Monday, January 12, 2009

Saving the Union II

Saving the Union

1861 & 2009

Taking office on the eve of the Civil War, Abe Lincoln on March 4, 1861, the 16th president delivered a 35-minute inaugural address in which he famously called for saving the Union. Abraham Lincoln: First Inaugural Address.


Email from Michelle Obama calling on us to participate in a day of service to the country on Martin Luther King's birthday: "Barack and I will be volunteering in Washington, D.C., our new home. I hope you'll join us by taking part in this national call to service in your community: The email - Please take a minute to watch it and sign up to host or attend a service event near you" *** Congress embraces YouTube.

Obama's Leadership In what will be a Lincoln-themed inauguration from top to bottom, Obama won't only follow in the footsteps of the former president - What Obama Can Learn from Lincoln's Inaugural *** Obama’s Team of Rivals *** Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln *** Obama's big task: managing the best, brightest *** Chance to Learn from the Team of Rivals *** Obama: Lincoln Bible For Inauguration * Like Lincoln, Obama Will Ride the Rails To D.C. *** Obama Looks to Lincoln - Newsweek Politics - *** Obama Family Visits Lincoln Memorial (SLIDESHOW, VIDEO) *** Obama is inspired by Lincoln's writings *** Barack Obama will follow Lincoln’s lead in choosing bipartisan Cabinet *** Obama will also eat like him *** Times Editorial: A Sense of Who We Are.


Inauguration Hassles and headaches may deter inaugural crowds *** History calls on Obama to uncork a great speech *** In Obama, many see an end to baby boomer era *** Obama's inauguration by the numbers *** From George Washington To Barack Obama - A Long Way - Original Video *** Gay Bishop Is Asked to Say Prayer at Inaugural Event *** Rejuvenated and Off to the Big Parade *** Absent in class but present for history *** Stars will act in concert for inaugural *** She's the first woman to lead national prayer service *** Tuskegee Airmen get front-row seats at inauguration *** Now you can make your own Obama-like "Hope" poster *** Gay bishop invited to pre-inauguration event in DC.


Washington THE LONG GOODBYE: BUSH ASKS NETS FOR PRIMETIME FAREWELL... *** DUBYA FLUBYA: BUSH 'FESSES UP TO ERRORS *** Regrets? Bush had a few. But he did it his way *** Holds final White House news conference... *** Quick Confirmation Of Clinton Expected *** Ohio Sen. George Voinovich To Retire; 4th Republican To Do So *** George Voinovich will not run for re-election *** Obama "Will Face a Press Corps Lacking in Minorities" *** Inhofe: It’s time to get angry and tear up the TARP *** Obama Will Order Gitmo Shut During His First Week *** SHUTTING GITMO 1ST ORDER OF BIZ *** Obama’s Plan to Close Prison at Guantánamo May Take Year *** FDA Admits Failure to Protect Public *** New Mexico Delusions - Why Bill Richardson turned down his appointment *** DEMS OK BLAGO PICK *** Questions for Mrs. Clinton *** SMART POWER SPIN Hillary Clinton's case for brains over brawn - dropped that line at her secretary of state confirmation hearing today - nomination as early as Thursday *** Clinton intervened at least six times in government issues directly affecting companies that later contributed to her husband's foundation *** The Clinton Business - Bill out-negotiated Barack on financial disclosure - Wall Street Journal *** More retirements are further complicating the 2010 picture for the US Senate Republicans *** After 2PM: Obama to make case on bailout *** Clinton Says U.S. Must Not ‘Give Up’ on Mideast Peace *** Bubba looms large over Hillary's Secretary of State confirmation hearings.

Albany Regulator: Gov.'s Senate process may break NY law *** Tables turned in NY Senate: Democrats take charge *** NY Times Misconstrues Paterson's Health Policies *** Cost of running state pension funds soars *** Caroline Woos Key Bx. Pols *** Caroline Kennedy still has a shot at U.S. Senate seat, says Gov. Paterson *** State Senate Tries to Balance the Structure of Power *** NY Times Editorial: Promises of Reform Deferred *** Albany Democrats vow budget cut and reform - Smith pledged to cut the chamber's budget by 3 percent and establish a $350,000 base allocation for all lawmakers, regardless of party affiliation *** Newsday calls for ethics reform by the Senate Democrats that's tougher than the current standard that allowed Sen. Hiram Monserrate to get a committee chairmanship *** Senate Dems Leadership Team *** Paterson wants to use federal money to offset new fees and taxes *** Comptroller Assails Mayor on New Yankee Stadium *** The Senate leadership list *** Tedisco’s Senate replacement proposal - Proposal to take the replacement of a U.S. Senator out of the governor’s hands. Legislation would require the governor to call a special election within 10 days after a Senate vacancy is created; the election would follow within the ensuing 90 days *** Assembly subpoenas Yankees over stadium.

BREAKING NEWS: Lippman to Be Named State’s Chief Judge

Public Integrity Agency’s Chairman Resigns Amid Inquiry *** CLOUD OVER SPITZER PROBE - just hours after The Post disclosed that some commission members had hired criminal lawyers in the midst of an investigation by the state inspector general - The Post says Feerick's resignation was "not a coincidence"*** A Fill-In U.S. Attorney Makes the Job His Own - Times story contains nothing about how the leadership of the office will affect the ongoing City Council member items slush fund investigation, and the Bribery case against Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio and sentencing of former Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin *** New York - Brian McLaughlin Takes Plea, Faces 121 Months in ... *** Ex-union big takes plea in theft of S2M *** FLIPPING BRIAN McLAUGHLIN - former NYC Electricians Union chief ... *** Queens Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio Indicted ***New York Lawmaker Is Indicted - September 11, 2008 - The New York Sun *** Embattled Queens pol chirped nonstop on phone, feds say - Feds: Indicted Queens assemblyman Anthony Seminerio talked nonstop on phone.


Wall Street Mess SHIFT FOR BAILOUT *** Despite Anger, Release of $350 Billion More for Bailout Gains Favor *** Daily News Editorial: Judge sets a double standard by letting Bernie Madoff use his millions to avoid jail *** He's Teflon Bernie *** Madoff stays in penthouse, avoids prison... *** Calm Judicial Eye in Storm Over Bail *** Madoff fraud forces Planned Parenthood layoffs... *** CHEAT GOES ON AS MADOFF MAKES FOOLS OF FEDS *** Texas comptroller says state revenue to drop $9B *** Some common (and less-common) mistakes in Atlantic Yards coverage *** Capitalist Fools *** Palm Beach: The New Capital of Florida Corruption *** Bernanke wants more bank bailouts *** U.S. deficit soars to $485.2 billion After 2PM Fed Chair Gives Obama's Bailout Plan A Boost *** Pfizer cutting up to 800 scientist jobs *** Brooklyn Real Estate Slumps *** Madoff Associate Doesn’t Show Up for Meeting With Investigators.

City Hall Bronx Has Asthma, Report Finds *** Bloomberg annoyed that Weiner's running *** Sounding Like a Rival, Weiner Attacks Bloomberg *** WEINER TARGETS CITY PENSIONS *** Weiner: Blame Bloomberg for city's money mess ***Weiner raised about $6.6 million for his second mayoral bid *** Adding up war chests in battle vs. billionaire *** Exams put schools in a testy budget bind *** FIRE DEATHS PLUMMET AS FDNY RESPONSE SOARS *** CATHOLIC SCHOOLS TO CLOSE *** Brooklyn Diocese Moves to Shut 14 Schools *** PLACARD BLITZ NAILS DA COPS *** Grace period not the right ticket, says Mike *** Bravest fined $1,000 for parking at hydrant *** MANHATTAN SLAYS AT RECORD LOW *** Bronx major crime stats fall in '08 *** Howard Wolfson, now spokesman for Michael Bloomberg, dismisses Anthony Weiner’s criticism as “finger-pointing.” *** A Pink Slip for the Porcupine - Bronx Zoo *** MTA Pitting New Yorkers Against Each Other.

Breaking News: Law Allowing 3rd Term for Mayor Clears Court Hurdle *** Judge Tosses Out Term Limits Lawsuit *** Judge nixes NYC term-limits challenge.

Media Mess David Carr of The New York Times begged the people who know how to actually make stuff (not journalists, obviously) to come up with an iTunes-like business model for daily journalism *** What iTunes for News Would Really Look Like *** From Buzz Machine: Too bad David Carr didn’t walk down the hall at the Times to ask someone to remind him of the disaster that was TimesSelect before he penned today’s column wishing for, praying for, fantasizing about an iTunes for news content that finally gets them—those damned readers—to pay for our words again. TimesSelect tried that and it didn’t work when the paper learned that—notwithstanding what Carr’s echo-chamber expert tells him—free is a business model (and charging money costs money). Music isn’t ad-supported, news is.