Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rebate check finally in mail - & now you can use it to pay tax hike (Daily News)

CITY TRIPLE-CROWNED BY ANOTHER TAX HIKE PROPERTY BOOST FOLLOWS WHACKS BY GOV, MTA *** Council Approves 7% Property Tax Hike *** Job Losses in the City Cut Across Many Areas *** Dark times for riders if subways shut at night *** Don't pay parking ticket, Santa sez *** Big spenders are brown-bagging their bling

A Tail of Two Budgets Continues: Dave's Budget Cutback Played Personal *** DAVE'S BUDGET UNDER FIRE FROM BOTH SIDES NY Font sizePost*** Gov. Paterson wants to shave hair-growth and diet meds off seniors' drug plan Daily New *** Times Hits Paterson's Budget *** Paterson also getting it from the labor-backed Working Families Party.

Is Someone Dropping Dime on Caroline? Did the Post and News come up with same 2 stories today ? Daily News Kennedy did not vote NY Post SHE SKIPPED KEY ELECTIONS, CITY FILES SHOW *** Question Exemption Granted to Kennedy Charity *** NY Post Politics as birthright is wrong (Krauthammer), Daily News Gov should reject this notion of government by entitlement (Gonzalez) *** Newsday piles on Five questions Washington has for Caroline Kennedy *** Republicans are rooting for Kennedy because they think they can beat her in 2010 *** Kennedy Sharpton do lunch *** Gov. David Paterson says that he spoke with Cuomo about the Senate seat, but won’t say what was said *** Kennedy called herself a “Kennedy Democrat, a Clinton Democrat” *** Brooklyn Democratic Leader Vito Lopez supports Kennedy- the Lopez machine

Pay to Play Albany Feds accused Anthony Seminerio of an influence-peddling scheme in which he allegedly funneled over $1 million in payoffs through a sham consulting company.

Chicago Pay to Play Mess RAHM 'PITCHED BAM PICK'

Wall Street Mess Spitzer Hit by Madoff *** Two ex-Lehman Bros. brokers among four people hit in $4.8M insider ring *** Tax Break May Have Helped Cause Housing Bubble

The Return of the Bully Pulpit? Shame on you, Obama blasts Wall St *** Dial it down a notch, Obama tells gays *** Washington OBAMA'S STIMULUS MAY HIT $850 BILLION *** Feds to lend $13.4 billion to automakers

Who is to Blame? Should the DA have made a plea deal with one of the other two guys in the car to get a conviction of the shooter? Editorials blame the Jury Post A TRAVESTY IN BROOKLYN Daily News Jury betrayed New York *** Jury Foreman Speaks *** Not-guilty verdict in cop-slay case stuns officer's mother, Vexes Bloomberg


Canvassing Board rejects more Coleman challenges against Franken, leaving the U.S. Senate race in a virtual tie.

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Queens Councilman Hiram Monserrate Is Charged With Assault