Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Robert M.
The Man Who Got New York Back
by Dan Abrams - After 34 years as Manhattan’s District Attorney, the legendary Robert Morgenthau has announced his retirement. Dan Abrams explains what New York owes to the 89-year-old law enforcer, and why America will miss him

The City BROADWAY DETOUR SURE TO BE HELL ON 9TH AVE. *** New York’s rich take their tax lumps *** Dissenting opinions on College Point Industrial Park From the Times Ledger *** Clock Winds Down For Queens Hospitals *** NYC Going After Water Freeloaders *** Koch, Still on Stage, Plans His Exit *** Sunday ED'S GRAVE SITUATION: EX-MAYOR KOCH, 84, UNVEILS HIS TOMBSTONE * New Penn Station Tunnel May Bury Biz Neighbors ***Two Queens Hospitals To Close **** QUEENS GETTING A ROYAL UPGRADE: BUILDERS' PLANS FOR A PARADISE ALONG RIVER *** TURNING US INTO SQUEEZY RIDERS
*** SUSPENDING SPREE: LANES TO SHUT FOR $500M B'KLYN BRIDGE REHAB *** NY Anger On Taxing Turmoil - NY Tea Party *** DEAD END STREETS: TIMES SQUARE PLAN A BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS *** Builders bribed Bronx BP *** Buildings sprang up as donations rained down on Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion *** Huge glut of office space coming soon From Bloomberg: *** As Hard Times Loom, Will New York’s Streets Get Meaner? *** Charters Offer More Choices in Harlem, but Stir Concern for Public Schools *** City buildings still burn bright through the night *** Parents pack education fair in Harlem ***Waterfront Park in Williamsburg To Remain Shuttered For Now
Road to City Hall THOMPSON'S 'RICH' SLAP AT BLOOMY *** Lisberg: Mike, GOP tell different tale of sitdown *** Money, influence and the fate of democracy in New York - the scandal unfolding at the city Board of Elections over the long-overdue modernization of New York's ancient, breakdown-prone mechanical voting machines - Lewis, DN *** Ruiz: Bloomberg's stamps of approval could help feed more *** Strictly Political SILive - A look at the effect of paper ballots on the 49th council race.

Albany $2 TOO LIGHT A TOLL: POL *** Senate Leader Signals East River Toll Support *** Silver's bridge toll plan concerns Albany Dems *** GOV'S LIVING A BIT LARGER - Expenses at the little-used Executive Mansion jumped 14 percent *** Paterson blows taxpayer dough on goodies for Executive Mansion *** LEGAL LOW FOR HIRAM *** Order of Protection Against Monserrate Is Extended *** State Senator Hiram Monserrate wouldn't be in court over assault if he wasn't a politician - lawyer *** State Sen. Monserrate Puts Onus of Abuse Case on Prosecutor *** Senate Dems Consider Toll Over East River Bridges *** Sunday GRAPES OF WRATH: GOV PLAN SPURS WINE-SELLER WAR *** Paterson Talks Of Preventing "Second Depression" *** Stringer Calls For Drilling Ban In City's Watershed

Inspector Clouseau Finance Commissioner lets corrupt judge off the hook From Fox 5:

President Obama Obama tells powerful lobbies: Bring it on *** Obama moved toward commanders in Iraq decision *** Sharper Downturn Clouds Obama Spending Plans *** Obama's budget: huge ambitions, huge obstacles *** President Obama declares a new war, on lobbyists and special interests in the way of his agenda *** Source: Obama Taps Kansas Gov For Health Secretary *** Obama Gears up for Budget Fight *** Obama: Budget to threaten Washington status quo *** U.S. troops coming home or relocated? *** VIDEO: Obama's weekly video address *** Sunday READY TO RUMBLE: BRING IT ON, BUDGET FOES: BAM *** Obama challenges lobbyists to legislative duel *** Obama's budget: huge ambitions, huge obstacles *** Amid Obama's change, there's also more of the same *** Obama's War on American Capitalism - Larry Kudlow, CNBC *** Interview with President Barack Obama - The NewsHour *** OBAMA READY TO TALK 'GLOBAL NEW DEAL' WITH UK PM; SECURITY FOR FAMILIES IN 'EVERY COUNTRY'... *** Great news: Obama’s New Deal set to go global *** Two lobbyists eyed for food-safety post *** Security Breach: President Obama's Helicopter Blueprints Found at Iran IP Address *** Obama Iraq pullout is too slow, say doves *** Dean Talks About Not Getting HHS Post, Post-DNC Plans, Health Care *** Frank Rich: Obama's Catch-22

Congress Congress finds consensus on Iraq plan *** McCain More OK With Strategy Than Some Dems *** Congress Finds Consensus on Iraq Plan *** GOP Senator Bunning Threatens To Resign To Hurt His Party *** Fox News Widens Lead In First Month Of Obama Administration *** Gillibrand in U.S. News & World Report *** Liberal Groups Are Flexing New Muscle in Lobby Wars *** Obama Challenges Lobbyists *** Pawlenty: Coleman chances still 'plausible' *** Lobbyists ready to bring it on *** Gun debate puts Gillibrand in tough spot *** Philadelphia Tea Party *** The Newt NYT Mag piece *** McCain's top 10 'porkiest projects' *** GOP wants Obama to veto omnibus *** Sunday Embattled senator from Illinois fights to fit in *** Consensus emerges in Congress for Obama Iraq plan *** Rep. Israel to head House Dems' recruiting for cycle *** 2010 Senate Ratings - Rothenberg Report *** Are Republicans Ready to Mount a Comeback in the Northeast?

Wall Street Mess Voters Want Deficit Ending *** In One Pocket, Out The Other *** TEA PARTY TIME - NYP ED *** CITI'S LAST STAND: TROUBLED BANK SAYS IT'S DONE ASKING FOR CASH *** Latest Citigroup Rescue May Not Be Its Last *** Lights Out On GE's Dividend Vow *** Wachovia Name Gets The Ax In Golf Tour *** Stanford Financial Accused of a Long-Running Scheme *** On the Defensive, G.E. Will Reduce Its Dividend *** Madoff judge affirms claim deadline *** Tenant tax breaks sought as way to generate jo... *** Burrito bistro brothers try a new cheap eatery *** Armory art fair draws interest despite recessi... *** Manhattan DA Will Not Seek Re-Election *** Buffett Admits Major Mistake In Annual Berkshire Letter *** Why Are Large Companies Losing More Jobs Than Small Ones? *** THE BLAME GAME *** Are Execs Villains or Morons? Photos: Who to Blame for This Mess? *** The Big Money: Is Wall St. Evil? *** Inside the Breakdown At the SEC *** Buffett suffers biggest lost, sees economic shambles, still optimistic *** BusinessDow Industrials Have Worst Month Since 1933 *** Berkshire Has Worst Year Ever *** Buffett: Economy Will "Be in Shambles Throughout 2009" *** WHO’S IN BED WITH WALL STREET? *** Sunday Forced From Executive Pay to Hourly Wage *** Foreclosure crisis brings out scam 'helpers' all over nation *** Conventional Wisdom Led Investors to Ruin - Steve Hanke, Forbes *** Is It Our Own Lost Economic Decade? - Paul Greenberg, Washington Times *** Weak Tea - Rick Moran, Right Wing Nut House *** Ailing AIG Nears Deal With Feds *** Credit Crisis Socks Island's Top Jewish Builder *** Money Guru: None of Us Really Knows What to Do *** BusinessUBS Raises Bankers' Salaries As Bonuses Fall *** Eastern Europe Bailout Nixed

National Gun Sense and Nonsense - NYT ed *** Evidence and Health Care Reform *** 1 in 10 Jobless in California *** Behind the Troop Surge at the U.S.-Mexico Border *** Romney again tops conservatives' straw poll *** As Task Force Debuts, Some Ask: Who is Middle Class?' - Washington Post *** Health Safety Net in Doubt? *** Call them the Republican'ts

International Clinton to visit Mideast, reconnect with Europeans *** US to boycott UN racism conference *** Afghan: Taliban has 10,000 to 15,000 fighters *** Playing With Fire in Pakistan - NYT Ed *** Saudi Prince Is Humbled by Citigroup *** A Textile Capital of China Is Hobbled by a Downturn Gone Global *** ‘Great Society’ Plan for the Middle Class *** Clinton Heads to Mideast, Europe and Russia *** Irish Leaders Signal Tax Increases *** Sunday Mideast peace, Russian ties next up for Clinton *** Israel and Peace in Middle East - Benjamin Netanyahu, Washington Post *** The Coming Storm over Germany - William Drozdiak, Int'l Herald Tribune *** Adm. Mullen: Iran likely has stuff to make nukes *** Olmert warns of 'painful' response to rockets *** EU Meets Over Economic Crisis *** Lebanon on Edge as Hariri Tribunal Starts *** Blair Visits Gaza as Rockets Continue *** US, China Military Talks Described As Frank And Open *** Newsweek: "Radical Islam Is A Fact Of Life. How To Live With It"

Media Mess TIMES NEMESIS LEAVING MORGAN *** Broadcast TV Faces Struggle to Stay Viable *** Newsday’s Internet plan sparks debate *** Newspaper convention canceled amid industry woes... *** Debt Deal Gives Redstone Two Years Breathing Room *** TV News Anchors Can't Stop Twittering *** SHOCKER: Newspaper Editors Cancel Annual Conference For First Time Since WWII *** WATCH: Staffers Film "Final Edition" - Rocky Mountain News *** Fox News Widens Lead In First Month Of Obama Administration *** Hearst to Roll Out E-Reader for Newspapers, Magazines *** Newspapers, Twitter, and doodles *** The Post's Stimulus ChimpThe Post's Stimulus Chimp *** Sunday Cablevision to write down newspaper assets *** Is Bollywood coming to Hollywood? *** Newspapers Reel From Mistakes