Sunday, November 23, 2008

King Bloomberg: Mike is Mayor Run Amok

Fred Siegel, senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute's Center for Civic Innovation, offers a very long negative analysis of Mayor Bloomberg in today's post

Despite a City Council crackdown on conflicts of interest, two Brooklyn Democratic councilmen still keep questionable relationships.
What about Vito Lopez and the millions he pumps into the Bushwick Senior Citizen Center?

JUST weeks before Mayor Bloomberg ordered city agen- cies to come up with $1.5 billion in savings to help balance the battered city budget, the Transportation Department doled out raises and promotions to four dozen top managers.

President of Bronx Could Get Cabinet Post

In 1968, as Today, Filling a Senate Seat Was a Complex Chore

Broken Elevators and Your Out of There
Housing Authority Chairman to Step Down