Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NYC Media Incumbent Reelection Mission

NYC Media Incumbent Reelection Mission

Refuses to connect any government problem to the mayor or any incumbent pol

Refuse to public comments from challenges on the issues of the day

Drop all coverage of the Council and Mayor's slush fund member item federal investigation

Drop all coverage of corruption in the comptrollers office, Hank Morris? Steve Rattner?

Newspaper Campaign Spin (Media abandons Journalism to reelect mayor) *** The Untouchable Can a good mayor amass too much power? (New Yorker) *** AFFORDABLE-HOUSING BOO$T Federal stimulus money is paving the way for four affordable-housing developments in Harlem and East New York. Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Paterson yesterday announced that $60 million in *** Christie Failed to Disclose Loan to Federal Prosecutor Breaking News Pols Own Pets Mayor Bloomberg, other pols have many pet projects Pols Joke Bloomberg Jokes NYT Spins for Corzine daily Corzine Rival Failed to Report Loan on Tax Returns

Pay to Play Endorsement Union Pick Bill Eyes Tweak In Taylor Law Exclusive NYP City Comptroller Bill Thompson won the mayoral endorsement of the city's largest municipal labor union after telling its officials he's open to a change in the state's Taylor Law *** POLITICAL PAY 'DIRT' ABORN GAVE 55G AFTER PARTY BACKING Manhattan DA candidate Richard Aborn's campaign recently paid out $55,000 to the for-profit arm of the Working Families Party -- two months after he got its coveted endorsement, according to campaign-finance records *** Pay to Play Double Dipping Lawmakers Pork Pigs Some N.Y. Lawmakers Take Pensions on Top of Pay Gambling at Rick's Place Bill Hammond wants the AG to investigate lawmakers’ cozy relationships with non-profits.

Road to City Hall Katz couldn't care less about Elmhurst homeless shelter From Housing Works: *** Michael Bloomberg's Bitchiness (NY Magazine) *** CarolynMaloney.com: 2009-2009 *** How The Times Made a Manhattan D.A. Race Uncallable *** As Pension Funds Lagged, Managers Gave to Thompson Campaign

Espada King Maker/Destroyer of Albany GOLISANO IS OUT TO $HELL SILVER *** PROBE 'EM ALL, ANDREW *** THE ALBANY TIMES-UNION SAYS IT'S TIME FOR SEN. ESPADA TO RESIGN, TOODAN JANISON THINKS ESPADA NEEDS A PR MAKEOVER *** Last man standing knows how to play the media for fools Silver Shares Voters' Dissatisfaction With The Senate

New York's Poor Leadership THE DEUTSCHE BANK DEBACLE, CONT'D *** Foreclosure trouble brewing in the Bronx *** New York Pols Need Lesson in Education *** Daily News Editorial: Ferry poor judgment Everyone who has been around New York for more than a few minutes knows that purchasing on faith is never a good idea - everyone, it seems, except Leslie Koch *** MTA all about contracts not service to the public Hot shot law firm quits MTA, says agency bigs too close to labor leaders *** No. 1 subway line still plagued by delays *** An appeals judge will hear more arguments in the lieutenant governor case today. Both sides are getting a little help from their friends *** Q Poll: New Yorkers Inching Toward Revolt Today's Q poll finds a whopping 77 percent of New Yorkers think state government is dysfunctional and the Legislature's approval rating continues to hover at an all-time low of 18 percent *** Jimmy Breslin said he thinks Mayor Bloomberg displays "an arrogance to all of life," adding: "This guy’s got no charm to him. If he whines one more time about a f@#?ing union..." *** Taking on the Mayor (New Yorker) *** Councilwoman Maria Baez, who has the worst attendance record of the 51-member body, made sure to show up at City Hall to get endorsed by Freddy Ferrer *** The TU slams former state Health Commissioner Antonia Novello for mistaking "arrogance for dignity." *** State Sen. Pedro Espada has shown a knack for dodging bad publicity *** Poll: People Ready to Vote Out Their Legislator *** One Espada down, one to go (Free Press)

Delevoper Federal Bailouts, Homeowners Nothing Stimulus Will Finance Four Housing Developments The city will spend $60 million of the stimulus funding it has received to build 739 units of affordable housing at four developments: three in East Harlem and one in East New York *** You Have to Give the Campaign Contribtion to get the $$$ Foreclosed properties go for 14 cents on dollar More than 100 homes and lots were auctioned off in New York City for shadows of their former inflated values *** Goldman Sachs' Brooklyn condo bet sours *** Stim Bucks for Slumlords? (ProPublica)

Inspector Clouseau Has the mob ever been out of the concrete businesss? City Inquiry Into Concrete Testing Widens *** Firm with big WTC pact tackles fraud rap

Campagin Issue? No Why? New York’s Shadow Government Bloomberg has valid complaints about a bill to reform the 800 or so quasi-private authorities that run New York, but the crux of the current reform bill must be left intact (NYT Editorial) Public authorities in the United States was pioneered in New York State by Robert Moses Queens Crap: Paterson, Bloomberg opposed to public authorities reform *** Public Authorities Protection Society Lawmakers call on Paterson to support reform bill *** Paterson Poised to Reject Overhaul of New York Public Authorities ... *** Reforming Public Authorities (Gotham Gazette, June 19, 2006) *** New York's Phantom Government (NYT) *** Reform we need lohud.com The Journal News *** Hevesi, Spitzer, Silver, Brodsky Issue Sweeping Public Authority ... (2005) ***With MTA and Budget in Crisis, Legislators Seek Public Authority ... *** DiNapoli Statement on the Brodsky/Perkins Public Authority Reform ... *** Public Authority Reform Bill May Lose in City Hall NBC New York *** Public Authorities (Gotham Gazette, April 12, 2004)

Sex, Cops and Pols CANDIDATE SEX BUST COUNCIL HOPEFUL DID TIME A candidate vying for a City Council seat in Brooklyn is facing sex-abuse charges and once served time for impersonating a cop, The Post has learned. George Smith, a Republican who is running... SPITZ PROBER A RISING STAR

White Trash Time Square TIMES SQUARE YAWN CHAIRS REVAMP DOESN'T SAVE THIS BROADWAY FLOP! *** EXTERIOR DECORATOR FURNISHES THE PLAZAS *** HAVE A SEAT; THEY'RE ONLY $53 ONLINE *** Adios, Times Square Beach Chairs (New York Magazine) *** Sturdier Furniture Replaces Times Square Lawn Chairs (NYT) *** What is it about Violins that they are always left on taxi seats? 500G VIOLIN FOUND LEFT ON TAXI SEAT *** Lost Violin and Owner Are Reunited, Again

Washington http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0809/26188.htmlDID send unwanted e-mails... *** One Option Is To Go On Offense - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** 2010 Makes Democrats Nervous - Julian Zelizer, CNN*** Obama Administration Redacts Contract Details for Recovery.gov

Health Care Reform Melt Down Alternate Plan as Health Option Muddies Debate *** This Is Reform? Giving consumers the choice of an efficient, government-run insurance plan would have moved us toward real cost control, but that option seems gone. The public deserves better (Herbert NYT) *** Alternate Plan as Health Option Muddies Debate *** White House Reassures on Health Plan *** Obama's health care flip-flop: 'Public option' again 'best' solution *** Senate Dems: Public Option Essential *** Why GOP Can't Sink Health Care Reform - Bruce Reed, Slate *** Senate Democrats Call Public Option Essential (Washington Post) *** AARP faces test on healthcare reform *** Liberals press Senate Dems to move without Grassley (The Hill) *** CA Gov Demands Reforms to Health Care Provider Discipline *** Gibbs: Obama Not Backing Off Public Option in Health Care Plan Updated: 12:46 p.m.

Wall Street Corruption CUOMO SUES SCHWAB OVER 'RISKLESS' PAPER *** AIG CEO LANDS $7M SALARY *** NOW'S A PRETTY SCARY TIME TO INVEST IN THE MARKETS *** Goldman Sachs Had Another Reason to Want AIG Bailed Out *** Cocaine Is All Over Our Money *** 3 Indicted in Theft of 130 Million Card Numbers *** Supreme Court to Hear Case on Executive Pay *** Economic Recovery: Fast, Slow, Neither? (WSJ) *** WATCH: Key Blue Dog Democrat Pushes Health Insurance Co-ops *** Mortgage deliquency rate hits all time high... *** Madoff mistress dishes on Ponzi schemer's sex life *** Housing Starts Fall in July *** Bank Failure Friday Costs FDIC Nearly $4 Billion

International Peace Talks With Taliban Are a Top Issue in Afghan Vote *** Pakistan Captures Aide of Taliban Chief *** Mexican Army takes over customs operations on US border... *** Will Iran's 'Kennedys' Challenge Ahmadinejad? - Robin Wright, Time *** Arguing About Afghanistan - Steve Coll, The New Yorker *** Why is Obama Trying to Help Chavez? - Mary Anastasia O'Grady, WSJ

National Tax Bills Put Pressure on Struggling Homeowners *** Vermont Laws Shut Door on Bust, Boom Vermont's strict mortgage-lending laws largely prevented residents from signing the types of dubious home loans written in other markets across the country. But it came at a cost.

Science Building block of life found on comet...

Media & New Tech SUN OF SAM ECLIPSE ZELL PREPARES TO ABANDON ILL-FATED TRIBUNE INVESTMENT *** EASIER TO DIGEST READER'S DEBT DEAL SHUTS OUT RIPPLEWOOD *** Salon.com Is Done With This ‘Online Magazine’ Crap *** Reader’s Digest to File for Chapter 11 *** Losing Job, Consumer Columnist Cries Foul The dispute between the newspaper and the consumer columnist centers on why he was dismissed *** HuffPost Social News Launches *** Spielberg Gets Funds for New Studio *** Dell Launches Smartphone *** Bob Dylan, Skip Gates, and the New Celebrity Culture: Do You Know Who I Am? (Wolff Newser) *** Journalist Robert Novak Dead at 78 *** Obama Among Speakers At Cronkite Memorial *** Wikipedia Hits 3 Millionth English Article Milestone *** Atlanta Journal Constitution Moves To Suburbs