Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gillibrand Is No Lightweight

Gillibrand Is No Lightweight

Kirsten Gillibrand defeated 4 Term incumbent John Sweeney in a Republican leaning district. Sweeney's secret life was exposed with help of a leaked report. Gillibrand comes from a politically connected family that is at the top of insider politics and is very media savvy.

New York's 20th congressional district — Incumbent John E. Sweeney (R) had never faced a particularly competitive election until 2006. His competitive district fueled a strong challenge from attorney Kirsten Gillibrand. In April 2006, Sweeney was allegedly sighted intoxicated at a fraternity party.[5] On October 31, a week before the election, a police report surfaced that documented a 911 call from his wife asking for help because her husband was "knocking her around the room". Despite denials from both Sweeney and his wife, the report proved to be a turning point and Gillibrand was victorious on election night, 53% to 47% *** The Democratic nominee was Kirsten Gillibrand, a native of Albany, who lives in Hudson. She had faced a primary challenge from three other Democratic candidates (computer engineer Edwin Pell, retired probation officer Douglas Walters, and activist Morris Guller), but all three dropped out of the race prior to the filing deadline.

Vote-getter Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton in ... *** Gillibrand scored one of the big upsets of the 2006 elections when she defeated incumbent GOP Rep. John Sweeney for New York's 20th District seat. The critical moment in the campaign came shortly before Election Day, when a leaked police report showed Sweeney's wife had called 911 in what appeared to be a domestic violence incident *** CQ Politics: They are targeting freshman Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand , who unseated four-term Republican incumbent John E. Sweeney in 2006. She won in 2008 with 62% of the vote, in a Republican district.

Reaction Just hours after Caroline Kennedy ended her bid for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat Thursday, Mayor Bloomberg was once again clashing - loudly and publicly - with Gov. Paterson. - Post, Ed *** MIKE PAL BOO$TS DA FOE AMID DEUTSCHE FLAP *** KENNEDYS LIVID AS GOV ASKED CAROLINE TO 'LIE' *** Daly, DN: Gov should celebrate gun vic, not gun fan *** Which Governor Is Wackier? I love the hurly-burly way the Illinois governor rammed through his choice for the Senate, compared with the namby-pamby way the New York governor strangled his best choice for the Senate - Dowd, Times *** Louis: Dithering Dave: Gov. Paterson's lucky streak - and his honeymoon with New York voters - expired with the appointment of upstate Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand to the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton *** Caroline? Can't wait to work with her, says new Senator *** Gillibrand Unconcerned About Backlash *** Gillibrand's Latino Problem *** NY Democrat Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy Opposes Appointment Of Kirsten Gillibrand *** Rahm Emmanuel Speaks At Gillibrand Rally *** WMHT Video of Gillibrand Congressional Debate *** No Decency: Watch The Newest Gillibrand For Congress Web Ad *** Another Negative Treadwell Ad: Negative ad by Sandy Treadwell against Kirsten Gillibrand *** Henican, Newsday: New Senator Gillibrand puts new president on hold *** Paterson criticized for how he chose new Senator *** Gillibrand's rise not surprising to those who know her *** Gillibrand voting record, campaign contributons and more *** Gillibrand: 'Judge my performance' Freshman touts record as she runs for 2nd term *** Newsday's Spin Cycle says one flashpoint for Kirsten Gillibrand is immigration *** The Huffington Post's Steve Clemons on how Caroline's withdrawal ruined Obama's and Ted's plans *** US Senate pick starts get-to-know-you tour in NYC *** For Coming-Out Party, New Senator Stops in Harlem and Queens *** In Becoming a Willing Bridesmaid, Cuomo Plays Against Type *** Making Her Name in Politics, Phonetically *** Is Kirsten Gillibrand Strong on Civil Liberties Issues? *** New York - Wayne Barrett: Is Gillibrand Too Republican to Replace ... *** Gillibrand Win Marks a Pro-Choice Pick-Up in Congress *** Schumer will be running for reelection when Gilligbrand runs in a special election in 2010 *** House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lobbied Paterson not to pick Gillibrand *** Paterson may feel backlash from angry Democrats.

Dave Trip Depends on the Newspaper
Post Paterson will scurry off to a World Economic Forum this week. Paterson will scurry off to a "junket" in a swank Swiss town this week, escaping from New York just days after his disastrous effort to choose Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate replacement - Post, Dicker *** Times Paterson to Attend Economic Forum.

DN Rep. Pete King funneled money for 5,000 manhole covers that Con Ed didn't want.
Post GOP says, "Hit the road, Mike!" From NY Magazine.

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National Papers Obama's rise has already sent a message to Cubans - Miami Herald *** Obama Presents New Challenge for Al-Qaeda - Washington Post *** Desperate house sellers turn to 'Joe the Closer' - *** Obama moves forward with emissions limits - LA Times *** Obama's short-lived honeymoon By Marc Haefele, LA Times *** Obama swiftly lays Bush era to rest - San Francisco Chronicle *** Obama swiftly lays Bush era to rest - Atlanta AJC *** Obama could shift U.S. prosecutor's priorities in S. Fla. - South Florida *** Lobbyists run $12.8 million tab for lawmakers: Meals, trips buy access in Austin - Houston Chronicle *** Worldwide race to make better car batteries - Christian Scence Monitor.

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