Saturday, January 3, 2009

Senate's Soap Operas


1. Senator Kennedy? Sources Close To Gov. Believe So *** Gauging Risk to Paterson in Defying Conventional Wisdom - appoint Kennedy, she's of royal political lineage, fund-raising prowess and pure star power *** APPOINTEES NO ELEX SHOO-INS - Gov says Kennedy only has a 50-50 chance of keeping the seat when it comes up for election in 2010 Gov: disgraced aide O'Byrne not advising on HRC seat.

2. The Senate doorkeeper will stop Burris -CNN *** Senate Democrats Planning Cool Reception For Burris *** May be seated as a senator-elect, with no voting or speaking privileges, during the Senate Rules Committee's 90-day probe of his selection's legality *** Roland Burris goes to Illinois Supreme Court to push Senate appointment *** Burris Selection Likely Legit, So Seat Him - Chicago Sun-Times

3. Republicans promise filibuster if Dems try early seating of Franken - At last count, Franken holds a 49-vote lead over incumbent Republican Coleman.

NY Senate's Own Soap Opera
Albany Senate Democrats Won't Meet Until the Night Before the Big Leadership Vote Wednesday *** Paterson, Governors Ask For $1 Trillion Bailout - proposed federal stimulus package *** Paterson announces $1 million in emergency food aid *** Budget gap may widen by $1B: Gov.

Judging the Judges Gov thinks the Commission on Judicial Nominations was "more political than any political club I've ever seen, I will comply" - admits he is stuck with all-male list of candidates for Chief Judge Pick *** New Chief Judge, and resignations by Commission members.

Legal Problems Rangel agreed to a tax change that would benefit A.I.G. after asking it to donate to a school being built in his honor *** Girlfriend backs former City Councilman Hiram Monserrate's story: "I just fell down." *** Madoff Trustee Seeks Wide Power to Subpoena *** MADOFF $$ CALC TWIST *** Austria takes over bank hit by Madoff case *** Madoff Took Funds Near Arrest .

Washington Obama sketches out recovery plan *** Staten Island, Brooklyn Handling Obama Inauguration Invitations *** Bam to sit down with GOP leadership *** Obama will start ironing out the details of his economic stimulus plan with Democratic congressional leaders Monday *** Bon Jovi to headline fund-raiser for HRC campaign debt.

City's Economic Meltdown Residents of State Street in Brooklyn are slowly accepting that the economic downturn means that empty lots scheduled for development are going to stay empty *** Rainbow Room Will Shut Eatery *** The Latest Poll Results on the Term Limits Extension- Room 8, Hackshaw

Media Meltdown Media Layoffs Bad for Minorities *** Hollywood starts '09 with little to celebrate - experiencing its worst economic slump in decades.

Bizarre Political Moments of '08