Monday, December 29, 2008

Federal and State Governments Go Online

The Governor is blogging on the Daily Kos website because he wants public input to find solutions for "grave economic crisis" - $36 Billion deficit in the next two years.

In his last diary posting Paterson says "I understand what cuts mean to people and also understand the passion that comes with a vigorous debate. If someone wants to take these cuts back, they have to show us a way to balance the budget. I had a constitutional responsibility to deliver a plan that reduces the budget deficit by April 1. . . My experience as a Senator and as the Senate Minority Leader has given me an understanding of the messy process of passing a budget in Albany. It can be said that it's political sausage making. And that is being polite." Obama Released his Latest Federal Government Feds Transparency Tool It can be found on his New President-Elect Website .

Plan to Put NYC Government Online
To increase voter participation and break the Incumbent protection racket in New York's government read ChangeNYC.Org's plan to put local government and voting online - Join

Albany Diaz answers back, says that the campaign to pressure him to support Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm Smith isn’t going to work on him *** Paterson has wish list for Obama, but still wants to cut $15.4b *** Winners & Losers 08 - Post, Dicker *** Paterson's Wish List: Bam, can ya spare $800B? *** In 2008, Albany pols were even more of an embarrassment than usual *** PAYROLL-TAX PLAN ON TRACK: SHELLY COULD SLASH MTA FARE HIKES *** It's not too late to save $2 fare *** Daily News Editorial: Paterson and the Legislature Must Head Off Fare-Hike Horror *** Public pension scandal investigations mushrooming.

Senate Campaign NY press not so sweet on Caroline *** Senate Campaign: The Governor’s Game Plan *** Kennedy's Senate bid more support nationwide than in NY *** Caroline no whiz with words.

A Carl " Gang of 3" Kruger Moment Kruger's reaction to the racist Post cartoon flyer, showing mayoral candidate Ferrer kissing Sharpton's butt, distributed in Brooklyn's white neighborhoods *** "My perception was, prejudice is in the eyes of the beholder. If someone is supporting someone's campaign, there's no reason on Earth why someone else can't point that out." Senator Kruger said *** Knickerbocker SKD who is now working for Kennedy, according to comments on the internet, were responsible for producing those flyers.

Judging the Judges New York State Court of Appeals blocks Judge-elect Nora Anderson from taking office *** The state's top administrative judge will appoint a temporary replacement for Anderson. Backround on the Anderson' Mess

Bloomberg: Reckoning Coming for New York City

City Hall Former police commissioner Bernard Kerik was back in court, pleading not guilty to new tax evasion charges *** Brooklyn Bike Lane Controversy Continues: Unauthorized ‘Detour’ Sign Erected by Kent Ave. Residents *** NYC health chief new infomercial on You Tube defends Paterson's controversial plan 18% "fat tax" on sugary soft drinks - YouTubby *** Property taxes and hotel rates are set to increase.

Economic Meltdown Holiday Sales Drop to Force Bankruptcies, Store Closings *** CHANEL lays off staff *** Commercial vacancy rate hits 2-year high *** Retail Is Doomed *** Weak sales leave many top chains on the brink *** Crackdown on hedge funds after Madoff affair *** City charities are getting a lump of coal in their stockings right when they’re needed most *** The Weekend That Wall Street Died *** EX-MERRILL BIG'S 'BAILOUT' BONANZA

Record 47 Million Tourists Flocked to NYC in 2008 - But growth is slower *** City tourism falloff coming *** More Ch-ch-ch-changes at Coney Island - VISITORS' $30B GIFT TO APPLE

Washington With the economy in recession Rep. Jim Matheson says he's vowing to renew his annual fight to stop automatic congressional pay raises *** Prosecutors file to release Blagojevich recordings *** GOP Sharpens Knives For Holder *** Ex-Aide: 'President Bush was just like Palin' *** Israel: 'War to the bitter end' *** HILLARY'S FIRST CRISIS STARTS WITHOUT HER

Blago lawyer: Evidence doesn't merit impeachment *** Blagojevich must set election to replace Emanuel *** The Biggest Political Scandals Of 2008 *** Early Motions in Madoff Case to Be Heard Wednesday.

Media Meltdown The Media’s Death Watch Christmas Hangover