Monday, April 6, 2009

Details of threat to close Globe emerge

Details of threat to close Globe emerge

As business model for the newspaper industry fails, Journalism crisis begins

The Boston Globe won the Pulitzer for its coverage of abuse scandal that led to sweeping changes in the U.S. Roman Catholic Church, More. If the internet and the economy end to the era of newspapers who will have the resouces and independence to do the investigative stories in the future?

From the There’s a mutinous mood on Morrissey Boulevard, as Boston Globe staffers lash out over a stunning ultimatum from parent company The New York Times [NYT] Co. “They’re nickel-and-diming people,” said a Globe union official who spoke on condition of anonymity, adding that top executives at The New York Times Co., which owns the Globe, “have ruined” the sagging broadsheet. The move came days after the Globe reduced its newsroom work force by about 70 employees, full and part time, through a mix of voluntary buyouts and layoffs. “We’re going to go through the same thing three months later,” said a frustrated union boss. Other outraged Globe staffers and area union leaders yesterday accused the Times of bullying tactics designed to make the money losing Morrissey Boulevard paper more attractive to a potential buyer, or just strongarm long-sought concessions from unions. “They are trying to strip it down to the bare bones, and then they are either going to sell it or go all digital,” said a Globe union official. . . One union official pointed out to the Globe brass that company managers received bonuses earlier this year. . .

The Globe — which was bought in 1993 in a $1.1 billion New England media package — reportedly is on track to lose $85 million this year without the concessions. The Times Company lost almost $58 million last year. Those losses come amid an unforgiving climate for print media: In the past month, the revenue-losing Rocky Mountain News closed, the Chicago Sun-Times declared bankruptcy, and the Seattle Post- Intelligencer laid off almost its entire staff and went online *** Life After Newspapers - Michael Kinsley, Washington Post *** The Future of News(papers) - James Joyner, Outside the Beltway *** Are These Newspapers Going Out of Business? *** The News Business: Out of Print: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker *** Net To Newspapers: Drop Dead *** Want To Know Why Newspapers Are Going Out Of Business? Because ... *** Should Newspaper Companies Get Out Of The Newspaper Business ... *** End Times - The Atlantic (January/February 2009) *** How do we save journalism? Since newspapers' business model is ...

Where is the Old Press on This Issue?
From the Blogs Abused Kids Pawns in Brooklyn Power Struggle? Is Brooklyn Democratic Boss and State Assemblyman Vito Lopez pushing a lenient clergy abuse bill in order to curry favor with the Catholic Church, so that his pet organizations can more easily control the contracting of an "affordable housing" scheme near Broadway and Flushing? *** Activist Appeals For Albany Abuse Law To Jewish Community *** Breaking: Child abuse bill criticized as ‘red herring’ makes it out of committee after all *** Misguided Legislation A bill with potentially wide–ranging negative effects for the Church in New York has been sponsored in the State Assembly by Assembly member Margaret Markey, D–Queens *** Hamilton: What we owe sex abuse victims Jewish and Catholic clergy are squaring off over legislation in New York State to reform statute of limitation laws for childhood sexual abuse. In this case, let's root for the rab ...

The City HARD MATH: 39,000 FOR 8,500 CHARTER SPOTS *** PARENT TRAP FOR BLOOMY - The biggest complaint about mayoral control of the schools is that parents have been shut out of key decision-making and their participation in educational affairs has been generally discouraged...more > *** School system keeps us in dark - parents *** UFT WINS, KIDS LOSE - NYP Ed *** Editorial: Friends to failure Parents in Harlem have had their fill of two abysmal schools - but the twin dead zones live on, thanks to the destructive intervention of the teachers union- DNEd *** DENTAL PATIENTS' STUDENT DISCOUNT New Yorkers getting drilled by the economy are having their cavities filled on the cheap at dental-school teaching clinics. Middle-class patients are flocking to the NYU Dental School's...more > *** SWAN SONG FOR FAMED MANNY'S The day the music died is drawing near for West 48th Street's famed "Music Row." The street's anchor, Manny's Music, is shutting down next month after 74 years of serving...more > *** NYPD PUTS A FREEZE ON PROMOTIONS *** OH, WATT A PLAY! NEW MET, YANK PARKS USE TWICE THE POWER *** New Harlem Renaissance is dead From the NY Post *** Proud Amsterdam Celebrates New York, and Itself *** A Hospital Is Offering Digital Records *** KIDS: YES, WII CAN! VIDEO GAMES IN GYM CLASS AT CITY SCHOOLS *** MTA TWEET-TALKS COMMUTERS ON TWITTER *** Cyclone-rs storm Coney *** More than 300,000 tenants could benefit from court ruling *** Willets biz owners rip city crackdown *** Geniuses at work: New York City's Rockefeller University is the nation's braintrust - DNEd *** Big water tunnel and big price tag *** TNPM In Rough Market, a Slow Market (Balducci's) Suffers *** Rockaway Surf Scene is Growing *** Empire State Building Goes Green *** Dr. Oz Hearts Digital Medical Records *** Developer denies kicking out Manny’s Music *** Buyouts and Layoffs at the City's Zoos

On the Road to City Hall 3RD PARTY FOR MIKE Mayor Bloomberg was endorsed by the city Independence Party yesterday, and promised its members he would take another stab at establishing nonpartisan elections in New York. During a...more > *** Bloomberg Is Endorsed by Independence Party *** Independence Party lines up behind mayor *** KLEIN FIRES BACK AT THOMPSON Next time, do your homework. That's what schools chief Joel Klein yesterday sniped to Bill Thompson in response to the comptroller's report last week that claimed contractual overruns...more > *** QUINN'S CAUTIOUS 'CUTS' - Council's budget is $991,000 per council member *** Bloomberg trying to be like Obama From the NY Post *** Two Down, One To Go In Bloomberg's Quest For GOP Line *** If he's re-elected this fall, Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-blank, will be the city's first unaffiliated mayor *** Bloomberg's praise of the Rev. Al Sharpton has raised Orthodox Jewish eyebrows *** Fulani said she may run for public advocate *** And here’s Michael Bloomberg yesterday telling the New York City Independence Party that he’s really one of them *** TNPM Rangel And Clinton Praise Bloomberg *** Bloomberg's On-Line Relaunch *** Bloomberg Not 'Chasing Windmills Again' for Nonpartisan Elections *** Bloomberg Wonders Who Doesn't Want Him Helping Obama *** Bloomberg Explains Why He's Helping Obama

We Don't Care What You Think COUNCIL IS OFF TO THE RAISES Despite the city's dire fiscal situation, the City Council doled out 90 staff raises this year, with one aide getting a $20,000 increase even though his title did not change, The Post has...more > *** That's possible because legislators don't fear voters, according to the Buffalo News.

Pay to Play An aide to former Sen. Efrain Gonzalez Jr. pleaded guilty to fraud in connection with a no-show job with a community group that received member item funds from the lawmaker.

Albany DAVID DEFIED BASIL AS HE CLIMBED TO THE TOP *** PATER-SON BURNED BY DEAR OLD PATER-DAD PAPA'S LAW FIRM KILLS GOV'S TAX BID The law firm where Harlem political legend Basil Paterson is a senior partner has become so powerful, it managed to kill a tax proposal backed by his son, the governor, but strongly opposed by the...more > *** BUDGET BASHING:CUOMO RIPS PATERSON'S TAX HIKES *** State Law to Cap Public Defenders’ Caseloads, but Only in the City *** The daughter of former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno quits her job at the SUNY Research Foundation *** Larry Levy suggests GOP 2010 bumper stickers — “We Told You So” and “Don’t Be Fooled Again.” *** The ad men are gone; the lawyers have arrived in the 20th *** There are varied opinions on the state budget’s impact on higher education *** Elizabeth Benjamin writes that Gov. David Paterson receives a November deadline to resurrect his poll numbers - Top New York Democrats have privately set a deadline of early November for Gov. Paterson to turn his poll numbers around or they'll urge him not to run next year *** Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos called the secrecy of the budget process the “worst display of arrogance.” *** Comptroller Tom DiNapoli called it a “buy-time budget.” *** E.J. McMahon pens an op-ed and writes: “Every new populist outburst over Wall Street bonuses only highlights the state’s biggest revenue problem: The geese who once laid Albany’s golden eggs are now targets.” *** Healthcare took a hit in the budget *** No crime is too big in Albany to deprive someone of a public pension *** Eliot Spitzer, who appears on the "Today" show today, is also doing print interviews *** A new Website champions "justice for Joe," who has been indicted on federal corruption charges *** Q Poll: 'Nothing Good' For Paterson *** TNPM G.O.P. Elects New Assembly Minority Leader *** Paterson Offers Advice To Senate GOP *** Latest Official Tally in NY-20: Tedisco Now Ahead *** Cuomo Targets a Madoff Enabler *** Brian Kolb Is the New Tedisco *** SPITZER: 'NO EXCUSE' FOR HOOKER SCANDAL *** Decision from Poughkeepsie: open the ballots! *** Der Spitz on ‘Today’ *** ‘Just another day’ as Kolb becomes GOP leader *** Paterson in the vise: A day at a time... *** Basil Paterson and gubernatorial son: Some overlap *** Is Paterson Done? - trailing State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo 61 to 18, Rudy Giuliani, meanwhile, tops Paterson 53-32 in a general election matchup, while Cuomo beats Giuliani 53 to 36 *** Spitzer opens up about scandal

President Obama LET'S DUMP NUKES: BAM: SAYS FUTURE IN BALANCE *** Obama brings hopes for warmer relations to Turkey *** Analysis: Obama visit to Turkey no afterthought *** NKorean missile launch tests Obama *** Obama’s Top Auto Industry Troubleshooter *** Bam, Here's the test Biden warned about: Analysis: North Korea's rocket launch is the early challenge Joe Biden warned about in the fall *** Obama rips North Korea's rocket launch *** Prez answers his first '3 a.m.' call *** Iran criticises Obama, calls on USA to scrap nuclear arms... *** Treasury chief puts bailed-out bank CEOs on notice *** Geithner Threatens Bank Chiefs *** Franken-Coleman gravy train rides on *** Obama Dreams of a Nuclear-Free WorldToday's Papers *** Obama: U.S. Not at War With Islam *** Rattner Rises as Obama's Mr. Fix-It *** Obama Team's Finances Released *** N. Korea Complicates Obama's Maiden Trip - Michael Tomasky, Guardian *** President Obama, Are You Ready? - Thomas DeFrank, New York Daily News *** President's Agenda Demands Star Player - John Harwood, New York Times *** Obama's Speech on Nuclear Proliferation - Barack Obama *** Secretary Geithner on "Face the Nation" - Face the Nation *** TNPM Gates Budget Plan Reshapes Pentagon’s Priorities *** GATES: WE CAN'T AFFORD NEW PRESIDENTIAL CHOPPER *** Bob Dylan: Obama ‘Like a Fictional Character, But Real’ *** Newt: U.S. at greater risk under Obama *** Obama embraces Muslim world *** Obama comments irk Armenians *** Biden at Camden Yards *** VIDEO: POLITICO Playback

Congress Ex-Rep. Simmons noisily taking on Conn. Sen Dodd *** Ex-Congressman Sweeney Is Arrested on D.W.I. Charge *** Franken-Coleman gravy train rides on *** Spy Satellite Proposals Gain Traction *** How Did Democrats Get So Scared of Deficits? - Mike Madden, Salon *** House and Senate Budget Gimmicks - Washington Post *** Parties Raring to Take Another Election to Court - The Hill *** Former Rep. Simmons Nosily Taking on Sen. Dodd - Associated Press *** Gilli-branding: $2.3M announced with fanfare *** Franken-Coleman gravy train rides on *** Pols take swing at baseball fundraisers *** Specter-Toomey race gets ugly *** Mongiardo raises $420K in Kentucky

Wall Street Mess UBS Grounds 1,000 Client Advisers *** HISTORY FOR SALE HUMBLED GM IS PUTTING CLASSIC CARS ON THE BLOCK *** BARNEYS TO GET $ INFUSION *** MARK TO MAYHEM: BANKS' NEW MATH CAN'T DISGUISE THE TOXICITY *** MERKIN'S PROFIT$: JUDGE MAY UNSEAL FILES *** Study: Airlines bettered performance in 2008 *** Bad economy holds highway deaths to 1960s levels *** Homeowners’ Hard Times Are Good for the Foreclosure Business *** A Rich Education for Summers (After Harvard) *** Some Revile Plan to Limit Short-Selling *** With the Car Industry in Trouble, Nissan Rolls Out the Mobile Device *** New G.M. Chief Doesn’t Rule Out Bankruptcy *** Last Year's Top CEO Paycheck: $104M... See Who Received It *** Banker evasive in grilling over Madoff *** Strong hint of tie between financial adviser & Madoff *** GM planning for bankruptcy *** Sallie Mae to Return Overseas Operations to U.S. *** Firms to Fight Overseas-Profit Tax *** Aerospace Industry Faces Pressure Over Transparency *** MGM Mirage Weighs Casino Sales *** The Fiscal Hole That Must Be Filled - Clive Crook, Financial Times *** Interview with GM CEO Fritz Henderson - Meet the Press *** This Won't Be a Normal Cyclical Recovery - Roger Altman, Financial Times *** Milton Friedman's 'Pluck' Gives Hope to Jobless - Kevin Hassett, Bloomberg *** Milton Friedman's 'Pluck' Gives Hope to Jobless - Kevin Hassett, Bloomberg *** TNPM SOROS SEES END OF DOLLAR AS WORLD CURRENCY... *** Bernanke's 'Green Shoots' May Be False Spring as Job Losses Keep Mounting... *** Merkin a ‘glorified mailbox’ for Madoff *** Will Up Bring Pixar Down?

International Analysis: Amid NATO celebration, concern on future *** US wants jailed journalists in NKorea freed soon *** US wants limits on Antarctic tourism *** North Korean Missile Launch Was a Failure, Experts Say *** Time Is Short as U.S. Presses Pakistan, a Reluctant Ally *** Afghan Shi'ite Law on Hold For Review *** Turkey Wants U.S. ‘Balance’
In an interview on the eve of President Obama’s visit to Turkey, the country’s prime minister presses for “a new balance” in the U.S. approach to the Middle East *** Japan to Spend More Than $99 Billion in New Stimulus *** Hong Kong Court Approves PCCW Privatization Plan *** Google and Music Labels Bet on Downloads in China *** On the Web, a National Version of ‘In the Papers’ From NY1 *** U.N. Security Council Meeting On North Korea Ends Without Agreement *** Did North Korea's Missile Fail? *** Tokyo, Seoul Stocks Spike *** 6.3 Quake in Italy Leaves 50 Dead *** Putin Defends Economic Record *** U.K. Car Sales Fall 31% in March *** Beijing Exercises Its Global Leverage *** China's Dollar Deception - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Mexico's Drug War Fallout - Gregory Rodriguez, Los Angeles Times *** The Song of Kim Jong Il - Wall Street Journal *** The Song of Kim Jong Il - Wall Street Journal *** Iraq's Lessons - Philadelphia Inquirer *** Talking Won't Stop North Korea - John Bolton, Wall Street Journal *** One Day, We'll Have to Talk to Kim - Richard Lloyd Parry, The Times *** Netanyahu's Solid Coalition - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post *** A Mideast Play's Uncertain Script - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Italy's Berlusconi threatens news blackout over reporting of gaffes ... *** Ahmadinejad on the Campaign Trail

National Media Cover Return Of US War Dead For First Time In 18 Years *** Daly: Business as usual at gun store *** Can Scientists Edit Memory? *** Deadly Rampages Rack the Nation *** Budget Woes Take Toll on Cal State *** Don't Import Europe's Health Failure - Gracie Marie-Turner, Detroit News *** This is Health Care's Year (Really) - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Lean Times for the Anti-War Movement - CQ Politics *** MediaMedia Covers Return Of War Dead For First Time In 18 Years *** Chafee planning to run for governor

Media Melt Down On the Web, a National Version of ‘In the Papers’ From NY1 *** Fox News Columnist Pays Big Price for Reviewing a Pirated Movie *** Boston Globe Launches Branding Campaign On Heels Of Folding Threat *** Vanity Fair Scraps Annual "Green Issue" *** Will Google buy Twitter? Blog world buzzes *** Union official: Top execs at NYT 'have ruined' paper... *** Variety Editor Bart Steps Down *** Internet Providers Gird for FCC Fight *** AP cuts newspaper rates, moves to protect web news... *** Online campaign to save bankrupt Minneapolis paper... *** UPS: We Didn't Pull Ads From "O'Reilly Factor" *** CNN's Roland Martin In War Of Words With Chicago Columnist *** Associated Press Fights Web News Piracy: "We Can No Longer Stand By And Watch Others Walk Off With Our Work" *** R. Allen Stanford Cries About Flying Commercial, Threatens to Punch Charlie Gibson *** 81 Minutes With Fox News's Glenn Beck