Sunday, December 14, 2008

High Noon
New York

Decision made in the next few weeks will determine the future of New York for the next two decades (Video)

Gov. Paterson has three major appointments: 1) U.S. Senate 2) Chief Judge 3) Manhattan Surrogate Court Judge (replacement for indicted Nora Anderson).

Paterson, Bloomberg and the MTA must cut services and increase taxes to meet the realities of falling revenues.

The U. S. Federal Court and the Justice Department will rule on the legality of the Council's Term Limits extension.

Organizing votes by the State Senators to determine their leadership or lack thereof.

The Obama administration, Congress and American investors react to Wall Street's bailout and scandals.

Cutback decisions New York's business community, Broadway, city cultural institutions and non profits are making to survive the recession.

Daily News Editorial: New York officials must get real - fast - about city and state budget

Gov. Paterson to Propose $4 Billion in Taxes and Fees and $9 billion cut in services to close deficit *** Paterson increases welfare checks from $720 from $691 - first in 18 years *** Paterson proposes 'Obesity Tax,' a tax on non-diet sodas *** Paterson appears to be poised to sign the Indian cigarette tax bill today *** MTA mulls cutback- nightmare scenarios *** Schools and health care workers are bracing for David Paterson's likely austere budget, which he will present Tuesday *** States’ Funds for Jobless Are Drying Up *** Shoppers drop less at stores
The Times likes Jonathan Lippman to succeed Chief Judge Judith Kaye *** Caroline speaks with Shelly about Senate seat *** It seems possible that Paterson will pass the torch to a new generation of Kennedys. But is this really a good idea?
Albany's State Senate Leadership Mess
State Senate battle from “zone of possible agreement” back to square one ***Paterson's strategy shift "The Gang of 3 cannot be trusted" - brokering a deal with Republicans “Gang of Three” member Pedro Espada made $379,507 in 2006 for being president of a non-profit, which he may or may not give up depending on the outcome of the leadership struggle in the Senate *** Bruno indictment likely *** Illinois manages to make Albany look a bit better *** Why Albany is a mess
What Happens in Vegas Does Not Stay in Vegas . . . Why?
Fall out from Meeks' attempt to broker a deal between Smith and the Gang of 3? Is Crowley angry that Meeks took a leadership role over him? Is Crowley jealous that Brooklyn's Vito Lopez was in on the broken deal and not him. Bloomberg needs Crowley's vote and two other democratic county leaders to qualify for a Wilson Pakula that will grant him permission to run in the democratic primary. A Troopergate style hit on the congressman with a reporter following him even to a bar.
Meeks' Bad Weekend
Rep. Greg Meeks skipped a congressional hearing on the auto industry bailout to go to Las Vegas to raise money for his PAC *** Gregory Meeks' Vegas weekend a big bust in his district

Effects of the Recession on the City
Why Bloomberg's third attempt will be a mess *** Bloomberg starts downsizing government *** FOLLOW FIVE LAID-OFF NYERS' QUESTS FOR JOBS *** Nervous New Yorkers are popping more pills *** One guy says the city is issuing too many parking tickets OWES 81G FOR 415 PARKING TIX *** Does the Council Still Want to Increase the Hotel Tax?An Early Exit for ‘Gypsy’ on Broadway *** Council incumbents build their campaign profiles beyond the $400 property tax rebate as they are poised to approve a bill that would suspend alternate-side parking rules whenever there's enough snow on the streets to plow
Washington Pay to Play
Freddie Mac fended off meaningful regulation by spending big on lobbyists, including former US Sen. Alfonse D'Amato and former Staten Island Rep. Susan Molinari *** Madoff ‘Tragedy’ Said to Have Escaped Scrutiny by SEC *** Saudi prince Alwaleed Citigroup's largest investor loses 19% of Wealth on Global Slump *** We are paying the check for systemic greed *** DN owner Mort Zuckerman was among those swindled

Chicago's Pay to Play
Blagojevich No bleepin' way I am going! *** Illinois sinks deeper into chaos over scandal *** The Chicago Rules: Obama’s Illinois past is not gone. It’s not even past *** Chicago - America's 'most theatrically corrupt' city *** Illinois has long legacy of public corruption - At least 79 elected officials have been convicted of wrongdoing since 1972.
Republican Party Sinking
Family, pals turn out for luncheon for disgraced Staten Island pol - Getting ready for his second act? *** As the state's Republican Party breathes it last breath Fossella finds an oxygen tank to hold on? *** WIFE, KIDS SKIP VITO'S SI FAREWELL *** About 1,000 people, including Bloomberg, showed up at a party for outgoing Rep. Vito Fossella, who was recently sentenced to five days in jail for DWI *** Brains must make a comeback if the Republican Party is to have a future.
The Obama administration's mega-stimulus package will pay first for routine infrastructure repairs *** The goals of Obama's infrastructure plan are unexpectedly modest *** 'O' FOR OPTIMISTIC *** President-elect Barack Obama's wife may hold key to Gates' stay in cabinet *** Obama chose city housing commissioner Shaun Donovan for HUD whose father Ray was indicted and cleared at a trial as Reagan's Secy of Labor *** There will be a record number of women serving in Congress and state legislatures this year *** A suspicious fire badly damaged Sarah Palin's church
McMahon, Quinn talk as if Kenny Mitchell already has the North Shore Council seat
This year the city has lost irreplaceable landmarks, architectural and cultural treasures and just-plain-special places
Media Meltdown
Slams CNN Over Holiday Layoffs: "No 'Heroes' In Management There!" *** Politico and Reuters Forge a News Distribution Alliance