Thursday, August 20, 2009

City Leaders Throw Mud on Senior's Pensions

City Leaders Throw Mud on Senior's Pensions

MIKE'S PENSION PUNCH Thompson was ready for questions about the pension fund, but still had a weak answer to the limited charges of campaign contributions and the fund raising money. Wolfson was also push off measage by the Thompson blow back. Is that what they pay him the big bucks for? What did not get press coverage was the insiders in Thompson office developed investment programs to expand the number of money managers an then then left Thompson office to open there own money manager business and get over 60 million in pension funds from Thompson. Everyone is Covering Up the Pension Scandal for Their Own Reasons

Since Hank Morris who has been indicted for that exact crime of insider corruption on in the comptrollers office was not part of the press coverage or candidate charges it is left unclear to the public what the campaign contributions are all about. Speaking about campaign contributors Steve Rattner is also a key player here who has been left out of the story. Since he is or was Bloomberg key financial man and since he paid Morris to get pension business in New York, is there a conflict of interest for the mayor in having Rattner make money from the New York pension fund? The Truthful Actuaries On Pensions *** The campaigns of Bloomberg and Comptroller Bill Thompson exchanged their toughest barbs yet over Thompson's management of the city's pension fund system *** 'You'll Have to Talk to Him About That'

Breaking News City's Unemployment Surpasses National Rate *** Court Rejects Ravitch Appointment

They Don't Care What You Think BIG JOB$ A COUP FOR SENATE DEMS Fat raises and plum jobs doled out by state Senate Democrats in a shocking post-coup spending spree will cost taxpayers more than $1 million a year, according to a review of payroll *** PEDRO'S NEW PIGGYBANK An Upstate newspaper reports that Senate leaders have already authorized more than $500,000 in pay raises and new staff controlled by Espada -- much of which has gone straight to veterans of his Soundview Health Center in The Bronx (NYP Editoriail) *** DN Editorial: The bums' rush The state Senate bums might hope they've hit rock bottom - with 77% of New Yorkers holding Albany in much-deserved contempt - but lawmakers just keep digging the hole deeper *** Daly: 'Idols' put pols to shame on showing respect *** Espada hires costing state $350G more *** Boss Espada (AM New York) *** Will voters recall NY Senate deadlock at polls in '10?

Mike Campaign Spin MachineBLOOMBERG: FREE CROSSTOWN BUS SERVICE FOR ALL New York Post While the MTA is in a budget melt down MTA IS SWEATING BRICKS The ceilings of several subway stations that last year were found to be riddled with water damage are still not scheduled for repair *** SUBWAY WARNING SIGNAL (NYP Editorial) *** With whose money, Mr. Bloomberg?
Riverhead News-Review - Tim Gannon - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎ ... Mr. Bloomberg touts his "Moving NYC" proposal, which calls for a number of new transportation initiatives, including free crosstown bus service *** Ceiling collapse hinders service on buses, other subway lines *** Pols: MTA was warned about crumbling 181st Street station before ceiling collapse *** MIKE SWITCHES GEARS ON BIKES He's been skeptical for years about whether bike-sharing would work here, but in the middle of his re-election campaign, Mayor Bloomberg has told a bicycling advocacy group that such a program

Road to City Hall MARIO TIPTOES AROUND SON RUN *** Bloomy proposes new campaign laws that wouldn't apply to him *** I was snubbed from forum, whines candidate Zablocki It may be a comedy of errors, but to Republican Alex Zablocki, the struggle to be heard in the public advocate race is no laughing matter *** POL GAVE 160G TO WIFE'S FIRM *** LaRouchePAC Invades Upper East Side (NY Magazine) *** Citizen Bloomberg 'Politician' Bloomberg's 20th Newspaper *** Thompson's People Call Foul on Bloomberg's Donations

NYT Wimps send the concrete mob to jail or it will happen again and again like it always has in New York Concrete Jungle New York City’s oversight of the concrete industry needs to be tightened so that wrongdoers (NYT Editorial)

Pay to Play The Ties That Bind In Aqueduct VLT Parlor

Economic Melt Down NY DEALERS IN A 'CLUNK' FUNK AUTO SELLERS DROP OUT OVER DC REPAY DELAY *** City Council pushes for mandatory paid sick days

Inspector Clouseau nobody is going to jail for the corruption? cleaning house at the State Liquor Authority

A Great Leader Is Going to Teach Us How to Die Ailing Kennedy asks for speedy replacement process...

Washington OBAMA CALLS HEALTH PLAN A "MORAL OBLIGATION" *** Health Insurers Fear Probe By House Dems Is Reprisal for Opposing Part of Obama's Plan... *** Michael Moore: Congressional Dems 'a bunch of losers -- weak, scared, stupid'... *** Ailing Kennedy asks for speedy replacement process... *** Democrats Must Fix Health Care Alone - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal *** Rahm Emanuel: Not Really Tough Enough - Joe Conason, N.Y. Observer *** 'Closing in on Rove' - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *** How Free Healthcare Got So Expensive - Steven Malanga, RealClearMarkets *** Dem Congressman: Covering uninsured not top priority of health reform... *** Kennedy: Replace Me Quickly ***
Bush Used Terror Alerts for Politics
*** Ensign: I Did Nothing 'Legally Wrong' *** Hillary Clinton’s Power Is Slowly Disintegrating (NY Magazine) *** Kennedy absence felt by Dems (Politico) *** Dem investigators target insurers *** GOP negotiators pressured by right *** Obama turns to faith leaders *** White House tries to regain message

Wall Street Corruption AIG OWES US FOR MADOFF: SUIT *** NY EYES UBS TAX CACHE COULD NET $400M *** Beware Bernie Madoff Books (WSJ) *** U.S. Economy: Time for a Real Jobs Stimulus? - Kevin O'Leary, Time

National BUDGET THREAT: PHILLY COURTS FACE SHUTDOWN *** The States We're In: California or Bust - Hendrik Hertzberg, New Yorker *** 1.5 Million More Poor

International Sources: Blackwater Hired for Al-Qaeda Hunt *** Forging a New Agenda with China - Henry Kissinger, Washington Post *** Should Obama Court the Saudis? - Michael Crowley, The New Republic *** Lockerbie Bomber Freed *** Ahmadinejad Wants Rookie Cabinet

Media CBS SCREENING ITS ADS NETWORK TOUTS FALL LINEUP IN VIDEO/PRINT PROMO *** CBS, Pepsi create video ad to run in magazine *** Whole Foods Backlash: Bloggers Outraged Over CEO's Anti-'ObamaCare' Column *** Time Warner, YouTube Strike Clips Deal *** Jayson Blair, Infamous Times "Reporter," Now Coaching Lives