Thursday, July 16, 2009

NYT: Quinn A Victim? Yet Another Council Pork Pigs Media Tail

NYT: Quinn A Victim? Yet Another Council Pork Pigs Media Tail

NYT: Neverland East The Paper of record copies True News story yesterday, (badly) about the indictment of Miguel Martinez in the council slush fund scandal While True News said the arrest is a little like arresting the numbers runner and ignoring the bosses, Slow-Moving Scandal Speeds Up for Council the Times writing through it usual rose color glass (always protecting the bosses - the bums who have destroyed our city) writes about how the incitement is hurting the council's efforts to pull itself its "negative shadows". The Times even quotes the king of the council's member item pork Comrie saying how they are making every effort to make the council more transparent. The paper tries to make Quinn, who many think is at the center of the council corruption, a victim of other people's actions. The even quote another patronage king councilman Fidler defense of Quinn “The speaker of the Council is always judged by the lowest common denominator from amongst council members. You’re always blamed for everything.” Pork Pig Fidler's Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him This article by RAY RIVERA is just another example who fake and phony the Times call for reform in government to end corruption are. If you want to get rid of corruption, investigate and expose it and send the bums to jail. It has always been the role of newspaper, until the corporate takeover of the media. With their rose color report of the Quinn and otehrs, the Times has become the biggest enablers of corruption in this city.

Yesterdays, True News said: "The press has become the enabler of this political corruption. If the mainstream media muckraked like they did years ago, the Feds would have been forced to prosecute the slush fund scandal and half the seats in the City Council would be vacant overnight. . . Instead, however, the press is all too eager to repeat Quinn’s transparently phony calls for reform as if they were sincere and pounce on petty crooks like Miguel Martinez as rogue elements in an otherwise sound system.

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