Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

Five Big Trends to Watch - Daily News, Louis
Mortgage Misery * Albany Antics * Wage Warfare * Crime Returns * City Hall Showdowns

The Media Election
Inside Gov Info or Phone Call From Hawaii or Hyannis Port Compound? SILVER NOW TAKES SHINE TO CAROLINE - He Sees the Light.

Sheekey Plays the Obama Card "The idea that we would pass up appointing someone to the Senate who is both a friend and a critical supporter of Obama is political malpractice.

Newsday Editorial: Elections not appointments, should fill statewide vacancies in New York *** NY Democratic Advisers Talk Up 'Caretaker' Senator' - Bill Clinton not interested *** Analysis: Gov. leaving Kennedy in limbo.
White House BAM STIRS FEARS IN ISRAEL: COULD HALT DEATH BLOW TO HAMAS *** Obama family moves into 5-star Hay-Adams for lead-up to inauguration *** Congress faces 'intense' start...

Using Holiday to Dump Negative Story
SEX SUIT COSTS CITY 225G - brought by a former secretary who accused the recently resigned commissioner of the City’s Department for the Aging of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Economic Mess MTA expects to charge riders 25 cents extra if they use coins ***Happy New Year - now pay your bigger tax bills! – Property tax increase and rate adjustment hit together.

Media Mess Government aid could save U.S. newspapers, spark debate *** In Shaky Job Climate, Busy Days for a Public Workers’ Newspaper, The Chief