Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No budget fix as Gov. Paterson, pols only bicker

ALBANY - A special fix-the-budget session fizzled Tuesday as Gov. Paterson and legislative leaders fought and bickered, but did nothing to remedy the fiscal crisis. An effort by Gov. David A. Paterson to close a $1.5 billion hole in the state budget abruptly fell apart on Tuesday after the governor failed to persuade the Legislature to embrace his plan.

A Victory for Senate Republicans, but Tough Decisions and a Reckoning Await

Daily News Editorial: Our gutless wonders: Skelos, Silver, Smith and Tedisco cop out on financial emergency. You paid for tax session but got circus tickets instead

Bill Clinton must spill secrets before Hillary Clinton can be Secretary, says Obama camp or maybe she will say no Maureen Dowd doubts that the SoS job for his wife will make Bill Clinton feel all warm and fuzzy about Obama. The remaining $7 million of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign debt could be yet another obstacle between her and a cabinet post.

AP Calls It For Begich: In the Alaska Senate race, Mark Begich now leads Ted Stevens by 3724 votes. The AP has called the race for Begich: Democrats have 58 seats with two still undecided.

Subway Cuts – Higher Fares Coming. . . and Higher . . . and Higher

A still-undecided state Senate contest in Queens turned ugly Tuesday as Democrats accused Sen. Frank Padavan's supporters of launching a massive effort to discard paper ballots cast by minority voters.

The politics behind the term limits battle – How the insiders govern the city for their own interests. . . Wayne Barrett analysis: how Mayor Bloomberg is both the best and worst chief city executive he has ever covered.

The Triborough Bridge will officially be renamed for RFK today.