook *** What Would Jesus Do? Ask Obama - David Harsanyi, Denver Post ***
Obama Attacks 'Outrageous Myths'
*** Blackwater Still on the U.S.' Dime *** Sunday The Infinite Arm Of O's 'pay Czar' *** Daschle Has Ear of White House and Industry *** Obama Activists Return to Battle (Washington Post) *** The Obama Family wages war With his charge that critics of his health care overhaul are "bearing false witness," the holy roller President Obama has declared war on the GOP (DN Editorial) *** Debunking Phony Health Care Claims - President Barack Obama *** Key Dems' Ethical Clouds Could Haunt Pelosi - Jay Newton-Small, Time *** Long Live the Death of Bipartisanship - The New Republic *** Will Obama's Statism Ever Retreat? - George Will, Washington Post *** Left Protests Too Much Over Town Halls - Katherine Kersten, Minneapolis ST *** Battle Helps GOP Climb Out of Morass - Perry Bacon Jr., Washington Post

Health Care The Uninsured There are tens of millions of people without insurance, often for extended periods, and there is good evidence that lack of insurance is harmful to their health (NYT Editorial) *** Government Plans Vast Swine Flu Vaccine Effort *** The Left is Not to Blame for Health Care Morass - Glenn Greenwald, Salon

Wall Street Texas Bank Sold to Spanish Firm *** Banker, Gadfly, Lawyer, Spy The Deutsche Bank spying scandal is a complicated web of intrigue involving a gadfly shareholder, an apparent Brazilian seductress and a list of about 20 alleged spying targets *** Guaranty Bank Is 81st to Fail *** BusinessWATCH: Geithner Defends Dealings With Goldman Sachs *** Sunday Krugman: We Are In Economic "Purgatory" *** Robert Reich: ''Best That Can Be Said Is We're Getting Worse More Slowly''

National Most Americans Expect Higher Taxes - Mark Silva, Los Angeles Times *** It's Not Weak to Apologize for America - Bill Maher, Huffington Post

International Ahmadinejad Nominee Is Wanted in ’94 Bombing *** North, South Korean Officials Meet *** Lockerbie release 'linked to British trade deals'... *** The Lockerbie Bomber Speaks *** Lockerbie Quid Pro Quo? *** Goal of Unified Europe Falters Amid Downturn *** Sunday Seoul: Officials of 2 Koreas Meet *** A Political Stunt That Shamed Scotland - Brian Wilson, The Telegraph *** The Shameful Silence Over Lockerbie - The Observer

Media & New Tech Movie Theaters Cut Listings From Newspapers *** News Corp Leading Effort To Create Consortium With Rivals To Force Online Fees *** Where Yahoo Leaves Google in the Dust