Friday, April 3, 2009

Brian McLaughlin Rats, Only the Daily News Does the Right Thing

Brian McLaughlin Rats
Only the Daily News Does the Right Thing

Only the News reported the indictment of Santo (Sandy) Petrocelli Sr. for for bribery. All the papers covered the FBI's raids on the central labor Council and the business offices of Petrocelli. Except for the Daily News, not a word from the other papers about the indictment of a transportation contractor by the feds. The Times covered another indictment by the feds Blagojevich Charged With 16 Corruption Felonies.

Back in New York Electrical contractor zapped for bribery A Queens electrical contractor who did big business with the city was indicted for bribery Thursday - and sources say the union boss he paid off is helping prosecutors. . . Sources say the labor boss and one-time Democratic assemblyman has been cooperating with the feds since his 2006 arrest on charges he took $2.2 million in payoffs to bankroll a Long Island mansion, fancy cars and country club fees. His sentencing repeatedly has been postponed while the feds continue to rack up indictments in what is turning into the biggest corruption probe to hit Queens since the mid-1980s. That's when Borough President Donald Manes committed suicide amid a far-reaching investigation. Sources say McLaughlin also has been cooperating in the feds' probe of Queens Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio. The tough-on-crime Democrat is accused of taking $1 million in payouts from businesses seeking his help in Albany. *** F.B.I., in Bid-Rigging Inquiry, Raids Offices of Labor Leader ... *** LABOR GROUP HITIN BID-RIG PROBE. ASSEMBLYMAN IS FOCUS - News - NY ... Petrocelli currently has about $92 million in contracts with the city Department of Transportation, while Welsbach has about $70 million. ... : Under Investigation: Queens Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin Target ... ... a team of FBI agents raided the offices of the New York City Central Labor ... It remains unclear exactly how the bid rigging scheme functioned or what ... Two Queens Companies – Petrocelli Electrical Company of Long Island City ... Wilbur Chapman, a former commissioner of the City Department of Transportation, ... RED LIGHT FOR TRAFFIC-SIGNAL SCANDAL BIDDER - New York Post *** "Operation City Lights" Targets McLaughlin The New York Observer *** "The King of Queens" Is Dead - TIME *** Koch Praises Parking Violations Bureau - New York Times *** City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York. - book ...

Inspector Clouseau Council pulls plug on funds for nonprofit The city council Thursday yanked funding to a nonprofit that was raided last month as part of a sweeping criminal probe into conflicts of interest. The Upper Manhattan Council Assisting Neighbors was allocated $528,000 in taxpayer funds this year - almost all of it sponsored by Councilman Miguel Martinez *** Pols, Press Party with Sharpton and His Corrupt Network

Take Me Out to the Ballpark Two Baseball Palaces, One Stoic, One Scrappy *** YANKS' NEW DIAMOND SHINES FANS WOWED AS BOMBERS TAKE THE WRAPS OFF STADIUM *** Yanks Hold First Workout At New Stadium *** Yankees' New Stadium Is More Than A Ballpark *** Hal Steinbrenner: Yanks tickets may be overpriced *** Ballparks Draw Cheers and Jeers Across the City *** A Late Rush to Tidy Up the Yankees’ New Home *** Our first bites at the new Yankee ballpark *** You think? Hal Steinbrenner actually admits that "some" tickets at the New Yankee Stadium "may be overpriced." *** New Yankee Stadium roars as blast out of past *** Inside Yanks' new home *** Editorial: One for the ages Call it grand. Call it New York, New York in swagger. Call it a fitting monument to the world's most storied sports team. Call it by its real name: Yankee Stadium. The new Yankee Stadium, outfitted in style and built for the ages 9 DN Ed *** Critic Sizes Up New Yankees Park *** "All of the Mets, Yankees and NYC resources could not duplicate what the Romans did 20 centuries ago"

City on the Brink PENSION CRA$H: CITY FACES GM-LIKE RUIN, MIKE AIDE WARNS One of Mayor Bloomberg's top aides warned yesterday that the city could collapse just like General Motors if runaway pension costs aren't reined in

Road to City Hall Bloomberg Makes Early, Aggressive Bid for Black Support *** Bloomberg: the Rev. Al Sharpton a 'calming influence on the city' *** DN Editorial: Way too clubby Of all the gin joints on all the avenues of this city, candidate for Manhattan district attorney Leslie Crocker Snyder held a fund-raiser last night in a club with a history of brawls and rampant drug sales *** Bloomberg On Tap To Get Indy Nod Sunday *** Indy Line Won't Come Cheap *** Bloomberg to Obama: 'With you on health care'

The City COUNCIL OK ON W. SIDE YARDS Plans to build a $15 billion district of housing, parks and office towers over the West Side rail yards won a key approval from the City Council yesterday, even though construction of the project has been delayed by the economic downturn *** HORDES BUY UP LONDON BRITCHES: FRENZY AT NY TOPSHOP DEBUT *** Northern Queens shoreline a victim of politics From the Times Ledger *** Water Board ready to screw us again From the Queens Gazette *** Car break-ins rampant along Woodhaven Blvd. From the Queens Courier *** Developer promises Coney amusements come May *** In Radio Farewell, Cardinal Jabs at Far-From-Infallible News Media *** New Rise in Rates for Water Is Expected *** Embattled Chief Leaves Police Review Board *** Education’s Odd Couple Do Their Act, and Provoke Controversy: Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein and the Rev. Al Sharpton, who formed an alliance nearly a year ago, co-sponsored a conference of the Education Equality Project *** Transit retools computers for fare hike *** A century later, Bazzini readies to say bye to Tribeca perhaps Tribeca’s last tie to the old Washington Market food trading days, is looking to close up shop for good *** Rape vic speaks out after suit against MTA workers who ignored her cry for help is tossed *** More than 2.2 million New Yorkers received food stamps *** Federal stimulus money will be spent on a $2.4 million pedestrian bridge over the Hudson River *** The Department of Education dropped its plan to replace three zoned schools with charter schools *** Cardozo Sets Record for Tenure as Corporation Counsel *** NYPD Sees Threat in Israel-Iran Tensions *** Progress Reported on Major Staten Island Park Project *** 2nd AVE. SUBWAY SCALED BACK *** Grim Shadow of Deutsche Building Cast on New Tower *** Edward Cardinal Egan A Shepherd's Service *** Eight council members (all men) voted against NYC's Clinic Access Bill *** The Dowturnaround's Plan to Save Herald Square *** Q1: Manhattan Foreclosures Go From Low To Lower, None In LIC *** NYRA is selling a lot of land in Queens, and it's zoned for housing development.

Paterson, Limbaugh and Pericles The governor cited a 2,500-year-old war to defend his budget, but his approval ratings are still a little short of Socrates’s last numbers *** Newsday's Janison's guide to Albany's spheres of influence

Albany RAIL PROMISES: GOV VOWS TO KNOCK BACK FARE HIKES *** O'S ED. CZAR ZINGS IT TO CHEAPO CHARTER POLS Obama's education chief slammed New York state lawmakers yesterday for shortchanging charter-school kids in the state's budget. In a meeting with The Post editorial board...more *** MTA Deal Falls Through Ahead Of Weekend Break
GOV NIXES NON-UNION HIKE$ *** Paterson: MTA Fare Hike Won't Be Doomsday Severe *** Paterson on layoffs: Still demands union concessions *** Paterson on Senate: Why did we do that again? *** Hitting back?: Paterson lets the verbiage fly... *** State Senate agrees on something: overcomes roadblock to budget vote *** Paterson issues ultimatum to lawmakers on MTA bailout *** A list of state stimulus projects has been released. Read the governor’s release here *** Paterson threatens to call a special legislative session to settle the MTA’s troubles, and assures commuters that fare relief is coming *** The state wants to join Powerball *** Despite a budget-drafting glitch, judges aren't getting pay raises this year *** Vanguard of the Senate Revolution When no one else will, Kruger and Espada battle on behalf of the people *** Tedisco Will Step Down as Minority Leader Next Week *** The Daily News writes, "The end of mass transit as this city has known it is a direct consequence of the abysmal way Albany lawmakers choose to do business." *** More absentee ballots in the race to replace Kirsten Gillibrand were returned by Republicans - so far *** Queens Newspaperman says “They have continued the worst of what dysfunctional Albany has to offer,” Mike Schenkler says of Democrats in Albany *** Outside court, Hiram Monserrate’s face was “looking worn as he again proclaimed his innocence” *** Tedisco Declares 'Transition,' but Not Victory *** Cuomo ramps up wine-sales probe NY attorney general is looking into charges that liquor stores have been threatening winemakers who supported efforts sell their products in grocery stores *** Spitzer's First Post-Scandal Live Interview Goes to Today *** Eight council members (all men) voted against NYC's Clinic Access Bill *** Barrett: If Murdoch and Zuckerman are Whining, is the State Budget Really So Bad? *** Legislature Passes State Budget Three Days Late

President Obama FREE-TRADE PREZ ECHOES REAGAN *** FREE-TRADE PREZ ECHOES REAGAN *** SCHOOLGIRL CRUSH ON FIRST LADY *** PUBLIC BOARDING SCHOOLS PIQUE INTEREST: Obama's education czar said he'll explore the use of taxpayer funds to give poor kids the opportunity to attend public boarding schools *** Obama shifts from economic summit to NATO meeting *** On a Big Stage, Obama Issues an Overture to the World *** G-20 leaders gush over Obama after he backs off stimulus push *** State Senate agrees on something: overcomes roadblock to budget vote *** Obama, South Korea warn North Korea on looming rocket launch *** Obama admin to seek $3B for Pakistan's army *** Obama Brings Afghan Plans to NATO *** Done with London, Obama Visits France ***
Grading Obama's G-20 Showing
*** Inside Obama's polling operation*** Michelle more popular than Barack *** Obama: G-20 summit 'a turning point' *** Obama's star shines bright in London ***As Crisis Loomed Geithner Too Close To Wall Street To Take Steps To Prevent It *** What We've Learned About Obama - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *** A Dose of Fiscal Reality for the President - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe *** Obama Has Best Day as President - James Carville, CNN *** Do Americans Want a Car Salesman in Chief? - Chuck Raasch, USA Today *** Obama's "Taxing" Nominees - Washington Times *** A Turning Point in the Global Economic Recovery - Barack Obama *** Obama's Press Conference with PM Gordon Brown - The White House *** More absentee ballots in the race to replace Kirsten Gillibrand were returned by Republicans - so far *** Obama: "We Got Sidetracked by Iraq" *** 10 Facts About Valerie Jarrett Jarrett is a senior adviser to President Obama *** Obama tries American-style campaign on Europe *** Obama: US cannot shoulder Afghan burden alone

Congress House, Senate budget plans boost Obama agenda *** Who received 20th CD absentee ballots? *** Absentee ballots are like a crystal ball: The future is sometimes cloudy *** House Passes Tobacco Bill, but Senate Battle Looms *** Senate Panel Backs Changes in Military Contracting *** Congress passes $3.5 trillion budget along party lines *** Homeowner-Aid Plan Caught in Spat *** Congress Passes Prez's Budget *** Budgets fall short of Obama's mandate *** Congress backs off AIG crackdown *** It's back: Immigration heats up *** Dodd pals speak out after bad poll *** Coleman faces hot seat even if he wins *** Burris adviser slams Dem leadership *** Congressional bulls guard their turf *** For some members, K St. is a dead end *** Frank Dismisses Calls to Slow Down Regulatory Reform - The Hill *** Chris Dodd Tanking - Todd Beeton, MyDD *** D.C. voting rights moves a step closer *** Cantor Fires Back At Critics *** House Shutting Down Smoking Rooms *** Analyzing The Absentee Ballots In The New York 20 Special House Election *** Senator Delays Duckworth Nomination for Veterans ... *** Time: Congress too tough on nominees' taxes? *** Gillibrand's Web site discloses meetings, finances

Wall Street Mess THE INFLUENCE GAME: Payday lenders thwart limits *** Feds Nab First Swiss Bank 'Swindler' *** IN THE DEATH SEAT: GM, CHRYSLER BANKRUPTCY COULD HIT CREDITORS HARD ***HANK: NOT MY FAULT HE BLAMES AIG EXECS, FEDS FOR COLLAPSE *** Former AIG CEO accepts no blame *** Now Banks Can Just Decide for Themselves What Their Assets Are Worth *** NYSE shareholders rip board over exec pay *** Toys R Us to highlight least expensive goods *** China’s Dollar Trap China now owns so many dollars that it can’t sell them off without driving the dollar down and triggering the very capital loss its leaders fear - Krugman, NYT *** Banks Get New Leeway in Valuing Their Assets *** G.M. Willing to Consider Bankruptcy *** Ex-Chairman of A.I.G. Says Bailout Has Failed *** First Client From U.S. Is Arrested in UBS Case *** Madoff’s Palm Beach Home Drops in Value *** Parts Shortage Closes 2 Chrysler Plants in Canada *** Feds grab 3rd Madoff boat *** Jobless claims jumped to 669K *** Jobless Rate Hits 8.5% After 663,000 Jobs Lost in March ***Jobless Lose Fallbacks *** Fannie, Freddie Give Bonus Details *** Chrysler Fund Shows Woes Still Lurking *** Home Prices Low, But Still No Bargain ***
What Did Geithner Know?
*** The Radicalization of Ben Bernanke - S. Johnson & J Kwak, Washington Post *** It Really Is All Alan Greenspan's Fault - Susan Lee, Forbes *** Bankers and Brokers Clamor for Restaurant Work *** Bernanke: Fed 'Extremely Uncomfortable' About Bailouts

National Blagojevich Charged With 16 Corruption Felonies *** While at Disney World, Blagojevich indicted on corruption charges *** Blagojevich Is Indicted On Corruption Charges *** G.E. and Intel Working on Remote Monitors to Provide Home Health Care *** Vermont moves to OK gay marriage *** Should taxpayers subsidize pols? *** Why Catholics Are Worried - Michael Gerson, Washington Post *** Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense - Joe Klein, Time *** Iowa Democrats react cautiously to same-sex ruling *** MICHAEL WOLFFRush Limbaugh: The Man Who Ate the G.O.P. - Vanityfair *** Holdout Gov. Accepts Stimulus

International US, Mexico un888ite to fight smugglers of drugs, arms *** Obama issues warning as North Korea readies rocket *** Summiteers OK big loans, no econ rescue stimulus *** U.S. Marshal Appalled by Madoff's Home *** World Leaders Pledge $1.1 Trillion for Crisis *** As G-20 Host, Brown Gets ‘Excellent’ Marks *** North Korea Perfects Its Game: Brinkmanship *** The Economic Summit The world’s top 20 economic powers had an urgent responsibility to come up with concrete policies to fix the global financial system. They fell short- NYT Ed *** Banks Face Big Losses From Bets on Chinese Realty ***Taking the Boss Hostage? In France, It’s a Labor Tactic *** Austrian Bank Scion Is Accused of Fraud *** On Its 60th Birthday, NATO's Future Is Looking Cloudy *** Israel's Hawkish New Leaders: Still Open to a Syrian Peace? *** Will Pakistan Toughen Up on the Taliban? *** Venezuela Arrests Chávez Opponent *** North Korea Begins Fueling Rocket *** U.S., Mexico Meet on Border Issues *** Stimulus Left Them Cold at the G20 Summit - Los Angeles Times *** No Grand Plan, but the G20 Was a Good Start - Daily Telegraph *** A Different Global Landscape - Philip Stephens, Financial Times *** Will Bibi Bring Peace with Syria? - Scott MacLeod, Time *** The G20 Protesters Do Have a Point - Camilla Cavendish, Times of London *** The Winners and Losers At the G20 - Peter Gumbel, Fortune *** Syria Calling The Obama Administration’s chance to engage in a Middle East peace *** Why Does Royalty Still Exist in the 21st Century? *** Warlord Politics *** Engel Confident Israel's Government Doesn't Mean It

CASH-STARVED TIMES COMPARED TO DARFUR NEW York Times Execu tive Editor Bill Keller equated the Gray Lady to a PBS pledge drive, claiming readers have offered to donate money to keep the Times alive. Keller was speaking at Stanford...more >

Media Melt Down Layoffs at Richmond Times-Dispatch, More at Gannett? *** Cost-Cutting May Save Chronicle *** MediaNews Reaches Deal on Debt *** Times ed.: 'Unnerving future' for papers "Saving the New York Times," Keller joked, "now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause." *** Murdoch: Papers Need To Start Charging On The Web *** A Dubious Benefactor When the New York Times Co. needed to borrow money, it turned to a controversial Mexican billionaire one of its own writers had described as a “robber baron.” Who is Carlos Slim Helú and what are the journalistic ramifications of the deal? *** Advertisers brace for online viral marketing curbs; FTC set to strengthen regulation... *** Google, Twitter Not In "Late Stage" Acquisition Talks: Swisher