Tuesday, November 25, 2008

G.O.P. Plan Could Woo Senate Dissidents

Senate Republicans, who narrowly lost majority control on Election Day, are moving to create a nearly $6 million honey pot designed to encourage one of the "Gang of Three" Democrats to defect to the GOP side, The Post has learned.
Republicans are planning to grant more autonomy and power to key committees, officials said on Monday.

Despite past differences among them, the so-called "Gang of Three" Democrats who have withheld support for Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) as majority leader share at least one other thing - clean criminal records. And this hasn't always been for lack of effort by prosecutors.

How difficult can it possibly be to find a new junior senator for New York once Hillary Rodham Clinton takes charge at the State Department?

MORE HEAT ON RANGEL Congressman Charles Rangel linked to tax loophole for oil executive
The Congressman, the Donor and the Tax Break

Sen. Chuck Schumer will give up his post as DSCC chairman, and will hand the job over to New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez.

Today's Q poll codifies last week's Marist poll when it comes to Mayor Bloomberg's popularity slide

A judge will rule today in the Bronx Democrats' leadership battle

Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion may have to choose between working for Obama and running for comptroller

News of Carrion's possible departure for Washington has already shaken up the political landscape here at home

Padavan's Lead Up to 707 Votes

Candidates are prepairing for Gioia Exit

NY Post Editorial
THE Citi Never Sleeps - but, ap parently, its directors do. Washington was forced over the weekend to come to the res cue of Citigroup - a once- great bank brought near to ruin by a grossly negligent board of directors

The Battle for Washinging Square Park